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CRB Name Emblem of Ea Name
Common Tradespeak
Elven Sildanyari
Elven (High) Mynsandraal*
Draconic Draconic
Dwarven Khazdul
Orc Yrch-Speak
Gnome Gnomish
Halfling Halfling
Goblin Goblin-Talk
Infernal Infernal
Abyssal Abyssal
Celestial Celestial
Giant Jotun

Auran: The language of the skies, and the primary language spoken by the eglarin. It consists of a series of screeches, chirps, and whistles.

Tradespeak: This is the Common Tongue of the world and is spoken just about everywhere. It has its own alphabet and is commonly used by strangers to greet one another and to conduct trade. With the push from the khazad, khazdul is rapidly becoming a secondary mercantile tongue.

Sildanyari: This is the root language of the sildanyar and contains its own alphabet. Many ancient songs and legends are translated from Sildanyari, which reads from right to left. The sildanyari tongue is closely guarded and not often taught to outsiders.

Mynsandraal: This is the root sildanyari alphabet and language that was spoken by the Deep Elves. It is the equivalent to Old English and is largely a dead language. Some elves and scholars learn it in formalized study and it is necessary in the translation of the most ancient of sildanyari ruins and sites and writings.

Khazdul: This is the root khazad language and has a rune based alphabet. It is used by both khazad-aul and khazad-mornir. Note, this is probably spelled multiple ways on the wiki. This is the official one. If you find one, pester Lahar! :D

Yrch-Speak: The rough and rugged tongue of the oruch has its own alphabet, which is composed of all consonants and no vowels making translations rough and difficult. The oruch have a large oral tradition with little use for writing save for the preservation of traditions and histories when they are in danger of being lost due to war or social mingling with other cultures.

Gnomish: Most who claim to be able to speak Gnome are looked at as if they are insane.

Halfling: The halfling language uses the elven alphabet which leads some to believe that Halflings have origins closer to elves then men.

Goblin Talk: The speech of goblins consists of jumbled up words and phrases from Low Common and mixed in with Gnomish sounding words. In other words, it's just a mess that takes a really chaotic mind to master and gives more stable people headaches when trying to read or recite it.

Kulthian: This is the language spoken by the ancient Kulthians, and was the language of their magic and of formal speaking in the ancient world. This system of spell casting has since died out but the language still exists in ruins and the most ancient of texts. It is very difficult to master.

Eldritch: This is the language of magic in the modern day world. Only Wizards are allowed to know this language. Sorcerers do not cast magic in Eldritch but speak in whatever language they know best. A non-Wizard who tries to learn Eldritch will find that the knowledge burns from their minds.

Handspeech: This is a system of sign language, ground tapping and secret symbols developed by mercenaries to communicate with one another without making any sound. It requires that at least one hand is free or the ability to tap sequences on the ground and transmits the sound.

Infernal: This is the language of the lower planes, spoken mostly by the race of beings designated as devils. Emblem of Ea makes little distinction between Demons and Devils beyond this. Devils are simply another faction within an enormous order that has fallen prey to infighting.

Abyssal: This is the language of the chaotic demons who are another part of the faction that the and devils belong to. It has simply fallen prey to infighting and civil war.

Celestial: The language of angels and servants of the heavens. This language is often used in religious ceremonies involving the gods of light. It is never to be used lightly for it invokes divine power and presence.

Jotun: The language of the giants has a number of different dialects and root origins. The giantborn speak a variation of jotun that uses pictograms in exchange of traditional alphabets; however, they also use a Runic variation of the language for the purposes of arcane enhancements and writing.

Low Common: This is just a thickly accented and heavily cultured version of Trade Speak that is used by less learned races to communicate with one another in gatherings. If you know Trade Speak then you can generally follow along with this even if thick accents, slang terms and mixing in of words from other languages may throw you off.

Note On Other Languages: A few other languages, related to specifically elements or geographic locale, are available in Chargen. These are: Sylvan, Undercommon, Ignan, Terran, and Aquan. These languages represent speech which a denizen of that locale, or plane, might use. (For instance, forest creatures often speak Sylvan, and a resident of the plane of fire might speak Ignan.)