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About My Character

Fayde is a half-mul sorcerer born in the outskirts of Rune. He showed up in Alexandros a wandering orphan vagrant, but has since fell in with the Temple of Eluna where he has benefited from an education. He's young, but certainly not short on ambition or dreams and is already running with the Explorer's Guild to make a name for himself. Of late, he has become an active Shining Chalice member and continues to promote Eluna's Temple.

Bloodline: Starsoul

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Being that his magic is derived from something to do with the night time heavens, Fayde has a natural inclination towards their study and chronicling. He is genuinely obsessed with the starry sky.
  • Fayde is religiously inclined, advocating the study of magic from a spiritual perspective rather than purely a pragmatic or practical one.
  • He stepped away from his active role in the astrological society The Shining Chalice to take up a role in the Observatory he oversaw the construction of.

Organization Membership

  • Shining Chalice
  • Temple of Eluna

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(RPP) Ongrid Shop PC Badge
Shop Name: The Shining Chalice Observatory
Location: (H05, through the Deluge Mines exit)
About: The Shining Chalice Observatory is dedicated to advancing the discipline of Astrology in Alexandria. The stars hold many mysteries besides just the fate of crops and the safest route for naval vessels.
Your Staff: Eventually Fayde'll have an assistant, but as yet staff is minimal.
Notable Elements: The Observatory is fairly spartan at the moment being newly built. It is scantly decorated with images of constellations and religious iconography, particularly images of Navos and Eluna.