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Ralickwort, the Greyish Witch

About My Character


Ralickwort "Wyrdbyrd" Plumfinkel the Splendid doesn't like to think too much of his childhood. Not because it was bad, but just because it was boring. The middle child of five in a typical gnomish family in Happy Valley, his parents were and are artisans, making the most of their pretty mundane alchemy abilities. Dull as dishwater. But this little gnome always knew how to have fun - and how to make more than a little mischief.

This little chap was bullied as a child, mostly for talking to animals rather than people, but somehow he'd found out that aniamls tended to be, well, more interesting than people did. Strange that they sometimes spoke back to him, but he never saw that as particularly unusual. The whole experience annoyed him more than scarred him, but it did teach him how to fight properly.

This did come to the attention of one of the denizens of Happy Valley, an old woman who gave the pretense of being a great fortune teller. Well, she wasn't. Nothing more than a charlatan, really - but Ralickwort did have to break into her house and steal her totally mundane charms to work this out. Naturally he felt nothing bad at all about doing this, despite the awful gossip.

Then Ralickwort became totally obsessed with bettering the Seer. Instead of following his parents' footsteps and becoming an alchemist, he listened more to the animals around him, including one particular fox, who taught him some of the mysteries of the Arcane. Ultimately he realised that he was pretty good at these little tricks and cantrips. True, it meant he ended up following Deimos, not a god typically associated with the gnomes of Alexandria, but it also gave him some powers that made the neighbours stare.

Despite the protestations of his parents, he moved out of the family home when he was only 40 years old. Very young. He decided to set himself up as a friendly witchdoctor, arcane troubleshooter, part-time alchemist, full-time trickster, trying to help people from Happy Valley and beyond with whatever problems they could think to lob at him.


This gnome is small, even by gnomic standards. Clearly he doesn't care much for his appearance, because the stained floor-length grey robes look like they've seen much, much better days. And his hair - ugh! all black and matted and gross. Weirdly, though, the beard seems quite neat, and is all bundled and tied like a dwarf might wear it. His eyes are the blue-green hue of mischief itself, and although kindly, his face seems to be in a perpetual half-smirk.

He carries a small burlap sack in his left-hand, which looks to be full of all kinds of strange stuff, some of it oozing. There's a small but very shiny sickle strapped held in place with a belt, and a little and rather ornate heavy mace strapped to his back. With his free hand he walks with a tiny quarterstaff.

Somewhere nearby, there's a little black fox, with beguiling eyes.


Nothing more than a normal-looking fox, except it's got black fur and somewhat beguiling eyes. Like the gnome who's undoubtedly nearby, this little creature seems to have a perpetual smirk on its face, as if it knows something you don't.


Ralickwort crafts arcane scrolls and potions, and wondrous items, with plans to start making wands, rods and staves in the future. Spells are from the witch spell list, with additional spells from the trickery patron. See the below table for sample items.

Scrolls and potions are crafted at cost, i.e. at 50% of market value! Donations are welcome, and will be invested in more spells. Wondrous items are crafted at 60% of market value, with discounts for gnomes, witches and troublemakers.

RP is encouraged, but my time zone (GMT) makes this tricky, so it's not mandatory.

@mail me, or find me in NAT20, to discuss.

Sample Items

The following scrolls are available for sale:

  • All witch cantrips - 6 gp 2 sp 5 cp each
  • 1st-Level Witch Spells - 12 gp 5 sp each
    • Beguiling Gift
    • Burning Hands
    • Cause Fear
    • Charm Person
    • Chill Touch
    • Command
    • Comprehend Languages
    • Cure Light Wounds
    • Dancing Lantern
    • Detect Secret Doors
    • Enlarge Person
    • Hypnotism
    • Identify
    • Ill Omen
    • Inflict Light Wounds
    • Mage Armor
    • Mask Dweomer
    • Mount
    • Obscuring Mist
    • Peacebond
    • Ray of Enfeeblement
    • Reduce Person
    • Sleep
    • Summon Monster I
    • Unseen Servant
  • 2nd-Level Witch Spells - 75 gp each
    • Augury
    • Cure Moderate Wounds
    • Death Knell
    • Delay Poison
    • Enthrall
    • Find Traps
    • Hidden Speech
    • Inflict Moderate Wounds
    • Levitate
    • Perceive Cues
    • Status
    • Summon Swarm
    • Vomit Swarm
    • Zone of Truth
  • Trickery patron spells (note scroll requirements)
    • Animate Rope - 12 gp 5 sp
Sample oils and potions
Name Cost Description
Magick Indelible Ink 12 gp 5 sp Oil; Arcane Mark; CL1
Bright Spark's Brew 12 gp 5 sp Potion; Guidance; CL 1
Glow-you-like 12 gp 5 sp Oil; Light; CL 1
Steeling Brew 12 gp 5 sp Potion; Resistance; CL 1
Light-Anything 12 gp 5 sp Oil; Spark; CL 1
Fizzy-Feel-Good 12 gp 5 sp Oil; Stabilize; CL 1
Ropecharmer's Delight 25 gp Oil; Animate Rope; CL 1
Handwarmer Brew 75 gp Potion; Burning Hands; CL 3
Grow Brew 25 gp Potion; Enlarge Person; CL 1
Skin Toughener 25 gp Potion; Mage Armor; CL 1
Hide-from-Mage 25 gp Oil; Mask Dweomer; CL 1
Shrink Brew 25 gp Potion; Reduce Person; CL 1
Floating Ointment 150 gp Oil; Levitate; CL 3

Roleplay Hooks

  • Crafting: Ralickwort makes potions and scrolls of arcane (witch and trickery patron) spells. Come visit his workshop and put in your order.
  • Rag-and-bone man: To bolster his income, Ralickwort sells all sorts of mundane stuff. Children's dolls, teething powders and lavender bags a specialty. Ask on-grid!
  • Helping Folks: Whilst a bit of a trickster, Ralickwort really just likes to help people. Come to him with your woes, and leave with other, weirder, woes.



Gnomish PC Badge
Obsession: Any old mucker knows that ol' Worty's obsessed with whittling. Always has been. He's a dab hand at it, too. The little sculptures tend to look a bit weird though.
Rivals: That bloody white witch! What a charlatan. Soon ran her out of Happy Valley. Actually, wonder where she got to?
Arcane or Artifice: It's obviously arcane, innit. Can't trust them that artifice stuff.
Remake the World: Why bother? It's already made, and I don't think I'd manage even half as good a job as what's here already.