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First, Pick Your Client

Chrome Mac OSX Windows Linux Android iOS

Alternate: Potato
Potato client.gif
Potato client.gif

Alternate: Chitter

Then, Point the Client at the Game

Once downloaded, you'll want to connect. Clients will generally ask you three things:

Name for the MUSH? Tenebrae
Port? 4001

Discover What We Have to Offer

If You've Never MUX'd

Type This You Get This
look You look at the room!
look PersonName You look at someone in the room.
say Hi! You say, "Hi!"
: waves! Guest waves!
page PlayerName=Hi! You page PlayerName 'Hi!' ...this is like sending a secret message.
+staff Gets you a list of helpful folks.
WHO Tells you who's online.
+where Tells you where everyone is.
+help Our ingame help files.
QUIT Quits the game safely.