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Progressive Arcanists

Org localized.png Alexandria's Society for Progressive ArcanistsOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Wizards, sorcerers, bards, witches Locations: Alexandria (A14)
Alexandria's Mage's Guild, cut off from Rune. Wizards, Witches, and Sorcerers are generally considered de-facto members of this guild, though clerics of Eluna also pay it patronage.
Alexandria's now independent branch of the once-global mages' guild. Run by Madame Gelfure, it's said her brilliance is only exceeded by her eccentricities. Under her leadership, the mages have cornered more social markets as well as traditional ones. The most notable are their expansion into new markets: the fickle and changing fashions of nobility and the well-to-do, as well as lending arcane styling to architecture, an area long thought to be within artifice's gridlock. These efforts have greatly stabilized the Arcanists' funding and allowed the expansion of libraries. They embrace all forms of magic, except the darker forms of necromancy.

The guild maintains some ties to Rune, although the fall of that nation means there is no worldwide mages' guild, and their authority is greatly diminished. Mages the world over are in turmoil, after the fall of Rune and actions of Taara. Gelfure's swift taking of the local guild has allowed Alexandria some stability.

Eluna's faith, always strong within the Academy, has along with Navos made a resurgence, although some Taaran mages may be found.

Their building sits across from the Exploratory Associates (the artificers) at Sage Orum's Plaza.

RPP-Related Skills: Knowledge/Arcana, Knowledge/The Planes, Spellcraft, Profession/Scribe, Craft/Calligraphy, Craft/Bookbinding, Linguistics

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