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Physical Description

Race: Half-sil
Homeland: The Vast
Age: 23 (b. Daeshen 22)
Occupation: Student
Class: Bloodrager (Fey) 2
Faith: Navosian

Slightly shorter than the average human, you see a young man clad in a neat, semi-formal outfit, toned in a dark blue with hints of black. Past that you see soft, blue eyes and, the main indicator of his sildanyari ancestry, the tips of his slightly-pointed ears, visible over his messy, blond hair as it trails down to his shoulders.

Beyond that, he's wearing a steel grey shirt with a blue overcoat and cloak, accented with a black rim, along with a pair of black trousers. Beneath this, there's signs of some muscle, and a fairly lithe figure, which as at contrast with the generally uncoordinated way he's carrying himself.

Roleplay Hooks

  • New in Town: Merith has only been in Greater Alexandros for a few months and is still getting the lay of the land.
  • Eager to Learn: Merith is interested in learning about all sorts of things, but in particular: Monsters, Other Planes and Foreign Locales.
  • Learning About Religion: Merith has a lot of appreciation for Navos. At least, from what he's seen in textbooks. There might be more to religion than can be found in a book.
  • In Need of Funding: Some of Merith's goals are going to require a good amount more money than he has currently.