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About My Character

Rhodes grew up in Alexandria, going through much of the drama of the city since his birth. It wasn't until he was saved by a priest of Vardama, he decided to join the Temple. Becoming one of his priests, he was slightly pressured into also joining the Guild of Explorers, which he has done rather successful at.

Recently, Rhodes has taken more responsibility at the Temple, studying more on the Undead, but also improving his knowledge of healing. Between his battlefield experience and the temple training, he has proven to be an exceptional healer, but also rather in tune with death around him, perhaps more so than most Vardamans.

Despite worshiping the goddess of death and seeking to bring comfort to those dealing with a recent loss, he seems to rather enjoy various aspects of life itself. He'll go out and enjoy a night out, or a festival. Death is pointless if one does not live their life.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Anything healing or death related
  • Up for a good party
  • Able to provide advice on most forms of Undead
  • For poking fun at Kerbasi

About My Character

Born in the year 982 AD, at the end of the Crown Wars and in the midst of Altima's rule of Alexandros, Rhodes was born to his half-elf parents. While they owned a small shop, the pair had done their best to stay out of the troubles of the fighting and the General-Queen's way, ending up starting their own family in the midst of it all. By the time Altima was removed from her 'throne', Rhodes was six years old, and manages to remember the chaos and insanity that engulfed the city as she was destroyed and troubles afterward as Charn continued to be thwarted by Alexandria and Myrddion.

In the years that followed of peace, Rhodes grew up as a happy child. His family came through unscathed, and he had a younger sister to play with, Illonova. They both played in their father's shop, their laughter echoing around. As Rhodes got older, he started to learn the trade, intending to follow in his father's footsteps, inheriting the shop when his father wished to retire.

Then drama and tragedy struck the city once more when he was twenty-one. In the grip of the Merkabah Siege, Illonova. Ignoring the potential dangers of fighting on the streets, Rhodes went out to one of the local apothecaries to try and find a cure which could save her life. Having convinced the apothecary to sell him the herbs, he started back as the fighting began. Attempting to stay away from using the back alleys of the city, it became increasingly difficult. Constructs, undead, guards, mercenaries, they were everywhere. At one point, thinking his path across a large street was clear, he was shot in the side with an arrow. Which side did it, he never found out. He stumbled into the next alleyway, cursing himself, unable to move and fearing his life.

Among the noise of fighting, he heard a soft voice come to him. At first he thought it was one of the gods coming to take him away, but he discovered it was actually a Priest of Vardama that had found him and giving him some comforting words. The arrow removed and the wounds healed by the priest, the older man took young Rhodes and hid him away into a nearby cellar. Rhodes was giving strict orders to stay there until he heard things quiet down, and to get home as quickly as possible once the way was clear. The priest went off, back into the fray of the fighting.

Rhodes made it home safely after that, a scar in his side to remind him of his encounter. The cure still with him, Illonova made it through and the family survived the ordeal of the siege together. Once the fighting was done and all had quieted down in the city, Rhodes ventured out to the temple of Vardama, to inquire about the priest that had save him, to give proper thanks, to him and to the goddess. However, he was informed the priest had died during the siege, tending to the wounded. When asked how he should give proper thanks, Rhodes was told that he should find a way to do as the priest did for him, save others.

The young man walked away from this advice, and contemplated it for several days, attempting to discern how he should do just that. His father's shop was not the answer then. One morning, he went to his father and the spoke privately for a long time. When emerged, his father declared that Illonova was to help in the shop, as she would now inherit it, as Rhodes was going to the Temple of Vardama to dedicate his life to the goddess of death.

And so, at twenty-one years of age, he entered the temple to learn their ways. It took nearly five more years for Rhodes to become a Cleric, though for all those outside the city, it was ten. He became a full Cleric right after Alexandria returned to the world, and out of the mists, having gone through all the rights to become a Mourner of Vardama. After two more years of service focused in the temple, healing the ill, preparing the rights for the dead and comforting the mourning, Rhodes was given a new direction by his mentor. He was to go and offer his services to the Guild of Explorers. Seemed those adventurers had a knack for getting themselves hurt or killed and a new cleric would perhaps help ease those pains.

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More About My Character

Rhodes as a Tier 2 in the Active Organization with the Temple of Vardama.

Rhodes has the aspect of Grave-Touch, at Tier 1

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