Wilderness Pointe

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Wilderness Point Map
Map wildernesspointe.png

Wilderness Point is a small town near the northern section of the Heartlands region. It possesses a heavy druidic influence, and is a known trading post for herbs, woodcraft, and other wilderness goods. It is also considered a "home away from home" by many of the more wild sildanyari, the oruch, or the sith-makar, who find within it an area closer to the earth.

There has been talk of setting up a sith-makar embassy here, as an effort to bring together different, druidic worldviews. The presence of the sith-makar site of Mictaln has spurred this along, which has in turn brought forth the involvement of the Wards of the Invisible Path. The Wards, and the druids, guard against too much of one culture flooding into the other.

Plot Information

To avoid duplication of efforts, please see the Plot Information section for The Heartlands Region (also known as Alexandros).