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Thank you!!!

Player Contributions to Tenebrae MUSH
Contribution Creator Description
Buff Tracker Yelrona A spreadsheet to easily and quickly track buffs on you and other PCs!
Alexandrian, Bludguni, Charneth flags Colrick The flag of Alexandros and Alexandria
Player-Made Lexicon Everyone A lexicon of character-invented terms, used ingame
Multi-Descer Chiddle A way to easily swap out descs on your PC
Simple Combat Sheet Svarshan A simple and unofficial combat sheet. Please save your own copy to edit.
PrP Template Amir'a A quick template for posting PrPs
Introduction to Plotrunning Xander, Kama'o, Tsunami, Avalanche, Lahar Lots of collaboration, especially with DMing advice and general structure. Lahar crafted the outline and initial drafts, Avalanche conducted user testing, which is a large part of its success! Thank you all!
ASCII Tutorial Svarshan How to craft ASCII art, port it to a MU...and on using it responsibly! Ported from a live tutorial in 2009.
How to Format a Log Quickly Eleria, Lahar Automagically formatting your logs, and cleaning out pages and chatter. A special thanks to Eleria for all the RegEx (those are the funky characters) help! Update: This was updated and repaired by Kisaiya! Thank you so much!
RPP Code Azog Lahar developed the RPP system, and Azog was kind enough to code it...and rearrange our +sheets to make it all fit! Thank you, Azog! This would have never happened without you.
Personal Calendar Azog A quick, ingame personal calendar that shows you this and next week's dates.
Deity Symbol Graphics Lash Symbols for the deities!
Encounter Grab-Bag Everyone Some ready-made encounters, usable by everyone.
Pendleton's Races of Tenebrae Art Pendleton
Flexible Lists! Kisaiya Here's some code to keep track of your very own shopping list, or any other sort of list, like class abilities. You can add and remove items from it, and view it as well.