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Locien Karyanni

About Locien

Locien is a handsome young Sil male, and a relative newcomer to Alexandria, having migrated from the Vardaman temple in Elvengate. His presence and mannerisms seem apt for a Mourner of Vardama; calm, solemn, and restrained in word and gesture. However, the peace he exudes is not the cold stillness of the gravestone, but something more...comforting. For someone whose path is marked by death and loss, Locien carries himself with a sure, charismatic gentleness that makes him more approachable than some Vardaman faithful.

Regarding his activities, he seems mostly focused on providing his services to the Vardaman temple. He hasn't spoken about anything resembling a quest or immediate goal, and seems content in his duties. On occasion he can even be found in the healing halls of other Gods, healing and tending to their wounded. This comes with a mixed reception by those being cared for...it turns out that awaking from some sickness or malady to find a Mourner attending you causes a bit of distress at times.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Vardama and Her Faithful: Locien is, as he should be, a learned student of the scholarly aspect of Vardama and other deities and religions. Further, he intends to join the clergy working at the temple, and is keeping an eye out for other Vardaman faithful to network, learn of the current state of the church, and simply to find like minds in this foreign city.
  • Confidant and Confessor: Mourners spend a great deal of time comforting and listening to the dying and the bereaved alike. Might be just the kind of person you could vent to...
  • Those about the temple note they've only seen Locien's calm demeanor crack once; when an unassuming Mul'niessa passed near him on the way to pray. He neither spoke nor moved out of turn, but the tension behind his eyes was plain.