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About Meetups

At their core, Meetups are less formal, yet organized +events that don't involve combat, and take place ongrid. Meetups are mostly about bringing together people in order to have a good time. Meetups should have a goal or theme.

Meetups are great tools for bringing like-minded characters together to enhance future RP, too. While the organizer's character may participate in the Meetup, unlike in PrPs, it should not focus on him or her, but on the participants.

  • 5 RPP for organizers
  • 3 RPP each for each active participant (participants who show up, toss in two poses and then leave will not be counted)
Finding a Meetup Premise

Topic Ideas

  • Drinking contest
  • Debate
  • Fair or show
  • Gathering to discuss recent events

More Topic Ideas!

  • You could get Angorites and Korites together by inviting these groups to a Meetup to _____.
  • You could encourage more druidic roleplay by inviting druids, rangers, herbalists, etc. to attend a gathering at the Grove.
  • You could encourage more artifice roleplay by hosting an Invention Fair.
  • All goblinoids! drinking contest!
Running a Meetup

Some advice we've been given:

  • Make sure your theme is large enough for an audience. Too narrow, and you might have trouble with attendance.
  • It makes for a more lively scene when the person who sets the meetup has some central action or activity. Talking is good, 'doing' can be better. Not adventure, of course, but some action.
  • Promote your Meetup ongrid, when possible.
  • Staff can help you promote your Meetup.
  • Please make sure to craft an +event (see +help events) for your Meetup, and prepend it with MEETUP: <title of meetup>. For Meetups, you do not need to /confirm folks who participated.

Encounters and Challenges

Meetups do not typically possess a significant challenge. This does not mean a challenge is not possible, it just means it is not required. Usually, the title for a Meetup is pretty descriptive: you are aiming to get a group of people together for a purpose, or to explore a specific theme. However, you could also use the format to plan a trip through a jungle setting, during which your character takes part.

Since we operate on a system of trust, there's actually a lot of leeway given to develop your Small Story and a number of tools available to you. While older players tend to handwave these things, new players might not be aware of them. Here are just a few:

  • Invent any "inbetween" details: Tenebrae's theme is crafted in broad, sweeping strokes. We deliberately left the small details open so our community could fill them in. If you need a particular farmer's village to exist, invent one. If you need an acolyte or minor priest who works at the Daeusite temple, invent one. While major NPCs and landmarks are set, local details often aren't.
  • Control NPCs: Anyone may enact general and minor NPCs to enrich a storyline. Powerful NPCs, especially political ones, are out of bounds. This is especially true if they're used as a foil, to boost your own character!
  • Pose combat: Although Meetups do not typically include it, you can include diceless combat, just as you would in everyday roleplay. Pose having a group of drunken gobbers rushing a bar fight. Include dice if you really want to. PCs can react and pose throwing them out, or getting trounced. For general storytelling, there's no need to involve a DM, or even make a full PrP. You don't even need a timestop.
  • Travel to exotic locales: Traverse the plains of the Dranei!
  • Involve others: Roleplay with others, even solicit ideas.

...and so on. So long as no one's rewriting theme, roleplaying being the divine-granted son of the king, whom stars foretold and recently elected the super-secret head of the Thieves' Guild, or posing hordes of NPCs bowing/acting fearful as the cleft-jaw'd hero's cape flutters, and applauding everywhere you go...and generally being fair to others, it's probably alright. When in doubt, just drop us a line.


To Submit a Meetup...
1. Log your Meetup
  • All poses

Special: Please remind players to please not request RPPs during the roleplay! This is different than normal. Given that more than one is being awarded per person, staff handles this separately. Please be sure and remind participants of this. We hate denying their requests, and a reminder helps drop our paperwork.

2. Post your log.
Need help? See: Post the log to the wiki*
3. Let us know you ran! Send in a +request to PRP (not RPP).
Include in the +request:
4. Ensure your Meetup was posted to +events, even after the fact.
Even if this is after the fact. This helps us keep track of general activity and interests. For a Meetup, you do not need to /confirm players.

* Don't feel comfortable with the wiki? You're welcome to email your log to a staffer, instead. Once a staffer claims the +request, just email the log to them. Most staff have an email listed in their +finger. Due to security concerns, we can't accept DOC/ODT, Google Docs, or similar files. Instead, and for general safety's sake, just plop the log into an email if you choose this method.