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MUSHes are a "text-based MMORPG on a roleplay server," or a "living, text-based world." Players login as their various characters, and meet together to RP in any number of virtual locations. If you've never been to one, you're in for a treat. The tutorial below will walk you through the basics of how to use them, and what they are.

Step One: Connecting

Connecting to a MUSH is done through a MUSH Client. These are small programs, and can be found for free. A sample of recommended ones can be found, below.

Chrome Mac OSX Windows Linux Android iOS

Alternate: Potato
Potato client.gif
Potato client.gif

Alternate: Chitter

Once downloaded, you'll want to connect. Clients will generally ask you three things:

Name for the MUSH? Tenebrae
Port? 4001

You'll typically fill these out under a "New Connection" or a "New World" setting.

Step Two: Saying Hello

Once you've connected, a "banner" will fly into your Client's screen. It says, The Emblem of Ea, and should look vaguely like the below:

  ___               _                           )(
|_   _|__ _ __   ___| |__  _ __ __ _  ___    /==00==\     Welcome to the
  | |/ _ \ '_ \ / _ \ '_ \| '__/ _` |/ _ \      ||         Emblem of Ea
  | |  __/ | | |  __/ |_) | | | (_| |  __/      ||       A Pathfinder MUX
  |_|\___|_| |_|\___|_.__/|_|  \__,_|\___|      ||
-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=    ||   --=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-
     connect <name> <password> : connects you       to an existing character
      create <name> <password> : creates a new character
                     con guest : connects you to a guest character
                           WHO : tells you who is logged in to the game
                          QUIT : exits the game and saves your character
                         +help : gives help on the commands

Type connect guest to enter the world as a guest. This logs you into the game, much like you'd log into a MMORPG or a chat room. In fact, it looks like this:

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=<* NAT20: Gaming Table *>-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

   __    _     ____  _      __    _      ___   ___   ___   __
  / /\  | |   | |_  \ \_/  / /\  | |\ | | | \ | |_) / / \ ( (`
 /_/--\ |_|__ |_|__ /_/ \ /_/--\ |_| \| |_|_/ |_| \ \_\_/ _)_)

 \        /        A nation born surrounded by ENEMIES,
 -\      /-        Alexandros stands as a nation of HEROES,
 - \ _  / -        an exemplar of TRADE.
 -  \\\/  - 
  -  /   -         A nation who has done what few DARED.
   / \/ \   

------------------------------>  Getting Help  <------------------------------

          New Players:

------------------->  Current Meta-Arc for Tenebrae MUX  <--------------------

          During recent times, the time scholars have begun referring to as the Rise of Shadows, Heth slaughtered all, and turned Dragonier into a land of undeath. Around him, other nations scrambled to respond...and other dictators and legends began to take advantage of the chaos.

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-- Contents --=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-
 Aenyn           A short man with green eyes and a shaved head.        2m   7h
 Atleti          A silvered sith-makar with smoke edgings.             0s   22h
 Azog            A huge male orc with long black hair in a topknot.    5m   2h
 Boshter         An arvek nar in robes. Oh no!                         1m   2d
 Donna           A black-haired human girl in black robes.             2m   5h
 Iadoth          Lithe sil with green eyes and plaited brown hair.     53m  55m
 Kisaiya         Tan skin, and auburn hair cut in a graduated bob.     2m   6h
 Kore            Tiny half-Mul woman with dark hair and blue eyes.     1m   4d
 Raethon         Llyranesi male with dark hair                         16s  11h
 Selerik         Spoony. So spoony.                                    4m   1w
-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-- Objects =--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-
All the Secret Ways to Earn RPPs
[HOOKS] Random Alt Generator
[HOOKS] Random Roleplay Hook Generator
[HOOKS] Random Plot Hook Generator(#577)
-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--= Exits -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-
Dice Cleanser <CLEANSE>   Add Social Quirks <SO>    Plot Nexus <PN>
The Door <TD>             Character Generation <CG> Staff Nexus <SN>
Quiet Room <SHH>          Roleplay Nexus <RN>       

Congratulations! You're on Tenebrae.

Step Three: I'm Connected!

Right now, you're in a virtual room. You can type look to look at the room and see who's there, or use +glance to see a list of people who are in the room with you.

Some Commands For Getting Around
Type This It Does This
look You look at the room!
look PersonName You look at someone in the room.
say Hi! You say, "Hi!"
: waves! Guest waves!
page PlayerName=Hi! You page PlayerName 'Hi!' ...this is like sending a secret message.
+staff Gets you a list of helpful folks.
WHO Tells you who's online.
+where Tells you where everyone is.
+help Our ingame help files.
QUIT Quits the game safely.

Step Four: What Now?

You might want to practice moving around and talking to folks. The basic commands you learn, such as look, are the main ones you'll need to use Tenebrae.

From here, you'll want to make a character. To do this, you'll want to leave the game first, by typing QUIT. Then, log in again, only instead of connecting as a guest, type create NameOfMyCharacter MyPassword. This is now your character, and you and she, or he, will be able to do a alot of different things!

Once you have your character, check out Chargen, which is a series of rooms that walk you through the chargen process. Type CG to travel there from the Gaming Table.

There's a chargen guide available on this website also, and don't be afraid to page a staff member or helpful player!