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The World of Emblem of Ea
Jade Islands
The Desolation
Khazad Duin
The Vast

The World

The Emblem of Ea takes place on a world known as Gaea. Gaea is Earth like in almost all aspects save that it is a mystical otherworld where both sophisticated technology and powerful sorcery co-exist. It has a single sun which is named 'Solis', another name for the deity Daeus. It has two moons. The larger moon is known as Eluna, named for the goddess of the moon. The smaller moon has many names, including The Phantom Moon, The Null Moon and the Void Moon. It is characterized by a lidless eye like engraving onto its surface.


The events of The Emblem of Ea concerns itself primarily with nations and areas on a landmass known as The Great Continent. Several sub-continental regions make up this large area. Much of this land is characterized by industrialized city-states, kingdoms and nations with a large bulk of this land unexplored and uncharted since the height of the previous age. The names of these continents are Arcania, Vantyre, and Cellene.

The continent of Arcania has similarities to Europe in the real world both in terms of location on the globe and in the sense of internationalism and diverse cultures and national outlook. Arcania is also the location of the main city of the game, Alexandria. Connected to Arcania is the continent of Vantyre. Much larger then Arcania, Vantyre has many similarities tone and style wise with Asia and parts of Africa and the Middle East. Lastly the continent of Cellene is very similar to the tone of the 'New World' of the Americas and aside from a few newer nations there is largely unexplored and undeveloped.

Other Lands

Although society has advanced to a point that issues of travel and exploration are made easier, much of The Great Continent lies undiscovered with various parts having been cut off by both natural geography and the after effects of The Sundering. With the exception of The Azure Kingdoms much of Vantyre is an unknown realm and the nation of Gustav is the only known nation on the continent of Cellene. Other landmasses are known to exist on the world as well. The continent of Jammur is a distant lost continent accessible only by means of magical portal. It is known that the sith-makar race are native to this distant lost world and they come from jungles known only as Am'shere.

Note that not every nation, though mentioned, may be fleshed out. In these cases, these nations are considered less "major," though may still be visited occasionally for plots, or used in background material. Ask a DM.