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The Union is perhaps the oldest and most true of orders that worships Dana, Gilead, and venerates the power of nature. Primarily a druid circle, it draws its names and origins from the Tree of Life, Ygdrassil, which once manifested itself in the fae realm known as Quelynos. The Tree, it was said, represented the very lifeforce of the world from branch to roots.

In anger, Gunahkar sought to destroy the tree but the elves repelled him at cost of their own immortality and homelands. Dana came to their aid but the tree was wounded by Gunahkar's black spear. Dana took the seeds of the tree and spread them across all Gaea.

Where the seeds fell the lands became sanctified and in these groves the first mortal druids came to be. Druids who are trained in the tradition of the Ygdrassil Union believe that nature must be kept in a balance and that the lifeforce of the world ebbs and must be preserved at all costs. These Druids focus on the broader picture and the grand scheme of things as opposed to more local issues that smaller Druid Circles may deal with.

Associated Members

Ygdrassil Union

Local Chapter in Alexandros

The local chapter is located in Wilderness Pointe, off the main grid.

Organization Perks

Association with the Union grants some benefits, such as access to Spirit's Armor and Essence Bonding.