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Recent Website Updates

June 7, 2018

Happy Pride Month!

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Router Security Update

We don't normally do this sort of thing, but MU users can be a little more technologically savvy than most! Even if not, we'd like to share this update from Ars Technica, Cisco, and a few others about the recent router security issue. Please be safe!

May 10, 2018

Spidery, Dulcet Tones

Today is a day for celebration.

SemrushBot is a data-gathering bot for the web. It also misbehaves.

Today, we awoke to the sweet, sweet and dulcet cackling of our serverwiz announcing it'd been successfully blocked.

Thank you, amazing serverwiz Lolth.

Her dulcet, spidery giggles will be forever in our nightmares.

PS SemrushBot is one of the big causes behind the recent lagspikes. If you websearch, one of the first results includes both swearweards, and "How do I block this <creative words> thing?"

May 10, 2018

That Every 8 Months or so Post

Hey, guys!

One of the things we try not to do here is say, oh hey--you know, there is only one correct way to RP. The most we do is asking folks to pay attention to basic spelling and punctuation. That said, some folks have different preferences when it comes to joining RP.

First, all of the grid, and Plot Rooms, are public areas. However, sometimes it's a good thing to page first. This is just because folks might have set up something specific they'd like to roleplay through.

This doesn't mean you can't drop by. It just means to be respectful of preferences. Some might mind, some might not. It doesn't hurt to check. Staff also, takes note of exclusivity/cliques, so if there is a pattern over time, we will notice.

When we should ALWAYS page though, is if a GM is present ongrid. The GM probably has something going on.

Anyhow, no, this is not in response to any particular thing. It's a post we put up oh, every 9 months or so. There are a small collection of those, that generally say: be awesome to one another!

Hope all of y'alls adventures are excellent, and I look forward to seeing you in RP!

- BF

May 8, 2018


Hey, there! We did a little cleanup of the POPs FAQ based on some questions! There were some artifacts left in there from previous versions. Sorry about that! We also clarified what was meant by "intro RP." This is RP that's about meeting someone new or arriving to the city. Stuff like that is pretty cool, but isn't really...plotty? I guess? XD

Anyway, thank you all for your feedback, and see you ongrid! :D

- Your Tenebrae Staff

May 6, 2018

POPs Relaunched! (Personal Ongrid PrPs)

Hey, folks. So we are going to give this a go!


Please share your ideas and feedback. ^^; The new format is because well, there was a lot of confusion and the like about their level of epic that wasn't fair to anyone. I'm hoping this is better moving forward.

May 3, 2018

Underworld Shenanigans!

For longtime players here, and new, we've all known that the Underworld in Alexandria spins in three parts:

  • Ebon Syndicate: A cult of Taaran and Illothan interests. Smugglers and dealers with a mercantile side. NPC only.
  • Guild of the Sly: The other half of the original split from The Guild, the Sly stands in opposition to the Syndicate. Though rogues, they possess a streak of homegrown heroism.
  • Sunset: A mafia with heroic intentions, and founded by underdogs. They "do what it takes" to ensure business and trade flows fairly. Founded by the arvek nar, and now joined by some merchants and the Dragoneri who are both tired of being overlooked, and are tired of the Syndicate's hold.

These three groups are at odds for control of the Alexandria Underworld. Each has their own motivations and outlook!

Recently, though, they've received a bit of a brush-up in theme! At the moment, this just clarifies some backstory. But, keep a look out in the next few weeks!

April 21, 2018


...the wiki dropdown list is no longer frightening and scary. Seriously, check'em out. :D /latenightgeeking !

April 16, 2018

Clearing the Way!

As you've all seen on the bboards, there is an ongoing thread right now with things going into the Desolation and Alexandria doing maneuvers in that area, just over and around its border.

The Desolation is a place full of bandits and bandit kingdoms, sure, but it is also home to Skald, the land where the Daemon Wars started and where Asumit, the demon binder, is said to dwell with his legion of the damned and what not.

What this means, of course, is that there's plenty of room for PRPs that deal with Alexandria trying to pacify the area just on the other side of its border, where no one really rules, in an effort to prepare the way for *something*. Just what is anybody's guess, at this point, but one doesn't have to work hard to guess that it has something to do with Asumit!

And this means that I'm inviting everyone to run PRPs involved in this and those PRPs will be fully awarded as the death consent PRPs they will be allowed to be (should everyone be willing.)

Take advantage of this offer while it lasts! :D


April 1, 2018


Hi, everyone!

I know you've all been watching for this announcement, knowing what you know about all those new games out there!

That is why I am deeply pleased to announce that as of today, we are converting to the astounding and well designed, award winning game 'PUGMIRE'.

Watch for code to be rolled out for conversion in the coming weeks.

For those not familiar with this wonderful game, here's a link!

All questions must be directed to Beagle.


March 28, 2018

Server Whoops!

Okay, folks -- again, httpd decided that the best possible thing it can do is to go wild with things and suicidally loot all the resources to choke everything down, and I've changed some settings for now.

The reason why I've been reluctant to change those is because they're likely affect things like posting logs and editing biiiiig wiki pages; basically, stuff that says "yes, this is a bit slow connection, so keepalive is nice, max page size and max post size oh let's crank up those too" to the web server.

If you run into a problem where the system yammers back at you about something regarding timing out or post too big or whatever, try to post in a smaller chunk, chuck in a small semi-chapter header like ---And this is where the fun begins!---, save, and continue posting by clicking on that's generated 'edit' button.

Sorry, I am right now a bit flu-jiggery to explain it in more reasonable way, but uhhh. Wikididdy peeps here can help?


March 19, 2018

Happy AWD!

Happy Awkward Moments Day, everyone! May you share an awkward moment of silence with someone you love, today. Or just a friend. Or just...

...oh whatever.


<...awkwardly shuffles away.>

March 13, 2018

Scene Logger

Hello everyone, it's Bolide again!

I know it's a shocker, who would've thought I'd actually be here let alone saying something on behalf of staff?

We're gonna get right to the point and mic drop this. +help logger

Now, unfortunately this doesn't automagically upload it to the wiki, but it does allow you to quickly create a log file. It announces when someone drops one in a room (similar to timestops). It copies all rolls and anything sent publicly to the room. Then it allows you to spam the heck out of yourself to get a copy-pasta text that can be dropped into a wiki page. One that anyone can see in the room using the command.

We hope that this allows you all to more easily log events, RP, etc.

/mic drop

P.S. As always, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!

March 12, 2018

Time Offset!

Don't forget to adjust your +time/offset for Daylight Savings! See +help time for help! Here is what to expect:

  • March 11th, DST kicks off in the US. In Finland, it occurs March 25th!
  • You will need to adjust your personal +time/offset (see +help time) to reflect your local zone!
  • Things will be somewhat wonky between the 11th and the 25th. Just bear with us.
  • Time on existing +events will appear off. However, new +events should appear at the correct time.

Updating your +time/offset on one alt should trigger an update across all alts. If it doesn't, check +finger to make sure your alts are registered correctly. If not, just send us a +request and we'll be happy to help!

March 9, 2018

Bane Baldric Update for MUs

Hey! After some consideration, we've made an adjustment to the bane baldric. As the bane baldric exists on a MU, it is simply too strong in some instances. Most of these revolve around us just having a shorter adventuring day.

Going forward, the price of the baldric is lowered 30 percent, to 7,000g. However, it will now no longer grant bane if the character does not already possess that class feature.

If you currently have a baldric and would like to keep it, staff will be issuing you the difference in item value. If you would like to trade it in, we will be awarding you a stipend for its old value, which may be spent on anything you wish.

March 8, 2018

Extra Charge Cell

Hey, folks. This is just to let you know that we've added Extra Charge Cell to the game. It works exactly like . It will be added to the wikidocs at some point in the future!

March 3, 2018


Hey, folks. First off, I'm sorry if I've missed an @mail you've sent me. I try to keep up with them. With so much focus on +jobs though, they can get missed. If you need to get hold of me, a +job to Beaglefinder can work pretty well, and I'll see it more quickly. If you need to send one of my PCs an @mail, please send it to BF. I just have too many buckets to check and I don't want to lose hold of something you'd send me. I want to respond; I just have a lot of buckets, so please bear with. ^^;


March 2, 2018

Artificer Update Live!

Artificer should be good to go! If you currently have an artificer, you will need to go through regen. To regen:

1. Name yourself OLD<name>. Logout.
2. Login with <name>.
3. Go through L2. DO NOT BUY OR SWAP ANYTHING. Be sure and copy all BACKGROUND, DESCRIPTIONS, and etc. over.
4. Send a +request to let us know where you are. We'll then award XP, and give you a stipend based on your fractional XP.

As always, there may be bugs here and there. Just please bear with us. The updated artificer may be found, here: Two changes are not reflected, but will be once Artificer is migrated to the main page: Aid and Haste were added as artificer spells.

March 1, 2018

Artificer Recode Update!

We are in the final hours of bug testing for artificer! Titan Armor is more dynamic than ever, so we are going through a few tweaks! In the meantime, please send Whiteout all the hugs.


  • If you are planning on rearranging stats, etc. to take advantage of the new mithral discoveries, then we will ask you to plan on a regen. This makes it less likely that we mess something up, and also that you are able to get all of your stats and skills arranged how you like them.

If you intend to regen, do NOT anything at this time.

  • If you are mostly swapping out discoveries, and maybe adjusting a stat, then go ahead and send in a +request with your changes. We can edit your existing PC at this time.

We will also, due to the nature of artificer armor, be doing a WBL reset. This is done to the exact fraction of your XP. Regardless of which method you intend, please go ahead and start putting your shopping list together.

The artificer update may be found here: This page will be merged with the main Artificer document this week. The Rework page does not reflect one change: artificers may now learn Aid and Haste as part of their spell lists. This was a last-minute addition.

Artificer Recode Started!

Hey, folks! We are in the middle of updating artificer into code! Many of you have been part of this process as we've worked through drafts, bugs, and content to get where we are, today. Some good news! It looks as though no one will need to regen. We'll post with further instructions once we've run through a few bugs. In the meantime, please be sure and send Whiteout hugtoots!

February 27, 2018

Transparency Update!


We're over fifteen years old! That means we're practically a teenager, or I guess if you looked in terms of digital years, we're a dinosaur. Go, go Stegosaurus!

Throughout that time, we have worked to ensure transparency. I mean, we're kind of a giant tabletop. That is why we're wanting to let you know that after a lot of conversation, and a lot of searching, we've instituted a trial pay program for staff.

This is not something we've done for fifteen years. We have, however, needed the help and you may've noticed jobs getting done a lot faster.

So how does it work? Well, a job is usually worth 1 pt, with CODE and LOOT being worth a little more. If a staffer accumulates 30 points, at the end of the month they may request a single PrP award for one character, or 5 RPP. Only one of these is possible, and it may be declined.

How has this changed the atmosphere in staff? It has, some. First, it's encouraged an ongoing, friendly competition. Staff can pull up their points list and see WHO IS AHEAD OF MEEEE, and so on. From that perspective, it's been kind of fun and we hope, helpful for the game as a whole. It has also begun to help us identify "invisible overhead." For example, if wiki updates get made, they are now a +job to ensure that task gets recorded. Since that work is now more visible, it should help us in reducing overhead in the longer term.

In addition to this, while they were never hidden, we've begun listing common staff alts in our +finger information.

Anyway, we wanted to let y'all know what's up. We welcome feedback, and look forward to seeing you both inscene and ongrid!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

February 24, 2018

Time Adjustment!

I've moved my geared-towards-new-players event to next Saturday, both to allow our newer players to acclimate to the game and weigh whether or not they can make it as well as to give myself a day to rest. I had serious insomnia Friday night and need to take Saturday to try to rest before I get sick. xD



Lahar Got Behind, Again!

Yeah. I got behind. XD Hey, I kept up with the IC rumors, and that's more important, right? ...right?? :D

January 13, 2018

Hey, folks! In the past, we've had a few 'Ongoing PrPs.' Sebropert, Selerik, Astaren, and others have run these and helped establish them as a medium on Tenebrae! Lately, Kisaiya picked them up and reminded this old beagle that one, HEY, THOSE ARE A THING, and HEY, THEY ARE PRETTY FRIGGIN AWESOME!

Ongoing PrPs are PrPs where PCs cause scenes to happen through roleplay and legwork. Usually, a GM opens a queue (or PCs do) and you're like: 'I do this thing.'

Based on your input, scenes happen. These plox will keep rolling via scenes, ongrid interactions, legworks, and whatever else needs to happen for the story. This makes them great for things like:

  • Skullduggery!
  • Exploration!
  • Problem-solving!
  • Investigation!

(They're pretty similar or even THE SAME THING to an arc\; it's just that the legwork thread adds this extra element of THINGS TO DO!)

SO! For the next two months, we'll be giving bonuses to these ONGOING PRPs. ...and any mini-arcs you'd like to run! Run one any time between now and the IDES OF MARCH, and at its completion, you'll receive an additional PrP bonus for an encounter at your level, with gold.

For any Ongoing PrPs, I'll also be awarding some BONUS RPPs to participating players, AND the GM, who partake actively in these Ongoing PrPs.

Come talk to me if you're curious or would like help. :3 As an aside, if you're wanting to involve a 'just two skill points per level' PC and are flailing, I wrote the darn RPP system. Come see me and I'll help you use it to flesh out your awesome story. Or, addcom tpk=TPK to join our GM's channel, as well! We have so many great folks here on Tenebrae, and each and every one of you are made of awesome. :3

More news.png

"The roads shall be painted teal!" announced the maddened hobgoblin king. And lo, his subjects bowed before him, and all roads from Hither to Yon became teal with bright green roses.

Recent Rumors in Alexandria

Kirday, Hattanan 31, 1020

Shrouded Wings!

Alexandria is finding that more came from Dragonier than just survivors. Whispers in the Underworld, and a few other places, persist that alongside the shattered families of Dragonier were pieces of its shattered government.

One of them is rumored to be the remains of its once-vaulted secret service, Shrouded Wings. If this is true, it would explain how they'd remained hidden so long.*

What is known of Shrouded Wings? A spy organization whose honor was inspired by the once world-famous Dragon Knights. They at one point, functioned at the upper levels of the Dragoneri government.

The Shrouded Wings may bring change to Alexandria's tumultuous underworld.


Or at least, what's left of them. The once-proud organization is like Dragonier itself: the barest shadow of what it once was, though perhaps, more legendary for all that.

OOC: We'd like to welcome Shrouded Wings to the Tenebrae family! The Shrouded Wings are former Dragoneri secret service, though like all Dragoneri survivors, they stand on a precipice. Unlike similar organizations, the Wings are inspired by honor, with skills in disguise and information gathering rather than lockpicking and stealth. of course, they're on a shoestring budget, and their former contacts, their resources, their way of life, has faded away alongside their nation. And of course, every group in the Underworld hates every other group in the Underworld.

How they will survive? If they survive? Is up to YOU!

Details here: Shrouded Wings

OOC2: Looking for a story angle? The group only came to the spotlight due to the necessity of submitting a series of reports on Asumit and the abondment of certain Thulian shrines. Although the reports were sent anonmyously to the Alexandrian government, well. Whether you'd know this IC detail or not depends on your ties to various groups, so we leave it to your discretion and storymongering!

Kirday, Hattanan 24, 1020

Funeral Procession

The typical hustle and bustle of people in the Lower Alexandria Market District on the sunny early afternoon of Korday, Hattani 24th was set aside for a time as a procession of various people, mostly human, processed through the square lead by a Mourner of Vardama in full clerical regalia. Behind the cleric eight men in somber apparel bore a bier at shoulder height. Atop the bier laid a figure shrouded in pink and bedecked with a generous scattering of wildflowers. The scent of embalming spices carried on the light breeze. Behind the pallbearers followed a trio of professional lamenters, ostentatiously boo-hooing in flowing black robes and faces made up to exaggerate the appearance of profound grief. After them quietly followed with dignified gait a group of ordinary people dressed in the finery of grieving gentlefolk, one woman hardly restraining her apparently genuine sorrow for the dearly departed. As the procession passed, the public bystanders generally hushed, several of them doffing their headgear in respectful deference.

After the procession moved beyond the square, the normal hubbub gradually resumed, many whispering curiously about who the deceased might be and what might be the cause of death. Others speculated wildly, attributing it to an ancient curse, or a foul murder, or an accident. Among the rumors being bantied around, one seemsed to percolate through the idle chatter, however, claiming that a gentleman's daughter was heard to scream, but when the would-be rescuers arrived, all they discovered was her remains covered in a thick swarm of maggots. This assertion, although seeming to be becoming the general consensus has not been corroborated by any official statement.

Kirday, Hattanan 17, 1020

New round of Plushies

A new round of plushies are being shipped out to random children throughout the city of Alexandria. This time they are a themed as super heros!

Each of them is dressed up in a costume and come with a piece of candy! The children are loving them and playing with them including ones such as..

Captain Alexandria (Svarshan)
The Incredibly Sandy
Dr. Cesran
...and many more!

Kesenday, Hattanan 11, 1020

Goblin Prophesies End of Alexandri

From the crackpot file..

The local constabulary report having briefly detained a goblin and dark elf whom are prophesizing the end of Alexandria in three weeks. However, despite a claim that ley-portals will open into the city to permit a Fel Army into the market both the Alexandria Artificer's Guild and the Templars of the Holy Sword have clarified that after extensive divination on the topic there is no threat to the city.

And yet, sources reported just this morning that bands of adventurers had been dispatched into the Fel Wood to search for signs of Ley Portals within the forest.

Snarkie's Casino in Gobbertown has been offering 10,000:1 odds against the end of the city with Snarkie himself having said, "I invite anyone who believes this prophecy to come on down and enjoy their last weeks of exsistence! Bet on whether or not we'll survive and if we don't you could die a rich man!"

Kirday, Hattanan 10, 1020

Cutscene: Undoing an Invasion

[Exterior - Alexandrian Market - Alexandria]

It's an hour before dawn. The expansive lines of stalls are mostly deserted save the odd-merchant who has arrived early to setup and the handful of night's watch who patrol the ground. A small Gobber wanders the lanes between the stalls and is followed closely by one of the guardsman whom seems unnaturally enthralled with the fellow's activities.

"What if, there were no ley portals," Vomitdreg's hands work nervously together his pitched nasally voice a coarse whisper, "What if, there were no brain slugs. What if, we don't have to wear pink on Wednesdays.."

He stops suddenly and with an unsteady hand he opens his coat. A tiny pair of glowing orange eyes glare upward from their place within the large pocket that has been sewed into his garb, "Did it work, Zeroltheluz?"


Vomitdreg's face twists with concern, "So, there are ley portals?!"


"What if, just this once, /you/ fix things?"


The goblin closes his jacket in frustration. Tiny fingers reach into a component pouch hanging from his belt to produce a pinch of salt which he ingests. Knitting his hands back together to resume pacing, "What if, there were no ley portals.."

Ceriday, Bernfleur 14, 1020

Rumble at the Ox

Tavern brawls are seldom noteworthy in a town like Alexandria, they happen ever night almost. Some taverns might actually have scheduled ones for specific nights. However the rumors coming out of the Ox have to be heard to be believed.

"There was a giant woman there! She sung dirgies on her drum and was covered from head to toe in /blood/. How do you even wear blood!? She flung a man though a wall with her spite alone!"

"Well I heard there was a mighty warrior wizard involved! He tore the chandelier off the ceiling with his bare hands and summoned bolts of lightning!"

"Well I heard there was a sinister Mul'niessa there! Must have been an assassin or somethin' cause he was askin' all about that wanted girl! Maybe he's the one that did her in and is lookin' to cover his tracks!"

"I heard tell there was a barmaid there was a right valkyrie there! Weildin' her tray like a tower shield to protect the beer!"

"Oh that lass is a proper hero she is."

"Proper hero, aye. She even refused a drink afterwards!"

(All rumors subject to massive exaggeration by many drunken patrons!)

Kirday, Bernfleur 12, 1020


' was /her/ all along!" declares on reader, her eyes narrowed.

Mereth didn't abandon Dandy, or Jyrana it turns out. There's a new, shadowy figure in least according to the latest Crimson Pen fanfic. Yes, fanfic. This one however, proports to be written by an "insider to the tale!"

It hints at a new villian. A figure in a cottage, her skeletal hands about an apple... a real lich of a woman, as it turns out.

Mereth, the manly hero of the Crimson Pen's work, suffered a terrible fate--fans thought--at the hands of the trecherous Jyrana, who was jealous of his love for Dandy. Mereth's death caused an uproar in Alexandria amonngst fans of the Pen's work for weeks, over the loss of his beloved, hirsute figure and his flexible pecs.

...could it have been this...lich...all along? Could Mereth have sacrificed his heroic manliness in a last-minute defense of Dandy AND Jyrana? the author protect an unknown love child??!

The author promises more tales to come, of this nefarious wi--lich, this "Granny Mandiel!"

And who is this strange girl with wings on artwork associated with this story?! Who can say? The answers to these questions, and more, will be resolved soon enough... assuming the completed fictions contents don't continue to leak like this. Either way, anticipation is building!'

Wanted Poster

A conversation overheard from a group ofGossipmongers clustered around a poster recently hung up on one of the bulletin boards of the Hope Theatre, stamped with the official seal of the Metropolitan Theatre Company of Alexandria. Depicted upon the parchment is a portrait of a woman that theatre goers and several denizens of the city would find familiar: Rori Lee, one of the theatre company's understudies. The scroll indicates that the woman is presently missing and a modest reward is being offered for information of her whereabouts.

Gossipmonger 1: Tends to happen to the pretty ones, doesn't it? The poor lass.

Gossipmonger 2: Wonder if it's connected to the incident the other day at the Warehouse Ward...

Gossipmonger 3: Eh? What do you mean?

Gossipmonger 2: Heard that there was some trouble at one of the guardhouses, something about a fire that wasn't a fire, and someone paid to have a prisoner held so he could murder her, himself!

Gossipmonger 1: What?! How terrible!

Gossipmonger 2: It's insidious business alright, and apparently, one of the guardsmen was in on it. Cousin of the Goldstone Brothers, word is they've been blaming hits on their caravans on the Mul lately and turns out they had a Mul in custody.

Gossipmonger 3: But what's that got to do with the missing understudy?

Gossipmonger 2: That's the confusing part. Apparently the understudy, or someone who looks like the understudy anyway....Captain Fullbright of the Alexandria Guard credited her for exposing the guardsman's corruption and after that happened, a riot suddenly broke out and the corrupt guardsman escaped! Seems like too much of a coincidence, innit?

Gossipmonger 1: I heard the Goldstone Brothers are denying any involvement, though. Something about how their cousin had been trading with their name for years but he was never actually part of their operations?

Gossipmonger 3: Still, can't deny there's something fishy going on with all of that. I mean, now someone responsible for turning the guards' eye towards them is missing? There /is/ such a thing as too much coincidence, you know...

(OOC: I'll be in Cabo for a few days, returning Monday. Send me a @mail if you have questions! Shivani and I will put something together when I get back.)

Variday, Bernfleur 09, 1020

Damn Nusiance

...damn nusiance," is overheard among merchants traveling from Khazad Duin. Some of them report a greater amount of theft when traveling from under the mountain. Some suggest increased attacks by muls, while others blame different, undermountain groups. The blame of muls is hardly surprising--the mul are well known parasites of khazad goods and merchantry. Either way, there is a minor stepping up of guards in that area.

Eliday, Bernfleur 08, 1020

Mereth Writes?!

Starting with those fanatical fans of the Crimson Pen's legendary tale of betrayal, romance and death, there are rumors of a new tale! One written from the perspective of the famous, and oiled-pec Mereth, Alexandria's own heart throb! When it will be released is anybody's guess but it's causing a certain buzz. Naturally, Alexandria's literary elite is turning up their nose to this, but it hasn't stopped salons from gathering, nor rumors on the street.

Mereth originally featured in the Crimson Pen's Trio of Romances series, involving the demure Dandy, the wicked Jyrana, and the marvelous Mareth! Mareth of course, found himself ultimately betrayed, in the Pen's wickedly written love tragedy...or was he?? Did Jyrana betray him, to gain Dandy's favor? Was it Dandy's plan all along, or did Mareth ever, truly die? Some fans have always denied the latter--that he was too marvelous, too flex-tacious to simply perish!

Ceriday, Bernfleur 07, 1020

More Plushies?

The "Blue Bloods" courier service has once again been comissioned to send out another wave of plushies. This one a set of all the greatest heros of Alexandria in heroric stances or forms. The new set includes Kneeling and Praying Svarshan, Rainbow Dragon Sandy, Rightous Fire Kore, Lucky Lucy, Karate Action Aya, and various others, including variations on the others.

People have also noticed that each Plushie is unique, slightly different then another. Each one has a tag with a number, and a letter next to it. Excitment has quickly risen as there might be a hidden message being sent with the plushies if one could gather all the letters and numbers.

Kesenday, Bernfleur 06, 1020

Pumpkin Problems

As heard in the beauty salons of Upper Alexandria's Nobility District, in hushed whispers and nervous giggles:

Elmyra leans in, whispering conspiratorially to Beatrice, "Is it really as big as they say it is?"

Beatrice offers a sly grin in return, answering in the same conspiratorial whisper. "I saw it with my very own eyes! It was the biggest I've ever seen! You wouldn't believe it! I didn't even think something that size would fit!"

Several of the patrons feign looking shocked, averting their eyes -- so that they can hear better*

Elmyra pretends not to notice the eavesdroppers. "Do you think it was magic? It has to be magic. That can't be natural."

Beatrice just shrugs. "I have no idea. Maybe it's just a blessing from the gods?All I know is that everyone in town is supposed to be getting a piece of it."

One of the patrons starts fanning herself, color rushing to her cheeks. It's probably a good thing she's already sitting down.

Elmyra's eyes widen. "Oh myyyy. How do you think it tastes?"

Candice, the beautician, whispers harshly, "Elmyra! That's not a question that you ask in polite company!"

Elmyra looks confused, turning to look at Beatrice. "Since when are giant pumpkins inappropriate subjects of conversation?"

"Pumpkins?" The other women lean back in their seats, looking a little disappointed. "What are you talking about?"

Beatrice rolls her eyes at the other women, sighing deeply. "This morning! They rolled in a giant pumpkin the size of a house! I thought the wagon was going to snap in half right there, the way the wood was squeaking. And those poor animals. Not to mention those -- 'adventurers' that came back with it. The whole mess of them looked like a sorry lot, like they just got back from a war. What could have been so hard about loading a giant pumpkin into a cart?"

Elmyra shakes her head. "You just can't find good help these days," she drones, flipping through the latest edition of Prestigious Moon's catalog. "Didn't you ask them where it came from?"

"Well, I -tried-," Beatrice answers in kind. "One of them was kind of bringing up the rear. A tsuran, I think. He had the bluest eyes. Anyway, I walked up to him, and he pointed a -stick- at me! Said --" Her voice gets a few tones lower, and gruffer, "Lady, I swear by all the gods of the Holy Order I am -not- in the mood today."

"Did you report him to the guards!?!" asks Candice.

"Did you file a complaint with the Guild?" asks Elmyra.

"Do you think he's single?" asks one of the women in the back. All eyes turn to her, disapprovingly. "What?!"

After a moment of uncomfortable quiet, Beatrice continues. "Anyway. Apparently, one of them's trying to make a giant pie out of it, from what I hear. Supposedly, the whole town is getting some, though I doubt even a pumpkin that size could feed the whole town. You'd think it would have been easier to just buy small ones. I hear the fields are coming up in record time lately!"

Kirday, Bernfleur 05, 1020

Something afoot with a Sunblade

"Didjas see that Sunblade at the temple thie mornin' Urg?"

"Sunblade? Dook, you know I ain't got time fer no hoity-toity priest o' no dragon! Why am I gunna be lookin' at a Sunblade?"

"No you Lulgijak! I mean da one what's been goin round with Mayhem's sister. Whassername?"

"Oh yeah, Murda. Yeah, I seen him a'fore, why?"

The orc lowers his voice a bit and says, "They 'us bringin in a wagonload o' stuff last night. Glick tole me about it. Said he seen him and three others unloadin a wagon with tools an' equipment. Look like they 'us cuttin up some boards fer somethin."

"What was they cuttin 'em for?" this one leans in and lowers his voice conspiriatorily, "Was they makin furniture or somethin? They already got all them gold lookin lights and stuff in there and Orl tole me tha other day that someone seen Murda in there lickin 'em a while back. I tole Orl he's fulla -"

"NO you nummy! They was cuttin boards up fer signs! Now shuddup an listen!" Dook glowers and snorts, "Look like they 'us postin up a bounty or summat. Then this after lunch, Kazid came in from out on a hunt, said he seen vellums board-posted ever mile on the tree lines near the Fel, warnin about Demons."

Urg's eyes are as big as saucers, "I doan truck wit no demons Dook. Not no more. Ever since great uncle Trang got caught by one what turned him into a dead thing still servin the demon. Thas bad juju Dook, you go pixie snatchin on yer own until them demons're dealt with."

"'m I gonna make pixie paste if'n ya doan come wi..."

The conversation trails off as the two orcs move on down the street. A few other similar conversations can be heard around other parts of the city. The Sunblade in question has been known to frequent the Fernwood.

Kirday, Eatonis 29, 1020

Chief Engineer's Report: Airship R

Orally delivered to the Skyguild and recorded by the scribes:

Chief Engineer: "...yes, sir, that's correct. The ship was safely recovered, though not quite as intact as we'd hoped. It'd seen a bit more action than we thought, but we got the thing to fly alright. That wasn't the hard part. The weather was against us from the start. Wagons got stuck a few times, but we made it there. But that's when the monster showed itself."

Guildmaster: "So the damage was caused by a monster attack?"

Chief Engineer: "Eh... not exactly. The ones we hired on to help guard our workers... well... they tried, sir, but I think they were a little green. The one on the horse took awhile to get his bearings, but he stuck the thing pretty good. The ones with the bows put more holes in the ship than the monster. One of the ones with the sword, well, she spent most of her time trying to get her sword back out of the thing. And the goblins -- well -- we're not really sure what they were doing, but at least they didn't set the thing on fire again."

Guildmaster: " the hirelings caused the additional damage? And we -- paid these people?"

Chief Engineer: "Well, sir, we didn't lose any of the mechanics, so there's no death benefits to pay, no retraining time. All in all, I think we came out ahead."

Guildmaster: "I think I've heard enough. I'll sign off on the recovery bonuses. And let's keep this quiet for as long as we can. We have a reputation of competence, after all, even when hiring outside help..."

Chief Engineer: "Of course sir. Complete discretion."

Tariday, Eatonis 27, 1020

Plushies for all the Children!

Courier have been busy all over town, delivering to all the children of the city cute little plushies. The plushies are of a Mul'niessa noble woman wearing bright pink dress and mini umbrella, one of Sandy, one of Svarshan, and various other well known figures around town. The courier service is not fully aware of the client, but the money is good and the plushies appear harmless.

(This is relation to the Chaos Lich plot, feel free to bug Sandy or Svarshan ic about this! As most of the dolls are about them, or me Astaren)

Ceriday, Eatonis 24, 1020

Strange occurances

For the past few days, there have been strange gargoyle-like statues all over the city of Alexandria, mostly upon higher up structures such as the various temples, the castle and even the Adventurer's guildhouse.

The past night, however, a group of adventurers walked back into the city with a moss-like gargoyle bound up in a wagon. The statues of gargoyles disappeared while the moss-like gargoyle had been turned over to the Yggdrasil Union for study.

For more details on what happened, speak to Leisel, Hun'rar, Garak, Magnus, Kisaiya, Kira or Raethon.

Kirday, Eatonis 22, 1020

Continuing Buildup

The Alexandrian Airstation sure seems busy these days!

...and a whole lot of those ships seem to be military grade... MErcenaries, privateers and Alexandrian naval forces seem to be building up for *something*.

Variday, Eatonis 19, 1020

So Called Training

That so called training mission? I heard it was a full fledged military operation. Someone is trying ta stir something up. Something about lost spies or some-such trying to map the north or steal something important to the fiends. Bad mojo all around you know. I tell you one thing, the people that came off some of those ships weren't injured in any training exercises thats for sure!


Once again the brave sons and daughters of Alexandros take to the skies to train for the protection of their families and loved ones. Brave soldiers today successfully completed Operation Eastern Reach, meant to familiarize soldiers with the operation of our proud and effective airship fleet. One of the sharpest swords in our arsenal of defense the powerful Virtuous-class ships were a sight to be seen as they moved near the border of Skald. As much to train the crews as to remind the demonic forces to the east: that we are always watching and always ready.

So look to the skies citizens! Enlist today!

Kirday, Eatonis 15, 1020

Missing Children?

"Did you hear about those missing children?" The voice whispered, not wanting it to travel too far - fear running around the edges of the words.

"Who hasn't? It's nearly an epidemic. Thank goodness they're not disappearing within Alexandria." A sigh of relief to punctuate this, and then a lean in, "But did you hear that they were all seen with a 'white puppy' before going missing?"

"No, I didn't hear that. Oh that's creepy."

(OOC: This is a rumor to go along with the plot: The Missing Kids. See Talia, Morgan, Taleth, Kore, Monahi, Deak, or Sorscha for more information.)

Tariday, Eatonis 13, 1020

A Subtle Tension

"'re certain of it?" The two priests sat in a darkened room, papers laid in front of them.

"Yes. That business with the shrines is just another nail in the coffin. The alliances are shifting. I have my money on that business with Heth as the cause of it." A sigh, "I just thought we'd have more time."

"Are the marriages still going on?"

"Three, in the last month, and more before that."

Silence fills the time, a look exchanged between them.

"...great," the first one says, at length. He drops into a nearby chair, and rubs at his forehead. "We're hearing the usual propaganda from that corner, I take it?"

"Aye, about being misunderstood, Taara being the faith of personal empowerment and choice, freedom to choose. Maugrim being... Unfairly stereotyped and about self-esteem, honor, and respect. All of that. It isn't anything you don't hear out of Charn, normally. It's just effective--"

"--because on our side we have people who want things better. I get it," the priest says, closing his eyes. "I'll start talking with my own, help them identify that sort of doublespeak. Fighting for what's right, just, and good, doesn't mean we're stupid or ignorant of their rhetoric."

"If alliances are firming up again with the old guard, there'll be stronger grabs for power. More effective slave routes, more experiments. More pressure on our allies, maybe on Myrddion to get their sh--to get themselves together. It's too soon to tell the extent of what this means. But, we may see a stronger Charn before this is done."

"How many marriages have there been?"

The one priest looks to the other.

"I hoped that I was wrong. Yeah."

"Maybe we let them think good is stupid," the first muses. "Let their egos fill in the rest. ...let's keep this quiet, for a little while. Get the word out."

"Mm, the quiet approach. I get it."

The acolyte, overhearing, hurries away.

OOC: Rumors like these are growing among the faithful. Quietly, but there's a growing sense of wariness. The marriages referred to are between members of the Maugrimite and Taaran temples and faithful.

Ceriday, Eatonis 10, 1020

I Just Needed Tha Money...

The Watch has accosted several bandits who were in it they say, because they "Just needed tha money." A post some weeks ago advertising gold paid for corpses, and two for a child's, wasn't taken seriously. most locals. However, it's inspired some hopefuls. Enough, the Watch says, that they'll be seeking help with the matter. We'll publish more as this develops.

OOC: This ties into the Chaos Lich arc!

Kesenday, Pryntar 16, 1020

Arwenieniallwehns Adopt!

The Tribune is pleased to announce the adoption of the young Avelia by Lady Sandiel and Lady Myrana Arwenieniallwehn. The adoption was observed by two practitioners of faith, both of Daeus and Eluna, and subsequently blessed. The legal paperwork was signed and filed by a mage of the Progressive Arcanists.

Welcome to the world, young Avelia!

Eliday, Pryntar 11, 1020

Daughter of Dragons

A particular avid reader of the Crimson Pen with great hair has recent been able to put together clues from the writing that Lady Sandiel (a woman who used to go by the name Sandrake'ial'unatha before coming to Alexandria) used to be engaged to a dragon! See, her name was actually a direct reference to the draconic blood she too has as it turns out that her grandmother's aunt was actually a chromatic dragon and that blood passed down to Sandy through a twist of fate. Her name Sand DRAKE is a literal from the trade language, with -ial meaning daughter of, and unatha is niece. So you see, she's really the niece's daughter of a real dragon!

Alley Makeover

Last night there was a strange commotion in the Lower Market, starting with a number of refugees and homeless being forceably evicted from the alley where they had taken shelter for the night. Under implied threat of violence, the unfortunate victims were escorted to a nearby inn, were they were provided with warm rooms and hot stew.

Shortly thereafter a large gang of ruffians and ner-do-wells descended upon the alleyway, with carts of likely stolen and illicit goods. Though lights could be seen from the site of the crimes, large tarps had been errected to shield the miscreants from prying eyes. Though the Watch was alerted, they were unable to summon sufficant forces to safely approach during the darkest hours of the night. At this time there is no word if the Guild of Explorers was contacted.

Morning light has seen the crime scene scrubbed clean of evidence of what exactly transpired. Also scrubbed clean were layers of dirt and grime, as well as the removal of accumulited trash. There is also a fresh coat of paint, with several of doors and windows to the alley repaired or replaced. One can only imagine what sort of villain would clean and repair one of the poorest parts of the city without fanfare or warning, leaving the poor souls who live there warm and well fed.

Kesenday, Pryntar 09, 1020

Huh What?

There are a few whispers that there was things were happening at the Lower Trades Market. The problem is, the closer people get to the market district, the less people remember what happened.

One thing that CAN be confirmed, however, is that people heard gunshots and there are signs of a fight there.

Kore and Arisha have the full story, but Celeste, Deak, Walery, and Kaelyn have a few recollections of the fight, but not why they were there.

Eliday, Pryntar 04, 1020

The Frigate Revenant

A new frigate pulled into port a few days ago along with a brig that was running escort. Both ships looked to have seen some heavy fighting, and the frigate looks to taken the brunt of it. Soon after arrival carpenters were enlisted en masse to fix up both ships and make them seaworthy.

While this alone is worthy of a rumor, and the fact that forty some-odd men and women of different race were escorted off the Frigate, it's not just that which has piqued interest. Rumor has started to travel like wildfire that this was a Charnese Naval vessel - the Revenant.

Did Alexandria just attack a Charnese ship?

(OOC: This is in relation to the plot: Inmost Sea-capades. See Kore, Amythyst or Kaelyn for more information. Additional legwork can be made, I will respond to any/all as quickly as I can.)

Ceriday, Vhast 27, 1020

Engagement at the Fernwood

Conquerer Ravifan announced his engagement to a young, though well-ranked Shadowveil, Aritha Korivani. "We're quite happy," the Conquerer said as the happy couple made the announcement at the Fernwood. "While we realize it's an unusual step to be open about our marriage, we do so in the hope it will help others understand us."

"Such openness is long overdue," Aritha Korivani added, noting that similar arrangements are happening across Ea.


Kesenday, Vhast 26, 1020

New Art Installment!

The Artificer's Guild is pleased to announce another addition to their Paintings of the Future! collection. The recent installment includes a painting of a future, artifice-enabled prosthetic.

Visitors are encouraged and welcomed at any time during business hours to experience these Visions of the Future!

Tariday, Vhast 23, 1020

Roadside Banditry on Paws!

Travelers along Alexandros' northern roads towards Blar will be pleased to experience greater safety in the days ahead. A group of bandits that have been harrying caravans have been dispatched by Alexandrian adventurers. One of the bandits was even brought back for for trial.

The small but growing community of Dragonier refugees and Arvek Nar also received a boon in the way of supplies, as the adventurers were able to both return supplies that had been taken, and also donated some of the surplus that was given to them for their work. What wasn't given to the Adventurers in payment was divvied up between the Community, the temple of Serriel, and a new charity called the Animal Care Kennel (or ACK! for short).

Kesenday, Vhast 19, 1020

A Bitingly Good Time?

After a late-night drinking event gone wrong, two druids got into it and ended up summoning a tornado. Alexandria being on a peninsula out to the sea, this quickly picked up sea creatures and debris.

In other words, a sharknado hit Alexandros' shores late last night. The involved druids are understandably chagrined, and are spending hours in community service cleaning up the mess.

Kirday, Vhast 18, 1020

Shenanigans Reported!

The Watch reported shenanigans yesterday at the great library. Reports suggest a summoning-or-other gone wrong. A multi-headed hydra appeared on the scene, rending precious, precious books and arcanists alike before finally being subdued by daring adventurers!

Tariday, Vhast 16, 1020

Drinking Contest Winner!

The Ox-Strength is pleased to report the winner of tonight's drinking contest, Captain Delra Coalsbrew! The Ox hosts drinking contests every night, or whenever patrons are desperate enough to--that is, whenever patrons are willing to take part of our damn fine brews!

Tariday, Vhast 16, 1020

Forget Yuletide, It's Thultide!

Another crypt has been uncovered in Alexandria today that is sure to leave the denizens more than a little worried about what may be near their own homes. Citizens report sounds of cackling noises heard when passing by. Others suggest that behind the Watch's guardrails lie tombs of grotesque horrors! What originally was considered prime real estate and redeveloped by the luckless Kashani family is now sanctioned off by the Verdaman Temple and the Watch as a scene for Thulite worship the likes of which hasn't been seen in Alexandria.

Reports trickle in of other worship sites being uncovered, though the Tribune has been unable to verify these sources so far. Reports suggest some sites may be the hosts of ancient Thulian artifacts and arcane rituals. Others suggest that one may contain access to an ancient book of necromantic powers.

Several people witnessed adventurers going in and out of at least one site, which fortunately or unfortunately, may add credibility to the above reports.

OOC: This relates to the Crypts plotline. Please RP with Verna, Serraphine, Heinrich, Gregor, Josselyn, or Arisha to get involved!

Eliday, Vhast 14, 1020

Sign Posted After Attack

In response to the recent raid on their ovens, Stoneworks' Calzone has posted a new sign:

Calzones so good, even the Hells falls to temptation!

Another sign posted adds: Smiting practice available after hours.

Demon Salsa

Do you like Spicy? Do you like to breath fire? Do you like to fight evil?

Well we have the spice of all spices for you! Demon Salsa, the hottest dip around for all of your taste senses! Guarenteed to make your mouth burn and to breath fire! Endorsed by the famous paladin Svarshan! Come on down to the Golden Cookie Bakery to try our great variety of foods.

Disclaimer: Made out of real demons. If you feel the urge to do evil acts such as pillage, plunder, murder, steal candy from babies, lie, cheat, steal, conqure neigboring countries, take hostages, raise dead to fuel your evil empire with undead for their mindless obedience, or take change out of change jars at a service counter you may be being corrupted. Please consult your cleric.

Ceriday, Vhast 13, 1020

Rainbow Dragon Illustrations Wanted

The Tribune seeks illustrations and accounts of the rumored Rainbow Dragon of Alexandria! We are partnered with the local Temple of Navos, who is offering a small reward for verified illustrations regarding this matter.

OOC: Sketch an image of the Rainbow Dragon for publication (stick figures count!) and send it in. Receive double GM Noms! Please email to: <login to game to see email address>. :D

Update: What a Response!

The following illustrations are being added to the Navosian Archives. Thank you!

Sandy dragon01.png

Sandy dragon02.png

Sandy dragon03.png

Sandy dragon04.png

Sandy dragon05.png

Sandy dragon06.jpg

Sandy dragon07.jpg

Slaves and Bombs

Just a heads-up. Atleti is looking into how to reverse the Charneth's latest trick, of turning living creatures into scarred bombs. He'll be at the celebration tonight if anyone would like to RP about it, or arrange to RP after.

Kesenday, Vhast 12, 1020

Calzone Thieves!

Evidently the food at Stoneworks is quite amaising! Amaising enough that midget fire imps or something like it raided the oven there and stole a large number of cooking Calzone! Is this restaraunt so popular that other planar beings are starting to frequent the place? Rumor also has it that a few intreped adventuerers were able to drive these little creatures off, though many calzone were stolen in the process!

Gilday, Vhast 03, 1020

Stormgardian Disease Sprouts in Al

Readers of the 'Alexandrian Rummagepost' will be no doubt familiar with its recent spate of rumors, about a Miniature Yeti.

<What follows is a copy of the Rummagepost's image, which appears to be a well-done illustration of Kisaiya in a large fur coat.>

The 'Rummagepost' reports: Some people are trying to figure out exactly what it is this strange being might be. While some think it's just local Alexandrian, Kisaiya, having sprouted a bunch of extra hair for the winter through some arcane manipulations and esoteric hair spells, others say it's probably not a hair spell at all and indicitive of something much more sinister.

What the image represents not clear. The Rummagepost went on to report other possibilities, including the possibility of miniature yetidom.

While normally it is not the practice of the Tribune to report on other papers' work, this report potentially concerns Alexandrian public health, and we thought it prudent to weigh into the discussion. We presented the reports and illustration to two separate experts within Alexandria.

Dr. Pherbius Sand writes to us that this case is a warning sign.

"Yeterius Spontaneous is a disease that originates in the Stormgarde region," he writes us. "It comes on in the winter, and is usually associated with the lucht race. However, it has been known to strike other species."

When asked what Yeterius S. is, exactly, the reports we were given indicate that it appears to be the sudden and usually irreversible growth of hair all over one's body. In addition, the individual may develop a sudden, stooped-over position and be prone to grunts.

However, Alexandria has reported only one case of this disease so far, and we encourage citizens not to worry. However, if you do spot an individual with this condition, please report them immediately to the Soldier's Defense.

Gilday, Kael 27, 1019

Assault on Mictlan

A Chaneth Noble mounted an assault on Mictlan in clear violation of Alexandrian territorial rights. Charn officials quickly denounced their activities, although only after word of the noble's failure had reached them. According to the few Charneth survivors that were captured, the entire incident was started because of the Alexandrian adventurers destroying the Merchant ship Aloft Seaker. Though a number of people have stepped forward to point out that the Aloft Seaker could very well be the Oft Sea, a notorious pirate ship and known slave runner of sith-makar.

The attack on Mictlan was repelled by a number of adventurers and local tribesfolk. Elisabeth, the unshakable. Raethon, the quick of wit. Nadara, the wise and sure. Bors, the destroyer. Ilmig, the brave. And a newcomer, Atleti, the Avenger. These six are the heroes of the hour in Mictlan, saving the town and serving as the backbone to the repelling force. A banquet is to be thrown in their honor, and the Speaker Caste is reported to be honoring them specifically at it. According to sources, the Speaker Caste are something of diplomats, and only appear at special occasions.

Amongst those at Mictlan prior to the attack were Durrankar and Un'eth, two druids of well reknown who safely aided a number of wounded of Mictlan out of the area prior to the Assault. Without their influence the civilian casualties at Mictlan would've been far more substantial.

Tensions between Charn and Alexandria have risen again, though neither side is willing to take blame for any of the events leading up to this. Charn officials were unwilling to offer opinion on the creation of the Sith-makar suicide bombers seen being sent into Mictlan prior to the attack. The Sith were said to have scars that slowly etched onto their skin like a curse that diminished their health, and upon death exploded. If you see any Sith-makar with scar-like markings who look unwell, inform the Watch immediately.

OOC: This is part of the Silver and Sith arc!

More rumors.png