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About My Character

Virton is an unusual War Golem with a peculiar vernacular that places him as originating somewhere in about the middle of Whoknowsville, Fuggedaboutit. Often seen as an unfortunate gambler with a deadly aim, he seems friendly enough once you get past the unusual ticks and confusing turns of phrase. Seems to be on the side of the law, for now -- but, who's to say what the future holds?

The Mechanical Cowboy

Roleplay Hooks

  • Virton is an Artificer War Golem seeking something ... more. Intrigued?
  • He LOVES cooking beans, or other things over an open fire -- even though he can't feel the flames, or eat the food.
  • He is also overly interested in the interactions of the meaty fellows. That being humans, et al.
  • Will work for coin.
  • Often seen hanging around the Swashbuckler, Lenore, learning from her addictive lust for life.

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"I don't think it's funny, you laughin'."