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The Shining Chalice

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Common: Sorcerers, rogues Locations: Greater Alexandros (H05), Society halls, observatories
Eccentric, minor nobles who peruse the magic in their blood through their salons and seances.
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The Shining Chalice grew originally from a band of eccentric, though minor nobility who believe that the true path to understanding magic is to make it part of one's blood. To this end, they value sorcerous bloodlines and innate magics, as well as those granted by Aspects, as both desirable and important to the practice of magic. While tolerated, they do not hold positions within many wizarding halls. Instead, they achieve their funds through the hosting of salons, and proported fortune-reading abilities, and seances.


Begun as an informal salon among friends during social seances, the Chalice began to delve into the mysteries of mana first as a curiosity, then as a means to host better seances and fortune-sessions. What was initially taken as a social endeavor quickly grew more serious when some of its members began to manifest Aspects. The Chalice has became known over time for its fortune-reading abilities, and its dedication to understanding the night heavens. Accordingly, it grew in size and began attracting like-minded individuals. It became a full organization, though one of narrow focus.

Considered eccentric even for Elunans, the Chalice's membership focuses on better understanding the Ways of the Stars and Moon, and what they have to say to the world, below. Many members believe they are gifted in this understanding because of their blood. In this way, they mix their scholarship with a wont to understand themselves.

Leadership and Areas of Influence

The Chalice is led by Julica, a distant cousin of Gelfure. Though the two are rumored to have grown up together, they were often at odds due to their personality and interests. Julica is more bookish, and while she admired her cousin's keen mind, she felt it wasted by extraneous pursuits. Nevertheless, she seems to possess some of her cousin's social capabilities, which has lead the Chalice in just stead.

The Chalice has loose ties to both the Arcanists and the Temple of Eluna. They possess an unusual friendship with a myriad of lower noble houses, and artistic eccentrics and creative minds. They don't always get along with the Arcanists, given the anti-wizard views among them, though the two groups are sometimes mutually beneficial to one another.

They gain funding by providing salons to interested merchants and nobility--helping them understand just what their future may hold. They may hold salons or for a fee, add interest to a noble's soiree. In this way, some of the Chalice have a flair for performance and storytelling.

RPP-Related Skills

RPP-Related Skills: Knowledge/Nature, Knowledge/Geography, Knowledge/History, Perform/Oratory, Craft/Bookbinding, Linguistics, Profession/Astrologer

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