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Name: Ygraine fferch Gwydion of House Penlew
Portrait: [[1]]
Race: Human (Eldanar)
Age: 21
Class: Cleric / Swashbuckler
Level: Three / One

Tall, athletic, and blessed with the slightly predatory grace of a swordswoman or dancer, this young lady is dressed in flamboyantly expensive reinforced leather. A short cloak is fastened with the symbol of a wreath in flames, while the buckler slung from her belt (opposite a basket-hilted rapier) is embossed with the head of a lion in brass. The young woman herself is fair-skinned, blue-eyed, and black-haired - the last secured in a loose pony-tail that hangs below her shoulders.


Feel free to mine for connections!

1001: Born in Alexandria during the Myrrish protectorate, to an Eldaran family serving Governor Lucian Shrike's administration in the name of the High King.
1003: Withdrawing with the rest of the Myrrish authorities in the wake of the Merkabah siege (and the revelation of Shrike's true identity as High Artificer Saluven), Ygraine's parents are assigned to nearby Sendor to provide diplomatic assistance on another of Myrddion's threatened frontiers.
1005: Sendor falls to the Bludgunni warlord Kinnevack. Caught up in their second disaster, the Penlew family flee once more, seeking refuge in Rosalia. There, they work to try to prevent anything *else* going awry.
1008: Sendor is reconquered but Blar is crushed by Bludgun as Alexandria redirects its troops. Alexandria then vanishes for five years, as two gods die, two high kings vanish, and the Shadows Rise. The work of the Penlew diplomats becomes ever more challenging (and dangerous).
1013: Alexandria returns, by which time the House of Penlew has suffered still further losses amidst the world's woes. Sent to Ecclesia to live with distant cousins in comparative safety, Ygraine rebels against both the separation from her closer kin and the rigidity of the holy city's cultural norms.
1019: Attaining her majority, Ygraine scandalises her guardians by formally dedicating herself to the service of Ceinara rather than any *respectable* deity.
1020: During her training the foundation of the Town of Tref catches her attention. What challenge could be more worthwhile than the formation of a new town and a new society, especially for refugees (with whom she cannot help but sympahise after her own enforced travels)?
1021: As a neophyte Cleric of Ceinara, Ygraine strikes out on her own, travelling to Tref to volunteer her services in support of the new society. Though it bolsters her faith, life in the rough-and-tumble development of the new settlement encourages her to foster some more martial abilities - in a suitably flamboyant form, of course.
1022: Following the death of her father, Ygraine inherits a battered old rapier that has long served as a family heirloom. Taking this as a cue to take a more active role in the broader world, she arrives in Alexandria as a newly-minted aspiring adventuress.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Ancestral Weapon: Though currently wholly-mundane, Ygraine does have a battered old rapier - a family heirloom, of considerable antiquity. Might you recognise it, want to study it, or know how to help her forge a bond to it?
  • Artistry: To the young Ceinaran, any act of creation is at least potentially divinely-inspired, and worthy of support and encouragement.
  • Awkward Alexandrian: Though she was born in the city, Ygraine's parents were part of the Myrrish administration serving the man who turned out to be a High Artificer - and a thorough-going villain.
  • History of Disasters: Most places to which Ygraine's parents were assigned suffered invasion and war sooner or later. Did she run into you during any of that, or were her diplomat parents called on for aid?
  • Oddities: With a divine imperative to pursue impulses, just about anything sufficiently unusual or interesting might prompt Ygraine to poke her nose in.
  • Tref: Ygraine spent more than a year living in the town of Tref, and speaks Goblin-Talk (almost) like a native.

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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Eldanar (Myrrish)
Associated With: Ecclesia, Rosalia, Tref
Faith: Ceinara

Scroll med.png

Faith PC Badge
Faith: Ceinara
Temple: The Muses of Ceinara
Role: Muse
Landmarks: None as yet!


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Low Self-Esteem
Development: Ygraine feels the weight of her celestial heritage - she fears that she will never reach the heights of her greatest Eldanar ancestors, nor be able to atone for the sins of the worst of her kin. Yet she feels that she has to try, however far short she might fall of what is required.