Pale World

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The realm of the unliving and where the dead reign, The Pale World was said to have been created by its master, Thul-Mundus the Necromancer. And so it reflects his cold and black heart by being a realm of winter, cold and the constant sapping of the life force of the living to fuel the power of the dead. Those who dwell here know nothing of spring and the living who find their way here begin to quickly die until they burst into ash and blow away on frigid winds. The plains here are often rocky dry and featureless if not covered by snow. Those who visit here are subject to hopelessness, apathy and an oppressing uncaring evil that eventually drags all spirits down. Petitioners who appear here are those who were promised power by Thul in life and in death they appear as gaunt bony individuals drawn into the service of the Necromancer. Here in the castle known only as Memoria, where the broken dreams and memories of mortals find their way to, Thul gathers his armies and wages his unceasing war against Vardama over the souls of mortals. Some also believe that Caracoroth stalks through this plane on his own journeys but he has no permanent dwelling place here.

Planar Traits

• Normal Gravity

• Normal Time

• Infinite Size

• Minor Negative Dominant

• Strongly Evil Aligned

• Impeded Magic: Healing spells and spells that draw on positive energy are hindered here.

• Entrapping. A nonoutsider who journeys here experiences increasing apathy and despair the longer they remain here. Colors become grayer and less vivid, sounds duller and even companions seem to become more hateful. Every week one spends here, one must succeed on a Will Saving Throw (DC 10 + number of weeks in The Pale World) Failure indicates that the individual has fallen entirely under the control of the plane, becoming a petitioner of The Pale World.

Important Sites

The Pale World is largely featureless save for the immense Castle Memoria that dominants the very heart of its landscape.

Memoria: In the center of the plains, a black mountain rises up and on this mountain sits a dark and foreboding castle. This is the castle Memoria, formed from the broken and lost dreams of mortal kind and the home of the deity Thul. Dracoliches encircle it. Howlers prowl its dying gardens and the armies of the undead fill its halls.