Ga'Elian Faravanilas

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Ga'Elian Faravanilas

About My Character

Ga'Elian has lived his whole life in a nomadic Sylvanori tribe called the Faravanilas, roaming the Periantha wilderness. He has no siblings, and enjoys solitude. Despite the fact that his tribal elders habitually focused most religious observances on Ni'essa, thanking her whenever the hunters returned successful from their expeditions, at birth, he was named Elian (meaning Gift of Eli, the name by which Daeus is called among Sildanyar) because he was born on Midsummer's Day (aka the Summer Solstice) in the year 901.

Embarking the night of the first full moon after his 100th birthday on his ritual Dreamwalk, he penetrated deep into the wilderness to be alone with the Sky-Singer, and gain her blessing on his adult life. In the process of this Dreamwalk, he felt the calling of Mahal, the Hunter, the Great Stag, and adopted the ways of the ranger, although still maintaining Ni'essa as his divine patroness. He changed his name to Ga'Elian, indicating his calling as a ranger. When he returned from this month-long spiritual journey, he discovered that four of the tribe's children had been killed by a swarm of phase spiders. He and his whole tribe mourned their loss for a year, as children among the Sildanyar are not nearly so prolific in this age as they had been in days of yore. The tribe had dealt with various threats many times before, but it was this devastating loss that gave Ga'Elian his first "favored enemy" (magical beast). His first favored terrain is forest, just like those he knew in his childhood ( In such places, he feels most at home. His second favored terrain is underground, selected in furtherance of his focus on opposing fiends. His third is mountains and hills because his animal companion is native to temperate hills, and his fourth and final favored terrain is plains.

It is now some 19 years later, and in that interval Ga'Elian has struck out on his own, seeking to broaden his knowledge of the world and the affairs of its inhabitants. He had found wars, desolation, and corruption among the settlements and communities of the self-styled "civilized nations", and feels a mixture of sadness, pity, and anger as a result, but also a divine mandate from the Celestial Huntress to fight these evil forces. He is also encouraged to hope for the ultimate triumph of tranquility, beauty, and health just as Eluna brightens the dark of night with her gentle beams, and inspires her faithful with dreams of a better future.

Ga'Elian's animal companion is a griffon named Erithamiel, meaning Silverbeak (from his essence bonding).

While Ga'Elian uses a few different weapons, his primary weapon is his bow. It is named Tar'niessa, (meaning Moonshaft), and is a +1 Seeking Holy Adaptive Ghost Touch composite longbow of Evil Outsider Bane.

With its recent infestation of dæmons, Ga'Elian came to the City to lend his assistance, taking the evil outsiders as his second favored enemy. He later took undead as his fourth and fey as his fifth and final favored enemy.


While there, he participated in a Guild mission to assist a farmer, and in the encounter startled everyone including himself by killing an ettin with a single volley of two arrows, after it had sustained a bit of damage from having a the corpse of a wolf-sized hare thrown at it by Kailin.

The ettin never got an attack before it fell. Kailin decapitated the corpse, presenting the heads to Ga'Elian as trophies, but Ga'Elian declined, keeping only the brute's teeth for a necklace. The kill is depicted in a mural in the Fire Lodge in Alexandria's Colosseum District, and Yelrona, who was in the party, subsequently commissioned the following song to mark the occasion.

<OOC> This deed, together with his bringing down 3 hill giants in the Runish-Dranei war resulted in his choosing Giants for his third favored enemy when he achieved 10th level.

  The Ballad of Ga'Elian
  Now a farmer needs assistance,
  So approaching from the distance
  Three elves and a child of giants near the farm.
  Sunblade Sorscha, sword of morn,
  Mighty Kailin, giant-born,
  Quick Yelrona and Ga'Elian the wild.
  Though the day is bright and clear
  They see no sign as they draw near
  Of any threat that has this farmer's crops defiled,
  And yet the crops are disappearing
  As the four of them are nearing.
  Soon enough they see what means to do them harm.
  Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes,
  They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses,
  And what's with all the carrots?
  What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?
  Bunnies, they're giant bunnies!
  The buck-toothed beasts soon face defeat,
  And, having saved the farmer's wheat,
  Our heroes pause to heal and offer thankful prayer,
  But they soon have cause to learn
  A giant hare's owner, in turn,
  May be itself a giant: in this case an ettin.
  For this fight they're unprepared,
  And perhaps a little scared,
  Holding firm but still they're nervously a-sweatin'
  When a pair of arrows' flight
  Ends the unexpected fight,
  And the wild elf earns the title Ettin-Slayer!
  Bunnies, they're giant bunnies!
  Or maybe ettins?

Estellen Calen

One of the crowning achievements of his adventuring career was when he returned to his tribelands and succeeded in persuading the Faravanilas to come out of seclusion to perform the rite of Estellen Calen in the forests north of Alexandria, between the Mists-enclosed Mictlan and the Druid Grove in which stands one of the saplings of the primeval Ygdrassil Tree. The tribe's Chief Elder, Evinthas Faravanilas, judged that the need outweighed the importance of maintaining the secrecy of the ritual, and not only consented to allow non-Sylvanori to witness it, but even invited the displaced Sith-makar refugees of Mictlan especially. The ritual succeeded in dealing a mighty blow to the encroachment of corruption in the wild, invoking a second Springtime in that area that would endure for several weeks afterwards.

Organization Apprentice

Pendaril Faravanilas ("Pendaril" is Sildanyari for "He nurtures acorns.")

Sylvanori Expert 3
NG medium Humanoid (elf)
Init +0, Low-light Vision, Perception +2
AC: 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10
16 hp (HD 3d8+3)
Saves: Fort +2, Refl +1, Will +3 {+2 vs enchantment spells & effects, +2 vs spells that appear on the Druid and Ranger spell lists (stacks with +2 vs enchantment spells & effects)}
Immune to magic sleep effects and magical aging
Weaknesses: unfamiliar with how things work in civilized societies
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee: Masterwork Halberd 1d20+3 (1d10 piercing or slashing; or brace/trip)
Ranged: Masterwork Composite Shortbow 1d20+3 (mighty/0, 1d6 piercing)
Spell-like Abilities: (1/day): Mending CL 3, Purify Food & Drink CL 3
Ability Scores: Str 10, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 11
Base Atk +2/CMB +2/CMD 12
Feats: Armor Proficiency/Light, Self-sufficient, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Stealth Synergy, Wild Elf Weapon Proficiencies
Skills: Handle Animal +6 (3), Heal +7 (2), Knowledge/Arcana +4 (1), Knowledge/History +4 (1), Knowledge/Nature +4 (1), Knowledge/Religion +4 (1), Perform/Percussion +5 (2), Perform/Sing +5 (2), Ride +6 (3), Survival +7 (2)
Languages: Tradespeak, Sildanyari
SQ: Fae Insight: Wild Elves gain a +2 racial bonus on Sense Motive checks.
Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks
Description: The creamy coffee-brown skin of the elf before you indicates that he is one of the Sylvanori, the elves of the Wild. He is of average height, slender but not especially muscular build, and has typical features for his race: the pointy ears, slanted green eyes, and long, straight, hair the dark color of oak bark shot through with occasional mossy-green highlights. He has neither beard nor mustache, no piercings, and no tattooes.
     His hip-length, long-sleeved tunic has a keyhole neck and is made of the same supple leather as his trousers. He has a sturdy leather belt around his waist, and also wears fur-lined leather boots and tooled leather bracers. Strapped across his upper body are a quiver slung over his right shoulder, and a plain canvas shoulder bag which hangs on his left side. A sheathed dagger is strapped to his right thigh. He wears a necklace of smoothly polished turquoise beads and carries both a halberd and a composite shortbow.
RP Purpose: Primarily to do miscellaneous chores and to care for Erithamiel when Ga'Elian is away. Pendaril is a member of the Faravanilas tribe, and grew up together with Ga'Elian, the two being the closest in age of all the tribe's younglings. Now that both have ventured out into the wider world, they are both affiliated with Ygdrassil Union, through which organization Pendaril is apprenticed under Ga'Elian.

Roleplay Hooks

  • He is deeply concerned about the diminishing birth rate among the Sildanyar (at least among the Dawn Elves and Wild Elves), and wants to see their former vitality return.
  • He loves fighting fiends, and tracking them, especially in the forest.
  • He is gullible about civilization and generally a trusting soul.
  • He is usually eager to interact with the fey.
  • Optimized for archery


Sylvanori PC Badge
Tribe: Faravanilas
Role: Ranger (Master Hunter), Explorer, Adventurer, Guide
Relation to the Fae: Ga'Elian generally likes hanging out with the fae, participating in their revels, talking about nature with them, etc.

Scroll med.png

Faith PC Badge
Faith: Eluna (as Niessa, the Silver Huntress)
He also worships Gilead and reveres Daeus, but he considers Eluna his Patroness.
Temple: The wilderness, especially under moonlight
Role: lay worshipper

Scroll med.png

Homelands PC Badge
Homeland: Forest
specifically the Periantha, Llyranost
Tier: 3
Tokens: * Language of the Land (Auran),
* Skills of the Land (Knowledge/Nature),
* Skills of the Land (Athletics)
Family History: the Faravanilas, a nomadic tribe of Sylvanori
Politics: Generally accepts what the tribal elders say


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: Ygdrassil Union
Role: Mentor (T6)
Scholarship: * Survival (and Tracking) and
* Stealth
Planar Pact: a faerie dragon named Sparklewing
image: <>
Note: Ga'Elian also has the other Tier 5 of this spend—Organizational Contacts.
Tokens: * Advanced Scholar (+4 on above skills),
* Apprentice (Pendaril Faravanilas; see +bbread 15/103 and stats, above),
* Cooperative Skills (Knowledge/Nature & Profession/Herbalist),
* Defender's Training
* Expanded Training (Exotic Weapon Proficiency/Whip),
* Raise Dead Assistance, and
* Vindicator (Outsider, Evil; see +bbread 15/78)
Casual Org(s): * Explorers Guild,
* the Morduzumite Inquisition (see +bbread 15/101)


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Stag-touched
Tier: Tier 3
Tattoos: * Major Aspect Tattoo: A black outlining tattoo filling his back. It depicts the Ygdrassil tree with its trunk extending up his spine, its branches in full leaf and a Stag standing majestically in front of it looking up at the full moon.
* Minor Aspect Tattoo: His minor tattoo was merely the depiction of the Stag and the Moon, and is an integral part of the whole major tattoo.

Pcorg iron book.png

(RPP) Influence PC Badge
Degree: A Known Face - Tier 2
Influence with: The Iron Book
Lingering Words Skill: Diplomacy
Application: The IB is a low-key, secretive organization due to its topic matter. This means Ga'Elian knows about them, which is a unique thing, and has some acquaintances there. It doesn't mean influencing policy or direction, but having some acquaintances who know more about demonology is definitely a good thing, and a good resource for him.

Other Active Alts