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Masters of magitech and heralding from Kulthos' cursed tradition, artificers are looked upon with a mixture of wonder and fear. Many of them are adventurers, eager to seek out new knowledge and try new ways to test their designs and concepts.
A warrior of the wild places. The barbarian augments their fighting capabilities with primal forces and savage skill.

Jacks of all trades and masters of none, bards dazzle with their versatility and creative approaches to problems. Some are storytellers or performers, others acrobats, and others dazzling, mixed combatants that augment their fighting with song and spell.
The deadly, shining knight on horseback. Some of them aren't so shining. Some are. The cavalier tradition grew out of Myrddion and spread around the world.

Honored servants of the gods, clerics possess great powers at their disposal. They often work within a Temple.
Casters who answer Nature's call, druids represent a primal force. From summoning nature's elements to taking the form of a great beast, they embody the wild wonders the world has to offer.

Mercenaries, defenders, servants of merchants and nobility, fighters serve no one role. Fighters receive few skills, but are good at mastering a number of combat styles, making them more flexible in combat than might otherwise seem and their armor training feature makes them fast in any type of armor, no matter its weight. They make strong combatants.
Divine agents who get things done. Their variety of talents and martial skills allow them to fill roles as diverse from one another as the hunter, stealth expert, investigator, informant...or the angered force of their deity's will.

A powerful unarmed combatant with elements of wuxia, monks must strike a balance between mental and martial traditions.
Defenders of all that is good in the world, paladins take the harder path. They stand on the forefront in the war against evil, yet are also known for their mercy.

Rangers embody the world of the rugged warrior, the wilderness scout. They excel at a chosen fighting style, and are often accompanied by a faithful companion.
Rogues are a skillful class that is adept at thievery, investigation, and a glib tongue. Somewhat squishy in combat, rogues shine in overcoming obstacles, and investigative tasks.
Sorcerers are students of the arcane who have a distant tie to some unusual creature...either that, or a contract of some kind. They gain spells more slowly than the wizard, but may cast them more frequently. They receive few skill points.
Because you always wanted to be Zorro. Or Inigo Montoya.

Wizards are students of the arcane who possess a breadth and width of knowledge. They are strongest in support, battlefield control, and buffer type roles, and though they receive few skill points, their intelligence often makes up the difference.
Born recently from the clash between Eluna and Taara, witches struggle between both as they find their place in the world.

Originally hailing from a secretive oruch clan, both honorable and strong, the bloodragers are the latest heroes of Ea!

Prestige Classes (PrCs)

Prestige Classes
Official Prestige Classes
Arcane Archer An arcane spellcaster who draws upon ancient elven traditions to infuse his arrows with potent magical power.
Arcane Trickster A troublemaker and a scoundrel who uses arcane magic to enhance her thievery and trickery. While we normally do not link to guides, this one provides some nice discussion of playstyles and different things you can do with Trickster.
Dragon Disciple An arcane spellcaster who has embraced his latent draconic heritage and, over the course of training and devotion, undergoes a partial transformation into a dragon.
Duelist A swashbuckling swordfighter who relies upon grace, poise, and acrobatics to win the day.
Eldritch Knight An arcane spellcaster who augments his magical skills with combat to create a deadly combination of weapons and magic.
Loremaster A spellcaster who devotes his life to research and rumination upon the mysteries of the world.
Mystic Theurge Equally devoted to divine and arcane magic, the mystic theurge combines both magical traditions into one incredibly diverse class.
Pathfinder Chronicler An explorer at heart, the Pathfinder chronicler travels to distant, exotic lands to expand her knowledge of the world.
Shadowdancer A mysterious adventurer who walks the boundaries between the real world and the realm of shadows, and who can command shadows to do her bidding.
House Prestige Classes
Indomitable A warrior who focuses on survival, gathering the will to survive almost any foe.
Skinwalker A shapechanger of an older tradition.