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Sometimes, unique magic items appear as part of a plot or a holiday! These items appear once, often never to be seen again. Most do not have prices, because well.

Hat of Perfect Appearance

This hat is of some flattering color that suits its owner, decorated here and there with baubles. When worn, the user may activate a command word which transforms him or her into a...gnome.

Well, not really. But, for all intents and purposes the world will tend to think so, and other gnomes will be quite impressed, giving you a +2 to diplomacy checks to interact with them. Your gnomish form is always well-dressed according to your style. If you're more of a cogs-person, then the gnome appears in a stylish crafter's outfit. If you tend towards conservatism, then the suit exhibits careful, understated tailoring. And so on.

This hat otherwise works similarly to a Hat of Disguise, save the normal size and weight limits to the illusion do not matter and that it is limited to the one form.

Wizardly Candy Corn

Given out for High Hunt PrPs during 2016, Candy Corn were one-off items just for fun. To use a candy corn, just +use <#> in your inventory. Using any candy corn is a standard action.

Roll Candy Corn
1 Ooey-gooey Candy Corn
2 Runaway Candy Corn
3 Anchoring Candy Corn
4 Camping Candy Corn
5 Costume Candy Corn
6 Gobber Seige Tosser Candy Corn
7 Sugary Candy Corn
8 Gobber-Toof Candy Corn

Ooey-gooey Candy Corn

This spooky Candy Corn can be directed to float to any point within 30 feet and then burst into a mass of yellow-and-brown candy goo! To splat a creature, treat as a ranged touch attack. It is otherwise identical to a tanglefoot bag, except its range. After 2d4 rounds, it will dissipate into a disgusting, sugary mass!

Runaway Candy Corn

This Candy Corn enlarges into large size, with tiny, sugary feet. Treat it as a dire ram, with all the same stats except that it looks, appears like, and seems to be a giant, Candy Corn with ittybittylegs. It dissipates into a gooey mess after 24 hours, or after taking enough damage that would kill a dire ram.

Its attacks make a *bip* sound.

Anchoring Candy Corn

This Candy Corn will gooshily affix itself to any surface, whenever you activate it. It possesses hardness 5, hp 25, and can support up to 1,000 pounds and persists for 24 hours before becoming a sugary, orange-and-brown mess. The Candy Corn can be removed with a DC 20 Strength check.

Camping Candy Corn

This Candy Corn when used, expands greatly in size until it is large enough to house six medium creatures. The inside is treated as an Endure Elements effect, and it will last up to 24 hours before dissipating into a sugary puddle, or withstanding a torrentul downpour, whichever comes first. While in use, it does look like a giant candy corn.

Costume Candy Corn

By employing a touch attack, this Candy Corn affixes itself to a creature's skin! They instantly take on the appearance of a giant Candy Corn, except for their feet. If used on Sandy, this awards 3 additional RPPs. Its effects last 24 hours.

Gobber Seige Tosser Candy Corn

This rare Candy Corn turns itself into a cornapult! This "cornapult" is similar to a light catapult and takes up a space 10' across. A collection of 5 unenchanted Candy Corns appear nearby the 'pult, ready to be loaded and fired. When fired using the cornapult, they do 4d6. To fire the cornapult, the crew chief must make a DC 15 check using only her or his BAB + Int - Range Increment Penalty (its range is 100') - Special.

No line of sight to target square: –6
Successive shots (crew can see where most recent misses landed): Cumulative +2 per previous miss (maximum +10)
Successive shots (crew can't see where most recent misses landed, but observer is providing feedback): Cumulative +1 per previous miss (maximum +5)

If the check succeeds, the loaded candy corn hits the square the cornapult was aimed at, dealing 4d6 to any object or character in the square. Characters who succeed on a DC 15 Reflex save take half damage. Once a cornapult corn hits a square, subsequent shots hit the same square unless the cornapult is reaimed or the wind changes direction or speed.

If a candy corn misses, roll 1d8 to determine where it lands. This determines the misdirection of the throw, with 1 being back toward the catapult and 2 through 8 counting clockwise around the target square. Finally, count 1d4 squares away from the target square for every range increment of the attack.

Loading the candy cornapult requires a series of full-round actions. It takes a DC 10 strength check to winch the throwing arm down; most catapults have wheels to allow up to two crew members to use the aid another action, assisting the main winch operator. A DC 15 craft/artifice or k/military theory check latches the arm into place, and then another DC 15 craft/artifice or k/military theory check loads the catapult ammunition. It takes two full-round actions to reaim a cornapult (multiple crew members can perform these full-round actions in the same round, so it would take a crew of two only 1 round to reaim the cornapult).

The cornapult lasts for 24 hours, or until its candy corn is fired, whichever comes first, before dissolving into a sugary goo.

Sugary Candy Corn

By nomming this Candy Corn, you experience a sugar rush like no other. Roll for effect! For the next 3 rounds, you:

1: Land speed increases by 30'
2: Make one extra attack as part of a full attack action, using your highest base attack bonus
3: Gain a +2 dodge bonus to Ref saves because of your jitteriness
4: Gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC because of your jitteriness
5: Are so energized that you periodically break out into joyful showtunes during your turn
6: Gain a +2 untyped bonus on attack rolls

These effects are not cumulative with similar effects, such as those provided by haste or a speed weapon, nor do they actually grant an extra action, so you can't use it to cast a second spell or otherwise take an extra action in the round. Sugary Candy Corn does not stack with haste or blessing of fervor.

Gobber-Toof Candy Corn

All Candy Corn look disturbingly like teeth, but this one especially does! Strike someone with this Candy Corn as a touch attack, and they grow two, long, Candy Corn fangs and lots of little pokey ones in the back. The effects last for 1d4 hours. Like a gobber, the candy corn randomly emits a "Rar rar rar!" sound! Using this on Sandy is worth an additional 2 RPPs.

Gobber Party Favor

Throw this single-use vial on the ground at a distance of up to 20'. It creates a deafening bang before exploding into tiny, fiery dragonflies! The dragonflies last for one minute. The bang is not loud enough to cause effects, but it is guaranteed to irritate your neighbors!