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Class: Wizard

Level: 19

Humans07 aesir.png

Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Jade Islands
Associated With: Cesran will always consider the Jade Islands to be his true home. He is very supportive of them and does make frequent trips back to the island, mainly to see his family there.
Faith: Elunite

Desc: Cesran is a tall lanky man standing about 6'1". He skin tone is the color of dark mahogany and he has dark hair that has been styled into long dreadlocks that hang down to his shoulders. He has high cheek bones and a strong jawline. Cesran has amber colored eyes. He has a very wiry build with long arms and legs. His fingers are thin and long. Cesran is wearing a long red robe that reaches all the way down to his ankles. Around his middle is a deep blue sash that he has his pouches and melee weapons. He wears a simple silver ring on his index finger. His feet are adorned a pair of sandals that have red and gold intricate bead work in a geometric pattern.


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Gullible
Development: Cesran is always willing to believe the best in people until they prove to him that they can't be trusted. He's willing to get everyone a fair shake, even if they are from a race that others consider untrustworthy.


(RPP) Ancestral Weapon PC Badge
Weapon Name: Ral-sara.
Alignment: Good
Purpose: Ral-sara's purpose is to help remind Cesran to be humble and that not everything in the world is to be trusted at face value. She does not share the open acceptance that Cesran does and instead seeks what is best for Cesran in any given situation. Even though she might be critical of Cesran she ultimately wants to be of help to him.
History: Cesran created Ral-sara in accordance with the traditions of the Jade Island. He was raised in the Academy of Sages, these were Rune supported schools until the fall of Animus, former now dead God of Magic. One of the Academy's traditions in the Jade Island was that when a wizard felt they reached a certain level of power they were to construct their own staff, the rarer the materials used the higher the mark of prestige and respect. Cesran with help from the local druids used a living branch of an ancient darkwood tree as a major part of his staff, along with a rare crystal in the shape of a dragon's head and his own bonded item ring. He combine all three to create Ral-sara although it was a while before they had bonded enough that Ral-ssara would speak.
Abilities: Ral-sara's stats: Int: 12 Wis: 10 Cha: 10, she is a Masterwork staff that can use Ray of Frost at will, Burning hands 3/day and has been enchanted with Spell Storing. She is Cesran's bonded item.

Spell List: (If you wish to trade/buy spell scrolls please don't hesitate to get in contact with Cesran)

Level 0 Wizard Spells
 Acid Splash                           Arcane Mark
 Bleed                                 Dancing Lights
 Daze                                  Detect Magic
 Detect Poison                         Disrupt Undead
 Flare                                 Ghost Sound
 Light                                 Mage Hand
 Mending                               Message
 Open-Close                            Prestidigitation
 Ray of Frost                          Read Magic
 Resistance                            Spark
 Touch of Fatigue                      
Level 1 Wizard Spells
 Alarm                                 Animate Rope
 Ant Haul                              Break
 Burning Hands                         Cause Fear
 Charm Person                          Chill Touch
 Color Spray                           Comprehend Languages
 Dancing Lantern                       Detect Secret Doors
 Detect Undead                         Disguise Self
 Endure Elements                       Enlarge Person
 Erase                                 Expeditious Excavation
 Expeditious Retreat                   Feather Fall
 Flare Burst                           Floating Disk
 Grease                                Hold Portal
 Hypnotism                             Identify
 Jump                                  Mage Armor
 Magic Aura                            Magic Missile
 Magic Weapon                          Mount
 Obscuring Mist                        Protection From Chaos
 Protection From Evil                  Protection From Good
 Protection From Law                   Ray of Enfeeblement
 Reduce Person                         Repair Light Damage
 Shield                                Shocking Grasp
 Silent Image                          Sleep
 Stone Fist                            Summon Monster I
 Touch of the Sea                      True Strike
 Unseen Servant                        Ventriloquism
Level 2 Wizard Spells
 Acid Arrow                            Bear's Endurance
 Blur                                  Bull's Strength
 Burning Gaze                          Cat's Grace
 Command Undead                        Continual Flame
 Darkness                              Detect Thoughts
 Eagle's Splendor                      False Life
 Flaming Sphere                        Fox's Cunning
 Glitterdust                           Gust of Wind
 Hideous Laughter                      Hypnotic Pattern
 Invisibility                          Knock
 Levitate                              Mirror Image
 Owl's Wisdom                          Protection From Arrows
 Resist Energy                         Scorching Ray
 See Invisibility                      Shatter
 Spectral Hand                         Spider Climb
 Stone Call                            Summon Monster II
 Touch of Idiocy                       Web
 Whispering Wind   

Level 3 Wizard Spells
 Aqueous Orb                           Arcane Sight
 Beast Shape I                         Daylight
 Dispel Magic                          Fireball
 Fly                                   Gaseous Form
 Haste                                 Lightning Bolt
 Magic Circle Against Chaos            Magic Circle Against Evil
 Major Image                           Phantom Steed
 Protection From Energy                Slow
 Suggestion                            Summon Monster III
 Water Breathing                       
Level 4 Wizard Spells
 Animate Dead                          Ball Lightning
 Black Tentacles                       Dimension Door
 Dragon's Breath                       Greater Invisibility
 Ice Storm                             Phantasmal Killer
 Rainbow Pattern                       Resilient Sphere
 Scrying                               Secure Shelter
 Shout                                 Stoneskin
 Summon Monster IV                     
Level 5 Wizard Spells
 Animal Growth                         Break Enchantment
 Cone of Cold                          Major Creation
 Passwall                              Permanency
 Prying Eyes                           Summon Monster V
 Telekinesis                           Teleport
 Wall of Force                         Wall of Stone
Level 6 Wizard Spells
 Analyze Dweomer                       Chain Lightning
 Contingency                           Disintegrate
 Fluid Form                            Forceful Hand
 Form of the Dragon I                  Greater Dispel Magic
 Summon Monster VI                     
Level 7 Wizard Spells
 Banishment                            Elemental Body IV
 Giant Form I                          Grasping Hand
 Greater Arcane Sight                  Greater Teleport
 Limited Wish                          Mage's Magnificent Mansion
 Project Image                         Reverse Gravity
 Spell Turning                         Summon Monster VII
Level 8 Wizard Spells
 Discern Location                      Form of the Dragon III
 Greater Shout                         Polar Ray
 Polymorph Any Object             Summon Monster VIII
 Sunburst                                Telekinetic Sphere
Level 9 Wizard Spells
 Crushing Hand                         Mage's Disjunction
 Meteor Swarm                         Summon Monster IX
 Time Stop                               Winds of Vengeance