How to Post a Log

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Step One

Login. If you do not have a login, you may +request one from staff.

Step Two

Go to our recent logs page, and scroll to the bottom. There should be "Edit" in red text near where you'll want to list your log.

Click "Edit." This should transfer you to the editing screen, where you will see a lot of text. Schloop on down near the bottom.

Add the name of your log to the end of the list, following what other people have done.

Save your changes. This reloads the page, and you will see your log name near the bottom. Your log name will be in red.

Click on your log name (which is now in red).

Step Three

Paste your log! Be sure and add at the bottom. (You can also use the dropdown menu to add categories).

If you are posting a PrP, you can use a template. If you're making an arc, check out Recent History. You can list your logs, make an arc page, and so on.

If you are having trouble with wiki formatting, see the magic links, below, for automagic options.

Formatting Automagic Tools

This wiki uses the same base as Wikipedia. Any editor that works on Wikipedia should work on Tenebrae.

  • Tenebrae Log Cleaner and Formatter: Made for MUX, this offers two filters. One automagically removes all pages and OOC chatter. The other just removes pages! It also sets your spacing and does everything else. Ever. It runs on Notepad++.
  • Word, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice Plugins: The latest versions of LibreOffice should come pre-installed with an "export to mediawiki" option. Because this is a mediawiki er, wiki, there are a wide variety of tools just like these.
  • MUX Log Cleaner: A log cleaner available for Windows. It may be useful on many different MUs. I've not actually tested it. Requires .NET. If you do use this, please page Lahar with how it went!
  • Text Mechanic Online: Remove duplicate lines, add spacing, remove spacing and other magic, all through your browser. Since all you need for a nice wiki log is an additional space between lines, and no lead-in spaces, try this!
  • ASCII 2 MU: Not for logs, but useful for ASCII art, maps, and other.