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Latest Events

The plague has vanished from Alexandria. Those ill have been cured, and the blackness and twisting of the land is slowly beginning to fade. Many who had suffered the harsher effects of the plague upon them are beginning to find that those effects fade or change as well, although this does not seem to be true of everyone, and there is still some uncertainty as to what effects may yet linger.

Silvermoon remains closed for the time being.

Workers have begun to venture into the sewers again, to find them reasonably safe, and have begun to set about undoing the damage done by the presence of the plague beneath the city. This has not always been smooth, and the city has begun to commission the Explorers' Guild in selected places to determine what, if anything, still remains. Things are starting to stink a little near the sewer entrances, though....

The rumbles in the mountains have been quiet of late, although armed warships are being seen more and more often in the Redridge in the past weeks. Most especially, they seem to be keeping an eye on the area around the Spell Cannon. Rumors of a demon infestation in the area are rampant around the area of the Guild, and much discussion centers around what will be done about it.

The goblinoid community maintains their encampment in the shadows of Merkebah, and is crafting what looks to be an airship of some kind, although progress appears to be slow and a matter of one step forward, two explosions back, and Goblintown is once again cheerfully and fully populated.

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