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Player Run Plots are a welcome and desired series of events on this MUSH! Player Run Plots are an IC event that involves at least two or more players in addition to the one running the scene.

This can be anything from an emitted scene of a bar room brawl to a dungeon crawl. The system is set up in a way to encourage spontaneous plots as well as pre-planned scenarios with minimal fuss with the staff. In short, if you have an itch to run a player run plot, for the most part you're allowed to do so. Plots tend not to require pre-approval from staff. There are some restrictions and guidelines in place to help keep a healthy mush atmosphere, as well as rewards.

What Can I Do?


Standard PrPs

A scene you run involving at least two other people.
2 Encounters at Your Level at 75%


A scene you run involving at least two other people, with possibility of PC death.
2 Encounters at Your Level at 100%; Requires pre-approval, experience running on Tenebrae


A RP-focused scene or gathering with no or little conflict.
5 RPP for Organizer; 3 for Participants

Personal Ongrid PrPs

A "rolling plot" that you "run" ongrid. Must include at least 3 logs. It has similar expectations plot-wise to regular PrPs. It may NOT be "intro RP."

Getting Help

addcom tpk=TPK

...type the above ingame to add yourself to our GM chat! For more general help, check out our GM Toolbox. Or, jump straight to our Encounter Guide!

What Shouldn't I Do?

A PrP assumes the runner plus two individuals. Include as many as you like, though there should be at least two!
A PrP assumes running for a variety of people. Circle running is not something we are looking for. PrPs should be a benefit to the community, and running for "friends-only" will result in an increasingly reduced award. This is true even if "we are all just on at the same time every time." Some is okay, but we expect you to diversify. If you've conflicts with a specific player, however, please let staff know.
PrPs should pose a challenge of some kind. For example, staff will note things such as ten CR 1 kobolds who don't use flanking. In addition, challenges of a CR equal to or lower than a Character's Level - 5 award no value for that player. There needs to be some risk involved.
PRP DM's should not put their own characters into player run plots. Organizer PCs may be involved in Meetups, but the Meetup may not center around, or prominently feature their character.
The PrP Runner is in charge of submitting the log. When a Player Run Plot is completed, the Plot Runner has the responsibility of editing and cleaning the log and then submitting a message to the Plot Queue that a PRP is ready for review. This doesn't mean you cannot ask for help.
XP and awards are capped at CL+2 or APL+2. Awards and XP are based around participants' level, adjusted for teamwork, storytelling, and attitude.
tipe lik dis No one expects perfection, just effort, so please remember to use a shift key, basic punctuation, and make an attempt at spelling... We handle many requests per day, including pages, general assistance, and scenes, so we appreciate not needing to translate you, too.
Plot Runners who design scenarios that cannot be won or that are logically impossible to deal with may be in risk of a breach of conduct.
Plot Runners who use a scene to hilight/spotlight their own PCs are also in risk of a breach of conduct. Likewise, your PCs may not be in your own PrPs. We have tried this in the past, and it did not work out.
For PrPs, DC PrPs, or Meetups, always post to +events, even after the fact. This helps us ensure everyone has had a chance to scene, and to thank those who run.
Some creatures are reserved in order to keep them unique. Dragons are reserved to keep them unique. Otherwise, we restrict only a small handful of creatures. See the individual page for details.
And she looked upon his manly chin, and wilted with a gasping sigh.... While relationships are a thing, we try to keep the primary spotlight on adventure. So, you are welcome to develop your romantic relationships on the side. Plots whose sole focus are "the starry shine of my lover's manful chin" are just not rewardable with game mechanics. A relationship can be mentioned as an aside to a larger arc, but we ask it not be the focus. Also, staff doesn't really need to read about manly chins. Really. Please don't.
Be sure and post a PrP publicly in +events. While running off the cuff is fine, be sure and post to +events, as well as /confirm who was in the PrP.