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Viranchi Tal'thas

About My Character

A traveler of Veyshan heritage, Viranchi stands at about 5'7". Usually of cheerful demeanor, he is more often by not accompanied by a small black cat by the name of Sapna. The pair can often be found exploring the different areas of town as well as the surrounding area. A general curiosity shared between the two, Viranchi is often asking about current events, the stories of the last few events having seemingly brought them here in the first place.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Curious about the city of Alexandria it self, and its recent histories.
  • Always down for a good ol' fashioned heist.
  • Have you been on an adventure you want to share?
  • Magic in general as well, especially arcane events.


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: Guild of the Sly
Role: Cat Burglar
Scholarship: Stealth
Apprentice: Nope
Other Landmarks: Recently joined, but making strides.