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Alexandria, known as the Lord's City of Alexandria, sits in the midst of a prosperous and hotly contested region known as Alexandros, or the Heartlands. Besieged at times by the great nations around it, Alexandria nonetheless exhibits a strength and willpower far beyond its size.

Possessed of thriving commerce and trade, it's surrounded by a number of outlying communities under its governance and protection. A real-world analogy might be Greece or even Venice for its commerce, trade of ideas, political plays, and central location.

Alexandria City sits facing south against a narrow strait known as The Rift Sea which itself leads into a much larger Inland Sea known as The Sea of Fallen Moons. It sits at the heart of the region of Alexandros, surrounded by a number of thriving, local communities. Visitors come to the City by land, sea, and through the famous Alexandrian Skygate.

Because of its value and location, Alexandria's been seen at times as a prize for conquering forces. For fifty years, the Empire of Charn held Alexandria and used it to fuel its war efforts in western lands. For ten years after that, Myrddion maintained soveriegn control after aiding the City in its freedom from Charn. Looking futher into history will show similar occurances, from different nations, forces, and personalities. Throughout it all, Alexandria stands in the center, a jewel of ideas, trade, and commerce.

Alexandria is the city in which much of the gameplay on the Emblem of Ea takes place. More information can be accessed by looking at the entry for Alexandros, which describes the life, culture and geography of the region surrounding the city of Alexandria.


Alexandria rests against the Redridge Mountains, and is bisected by the Tornmawr River. There are three main gates to the city: one leading north into the mountains, and connecting with various mining and trade points. One leading north along the river, and one headed east. There is a south gate, though it is not officially marked--it is where the great Tornmawr exits to the south. This exit is for ships and river travel.

The People of Alexandria

The people of Alexandros tend to be stubborn, independent and proud of their abilities to thrive in challenging environments. One might say that there is a bit of a division between the people who dwell in the bustling centers of civilization such as Alexandria and the people who dwell in the trading outposts, farming communities and frontier towns which are clearly the majority of settlements. The people of the frontier consider those who dwell in the walled communities to be somewhat soft and given over to complacency. During the era of Altima, many of the rebel groups were formed by the people of the frontier and farming settlements while those in the cities were under guard and slaved away to sate the needs of the Witch Queen. Because of this, resentment against former Myrddion occupation was stronger by those who grow up and dwell in the wood and wild then those in the cities themselves, who saw its greatest benefit. This further presents problems of a political nature when the two meet for trade, in taverns and on the streets of cities or hamlets.

Nevertheless, despite all of this one might say that both city dwellers and folk in the frontiers tend to share the traits of friendliness to strangers. Each traveler, adventurer and merchant is seen as a potential allies and patron, customer and neighbor and even allies in a fight. Even those who enjoy the splendors of a city as well favored as Alexandria are often reminded that nothing is impenetrable and perfect and even though that Orc over there with the arms the size of your head may look frightening, he’s probably a good ally to have.

In general the people of Alexandros (and more specifically, Alexandria) consider themselves the major cosmopolitan power of this part of the world. The people who dwell within it know that Alexandria has become something of a marvel and is so life in it is at least better, if not more bizarre then most places in the world. Although not completely jaded or plagued by the ‘Nothing New Under The Sun’ way of thinking, the color, atmosphere and festive pace of the city causes the local inhabitants to be more tolerant of different beliefs, races and cultures then most areas of the world.

Local Laws

The nation of Alexandros is, at present, a confederacy consisting of the major political communities within the region of Alexandros centered around the Lord's City of Alexandria and its governmental bodies. In the past this was a confederate monarchy but the invasion of Charn shattered the old government and the interim leadership of Myrddion effectively scattered what was left of the noble houses at that time. Today, the leaders of the human nation of Alexandria is itself a regency with a council composed of the remaining noble houses of the old Alexandros Kingdom and an appointed regent in absence of an established royal household. The regent is Lady Rawyn Telenil, who also goes by the title of the Highlady. Well respected, loved and an active part of the community, Rawyn is rumored to be a powerful sorceress and a veteran of the old wars where she and her allies were an instrumental part in the disposing of Altima, the Witch Queen.

City government wise, Alexandria City itself is governed by a City Council made up of key guild leaders, merchants and city officials who represent the major interests of the city and are aided by district representatives who each are elected from the major districts of the city. Alongside the council is the Lord Mayor and his officials. The current Lord Mayor is one human by name of Dathan Marinas.

Laws and Enforcement

Alexandria is a large bustling frontier city and a border nation. Adventurers make up a larger percentage of the population here then they do in other lands and though they are more common they are still very unpredictable. This and the fact that Alexandria is a sea port, a center for several prominent industries and geopolitically central between the two major super-powers on the Great Continent, means that innumerable things occur and a thousand plus intrigues go on every day.

During the Myrrish Occupation Era, Alexandria adhered to the same code of justice Myrddion used in its western lands. Now that this era has passed, Alexandria's previous system of laws have come into play but they are very similar to the Code of Justice with some modifications such as the Edict which allows the construction of shrines to the dark gods provided the clergies are not promoting the breaking of the law or adversely influencing the well being of the citizens. With the sildanyari's release of arcane magic unto the world, however, images of the dark gods have been nearly banned, as such images are now said to allow scrying.

Four major peacekeeping forces operate in the city dealing with crime on various levels from petty crime to investigating major happenings, sometimes with the aid of the adventuring populace. The Honorable Alexandrian Order of Watch-Constables are the primary law enforcers within the city and are the common 'guards'. We do not permit PCs to play the role of city guards. This is a staff role as guards have the ability to pursue and arrest people as they see fit.

Though not truly a corrupt city, Alexandria does have problems with issues of bribery, corruption and manipulation where the city guard is concerned. They respect the wealthy and the powerful and they accept bribes. They tend to turn a blind eye to happenings that involve enemies of the city and troublemakers and they have no problem labeling adventurers troublemakers just by virtue of the field they work in.

Local Venues

Players have made the following, locally-run businesses and venues. You can do this with RPPs!

A15: Mithralla Merchandise

Trib mithralla.png

A prestigious craft shop run by Mikilos Mithralla! Found in Alexandria.

H02: Balefire Silkworks Ranch and Rescue

Trib rescuescorpion.png

The Ranch and Rescue rehabilitates all sorts of unfortunate critters from the Felwood. Run by Alba, and located in the Heartlands Region.

A07: Prestigious Moon

Trib restigiousmoon2.png

A clothing shop run by Lady Sandiel, for poncy elves of all types! Located in Alexandria.

H07: Stoneworks' Calzones

Trib stoneworks.png

Clan-inspired calzones, made from khazad-grown ingredients. Located in the Heartlands.

Plot Information

To avoid duplication of efforts, please see the Plot Information section for The Heartlands Region (also known as Alexandros).