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A place for player-made NPCs for anyone wondering who's who, or would like to save some notes on their latest PrP creation. Please do not make a separate page for NPCs.



"Bruce McFlintock" - A muscled hunk of a man with slicked back hair and well-managed chesthair, McFlintock is a very popular character actor. He appears regularly in serials at various theaters around town, starring as the invariably handsome and rugged hero adventure. Specializes in saving fainting maidens and posing for dime-novel covers. Currently single.



Zebediah Grimleach - A slightly greasy-looking fellow with a penchant for speaking in monotone, Magus Grimleach is notorious for many unspeakable things! The trouble is nobody is quite sure what those terrible things *are*. He has excellent capability in many of the magical arts as a sorceror, and is rumoured to be a horrible necromancer/Kulthian/blood-sorceror/Random Horror of the Week/recurring love-interest of Lady Sandiel (which both give Death Stares in response to). He is a very prim and proper instructor of the students at the College of Magic, and demonstrates a keen mind for ancient artifacts as well as matters relating to the diabolical Forbidden Arts of old. Above petty "mortal" politics, he is reclusive in all things save the school, though he can occasionally be convinced to assist adventurers with old lore and bits of rumour from across the magical domains. (Open to other players-- Absolutely!)


Manfred "Mad Manny" Kardigrad - Best known by his nickname, Mad Manny is a wizard - but more importantly, the most eccentric cook working in the caffeteria of the Alexandrian Academy of Sages... perhaps even the most eccentric cook in the entire city. Fascinated by all things planar, he insists that the caffeteria menu include otherworldly dishes when he's in charge of meals. Needless to say, planar food is not exactly a crowd favorite most of the time, but Mad Manny remains undettered in his conviction despite most of the meals he prepares remaining untasted by the students and faculty. (NPC created by: Xander; NPC open for use by other players: Yes)


Nantius - Hero of the Sendor War, the brave wizard who sacrificed himself in a conflaguration of magical fire to defeat a terrible demon. There is a statue of him in Solmnus, marking the spot of his noble sacrifice.


The Oxley Family - The worst group of people anywhere. Commonly referred to as "The Worst People in Alexandria". The Oxley clan lives invariably around the Docks and can be found wherever street theater is to be had.

Finneous Oxley - One of the infamous Oxley brood, Finneous is a tall young man who seems to be allergic to shirts, having a tendency to pop out of them at the slightest provocation. He is one of the more meddlesome of his family, and an accomplished lock-picker and layabout. Despite this, when something is getting done by the Oxleys, Finneous is usually right at the head of things, organizing the herd of cats with startling capacity. He can sometimes be found working at the Ox Strength Ale Tavern.

Madge Oxley Though the Oxley Clan is fairly extensive, Madge is one of the few single women under the age of 50 (which, for the Oxleys, tends to be a ripe old age, given their living habits and general disregard for both personal hygiene and literacy where signs like: 'Do not stand on tracks' and 'cook thoroughly' are concerned). She's usually found bossing her many many many brothers, nephews, cousins and uncles around, and tends to be at the center of any number of in-family squabbles.

Bruck Oxley Originally intended to be 'Brock' Oxley, his sainted mother was unfortunately presented a toad at a delicate time with the midwife. When asked what she was naming him, she was heard quite distinctly by everyone present to reply 'Br-YUCK'. It stuck. Among a family of horrific schemers, Bruck may have been dropped on his head more than his regular share as a child. He's slow, trusting. And, because nature has a sense of humor, built like a brick shithouse. Everybody is very careful not to tick him off, but also very eager to involve him in the grunt work of horribleness. He's also one of the only Oxleys to hold down a job long-term outside of the Ox Strength; he works at the docks hauling crates off of trade-ships.

Rupert Oxley Rupert works on the docks, like most of his brothers and cousins. He finds work off and on doing odd-jobs that need doing. He sees a lot of what goes on, and has his fingers squished right into any number of shady doings. When he can't find work on the docks, however, he weasels his way into doing things around the Ox Strength. Mostly things like drinking and doing rude pantomime with a mop. He and Finneous are good pals.


Conjurer-Majestrix Mellicent Tidehollow - A specialist in summoning that came to Alexandria to help with the Tournament Paramount. She is a proponent of educating people in defending themselves against evil by exposing them to it in controlled conditions, garnering much controversy. Back in Rune, Tidehollow is involved with the Parliament of Magi. She is an elegant and stately woman of dignified bearing, and happens to be fond of Myrrish brandy. She looks to be in her mid-30s but rumour has it she is much older and uses magic to maintain a visage of just the right blend of youthful grace and experienced sagacity.


Zippo - A kobold rogue that often shows up after a great triumph and attempts to take credit for a lot of it. He has granted himself such titles as 'Saviour of Solmnus' and 'Hero of Alexandria'. This odd fellow has a band of followers, also kobolds, with diverse skills.