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About My Character

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Kerbasi's (also spelled Kerbasy) a young deathpriest from the Phurai Dae tribes of the Vast. He's kind of a dork. He reads books on embalming at children's story hour, for instance, or tends to drop into awkward commentary while rubbing at the back of his neck.

He's generally good at what he does, and was more recently noted for help in the "rescue" of an arvek nar named Acleese--who he gave work in the Temple as a clerk. The two geeks are now the best of friends. Caring for the local Temple is what he seeks to do, while also studying all those awesome embalming rites and bonfire rituals other cultures seem to possess.

Oh, and he hates thieves. They ransacked his temple, and dishonored his faith.


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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Phurai Dae
Associated With: He comes from a small, community-oriented clan. He was noted for being unable to ride a horse well in those days.
Faith: He is a Mourner of Vardama


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: Vardaman Temple in Alexandria
Role: Mourner
Scholarship: Kerbasy studied history beneath the Temple's auspices.
Apprentice: Acleese is an arvek nar and refugee of the flight from Blar. He assists with letters to families, and general paperwork. He's very geeky and afraid of anything physical.
Other Landmarks: Kerbasy possesses Tier 6 within his organization, and can serve as a mentor. He has an assistant, Acleese. Acleese's stats are below, as well as a number of organizational contacts.


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Grave-Touched
Tier: T3
Development: Kerbasy can be found among the gravesites, talking to the Passed. He's also a go-to guy for speaking with the dead (or bringing them back, and urging open the Gates to the world of the living). His abilities are typically used for legal reasons--contacting the dead to resolve a will or other unresolved issues.

Roleplay Hooks

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"It's Gravely a Fart"

Commission by Myrana

  • Kerbasy is an advisor to undead hunters, and crafts weapons and armor for them
  • He shares an interest in historical and famous grave sites
  • Books about strange, unusual, and fun funerary practices
  • He serves as a counselor for the dead and the still living
  • He used to write letters to the family of soldiers who had passed on the field, until Acleese took over this duty
  • During legal or funerary disputes, he can be called upon to speak with the dead and ascertain their last wishes
  • He has a passing interest in cartography and calligraphy, but not the time or focus to pursue it
  • He's an active member of the Vardaman Temple in Alexandria, is often overworked, and forgets to do basic things for himself, such as washing his hair
  • He is an amateur poet (read: awful)
  • As both practical and as a fund-raiser, he can be inquired with the Vardamens' pre-written funeral arrangements and coffins. For example, they provide yearly updated measurements for adventurers to ensure that final fit, as well as additional engraving services (such as marking a recent heroic event, along the coffin's sides). They will also research your culture, and record your preferences for final arrangements.

Additional Details

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Acleese (NPC Assistant, RPP Organization Spend)

Acleese is a geekly arvek nar who lives in one of the basements of the Vardamen temple. He's taken over Kerbasy's duties as relates to writing "letters home," and is keen to spend his life in relative safety and isolation (he had a bad few years in the Sendor War and before). He's also an RPP-empowered Assistant.

He counts as a 3rd level expert and uses the NPC array, etc.

Name: Acleese Race: Arvek Nar
Class: Expert 3 Align: LN
Role: Vardamen scribe whose primary job is writing difficult letters home to loved ones. He spends most days hiding in the temple basement and terrified of things like "combat" or "physical activity". He is a survivor of the Sendor War and redefines nerd.
Stats: Str: 10, Dex: 14, Con: 13, Int: 13, Wis: 8, Cha: 7; HP: He will never, ever see combat. He will faint manfully if so.

Skills: (Class skill marked with *)

Knowledge/History:* 2 (6) (Oooh! It's dead! It can't hurt me! More of this, please!)
Knowledge/Geography:* 1 (4)
Knowledge/Religion:* 3 (7)
Profession/Scribe:* 3 (7) (If I do good at this, they won't send me back!)
Knowledge/Military Theory:* 1 (4) (He once was an arvek)
Knowledge/Local:* 3 (10) (Alexandria? Study what you don't understand so you can write better letters consoling their loved ones; he tries really, really hard to write good letters!)
Knowledge/Engineering: 1 (4) (He worries the walls might fall in someday)
Knowledge/Arcana:* 1 (4)
Knowledge/The Planes:* 1 (4) (Because demons/devils in Sendor)
Heal:* 1 (-2) (He is so bad at this; think the world's worst hypochondriac and he reads a lot of disease books)
Diplomacy:* 1 (5) (Bonus only applicable when in a quiet place and writing letters; otherwise treat as -2)


Skill Focus/Knowledge: Local
Skill Focus/Diplomacy (So his letters aren't horrible and upset relatives storm the temple)

Crafting Services

Kerbasy supplies the faithful (and others) with items crafted with the touch of Death. The Temple is always in need of assistance, so Kerbasy trades in kind: a hefty discount in exchange for IC labor. PCs encouraged to pick areas where their skills or interests lie that adds to roleplay.

Offers: Divine Scrolls, Arms and Armor. Example scrolls: Heal (heals 110 hps as a standard action), Restoration, Remove Disease, Lesser Restoration or Delay Poison ...etc.
Specials: Breath of Life is offered at-cost (562 gold, 5 silver), and anti-undead items are always offered at 55% cost. Active Vardamen receive their goods at 55% also, from their friendly priest!

Saint Rarvin

Kerbasi is the guardian of a few leftover treasures of the late Saint Rarvin, a Vardaman saint. So far he has uncovered a shovel, and a set of old and worn, leather gloves. The story goes that Saint Rarvin was a gravedigger in service to Vardama. One evening, dead began rising from the graves and Old Rarvin (as he was known then) grabbed his shovel and did what he had to do.

Kerbasi will loan these items out to active and reverent Vardamen.

OOCly, a DM dropped the Shovel of Saint Rarvin in treasure. He's just expanded on the story.

Character Artwork

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Commission by Myrana