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"So long as the new moon returns in heaven a bent, beautiful bow, so long will the fascination of archery keep hold in the hearts of men."

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The Basics Of Wilros Arroway

Race: Human
Age: Young, Dumb, and Broke
Class: Magic Archer
Level: Three!

Wilros was born in a fairly common hamlet somewhere off in the realm of insignificance. His mother was a fierce ex-adventurer hunter whose skill with a bow made Wil the man he is today. She would raise the curious lad with her husband, a farmer. They lived a simple life with simple problems. Wilros found the whole affair repulsively dull.

Later in his life, there was that one really big moment that changed things forever. He met a strange old man who would teach him magic. Wil was rather good at it. The old guy died. Wilros left his home for search of gold, glory, and a good time.

He has absolutely no idea what he's doing in this city.

Wil's Hot Bod

This young man moves with a simple grace, built more for quick maneuvers and strikes rather than brute force. The toned muscles on his arms and legs suggest there is strength hidden beneath his dexterity though and just a tiny bit of puppy fat in strategic locations.

Light blue eyes rest beneath brownish eyebrows. His eyes could easily remind someone of the sky or a lake during the spring while his hair is a pale golden blonde. It's somewhat long for a man (at least where he's from), his golden locks flow around his face, flyaway strands occasionally in the need of taming. The brightness of his blue eyes can become obscured by this blonde hair, but observe the world cheerfully nonetheless. There's a healthy tan to his skin, devoid of flaws, despite his Nordic appearances.

He is never exactly wearing armor, at least not enough to create a significant difference in combat. Just light clothing and leather boots with the occasional green padding on his torso and legs and a leather belt holding everything together. He wears a shawl, a white one with a hood. His arms are covered in white sleeves, and his dexterous hands are covered with his fingerless gloves. There's almost always a composite bow strapped to his back along with a quiver and arrows. Probably a dagger somewhere too.

Prepared Spells

Wilros does, in fact, have some proficiency in the arcane arts, even if he does not present himself as if he had the knowledge. These are the spells he generally has prepared before engaging combat.

Level 0 Spells Level 1 Spells
  • Prestidigitation
  • Mage Hands
  • Detect Magic
  • Obscuring Mist
  • Mage Armor

Fun Facts

  • Racially Colorblind - Wil has very little knowledge when it comes to the social classes mortals care so deeply about. He does not 'see color', his curiosity allowing him to understand that people are not so easily defined by their species and culture. There is almost always a more interesting tale. For good or for bad, he will never treat any elf, dragonkin, dwarf, or halfling worse or better than he would treat a Human. He will stare though.
  • Gullible Newcomer - Wil has never been to a city before. There's a bit of a shock aspect from being thrust into the grand city of Alexandros. Everything is new, intriguing or horrifying. An innocent youth, he will believe pretty much anything told to him. The melting pot of cultures never cease to amaze him.
  • Magic Bowman - While Wilros is a wizard, he is an archer at heart. He will dash into a battlefield glowing with arcane energy and firing arrows. Target practice, perhaps?
  • Arcane Apprentice - One might expect a young wizard such as Wil to attempt to find some sort of mystic mentor. It would seem, however, the boy apparently does not want such a figure of authority. He will have no one, but Odlius.


Maybe when he has any of the good stuff.