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Whuridred: The Maiden of Iron

About My Character

Dwarves are notoriously difficult to kill. A hardy race, they are known for their skill in taking down foes much larger than themselves. Indeed in the War of the Three Anvils the Khazad-Ur had to build golems specifically to slaughter their own brethren. Dark iron constructs designed to kill, and even capture, any mountain dwarf they came across. Few were built, and in five hundred years time these creations were but a foot note in a greater conflict where Iron allied with Shadow.

One such metal hunter resurfaced thirteen years ago, its visage only recognizable to the most ancient of Khazadi, as it spent the better part of five centuries dormate beneath the halls of Khazad Duin. As it slumbered amidst the old wealth and magic of the Khazadi-Aul, it took within itself life. Remembering bare snippets and flashes of memory from its past, it named itself Whuridred, the maiden of iron.

Even though it was awake, it spent several years resting where it woke, buried beneath rubble and a fallen stone column. In quiet contemplation, pinned to the ground, it watched the small creatures of nature scurry about and live in the underground place. Glowing fungi grew, and small pools of water gave life to tadpoles. Good and ill, they lived and died under its studious eye. Unseen was within itself, as its innards quietly repaired themselves.

When one day it could move all its limbs again, it dug itself out of the pile. Time and memory remained shattered in its mind, and the length it spent wandering the tunnels immeasurable. In the dark it came upon one of its masters, and in recognition he commanded it to obey. Want for purpose was not enough to make it do as it was told. It killed the Ur and continued to wander, for it was as now free as the creatures that lived in its resting place.

Once topside, it came to find that many living things populated the surface. Some squat and ornery as its former masters, and some of a myriad other forms. It watched and learned. Thinking beings do not kill without cause, unless they themselves perish. Thinking beings congregate, as to increase their odds of survival. Life is a many splendered thing.

With these thoughts in mind, and a very loose sense of time, Whuridred has become a more full being. It has grown a fondness for discovering what makes things tick, but instead of the mechanical as much of her brethren, the organic is its focus. It takes detailed notes of flora and fauna it has studied, and has even taken to using the defense mechanicisms of these creatures to protect itself.


Roleplay Hooks

  • While Whuridred does not really speak, she is an accomplished scribe, and literate in many languages.
  • Has some memories of the War of the Three Anvils: Were you alive then?
  • She keeps detailed notes on magical creatures: Environs, habits, capabilities, and even medical dissections.
  • Khazad-Ur built war golem designed to kill Khazad-Aul: Do you hate her just for being made?

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