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Iadoth, of the Vast

Oh, my love! how I have missed you ... could I borrow your horse?


Iadoth is a young female Sylvanori, raised in the wildernesses of the Vast firstly by parents exiled from the Mythwood and then as a vengeful orphaned ranger with a penchant for slaying Oruchs. She has returned to civilization to prove her worth, but is losing her way a little amongst the temptations of the big city.

She speaks good Sildanyari, learned from her parents, and passable Tradespeak.

Full Description

Raised on meagre fare, Iadoth is short and thin, but she is strong, lithe and tough from her years in the wilderness; the same has not imbued her with much natural intelligence, and her isolation makes her a poor conversationalist. She wears lightweight clothing, mostly scavenged and dyed with natural colours. She wears her long, brown hair plaited along her back. She wears quality studded leather armour, stolen from other travellers, and carries a sturdy longbow for protection, as well as her mother's lyre, to remind her of her deceased parents. Between settlements she rides a grey horse, Fry, borrowed from an ex-lover, and never returned.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Parents were exiled from the Mythwood, but she doesn't know why
  • Cruelly orphaned by Oruch raiders
  • Self-trained as a ranger in the wilderness of the Vast
  • Persuaded Iwan the Strange to bring her to civilization
  • Losing her way in Alexandria City
  • Lacks education, refinement and confidence
  • Wants to prove herself to the Sylvanori


Iadoth was not born within the confines of the forest homes of the Sylvanori. Her parents, travellers amongst the wilds of the world, brought her into existence in the exotic wilderness of the Vast. She never knew of her parents' exile from Mythwood, and they would tell her constantly that they were the last of their kind, but that their love for each other was all that they needed now, for Mahal the White Stag would provide. The three travelled together, fending for themselves, living from hand-to-mouth, composing songs and poems that occasionally they would perform for other travellers, in exchange for food, fire-warmth and stories - always stories.

This all changed when she reached the age of 56, long before becoming mature. As they performed in a camp one night, a band of Oruch raiders took the opportunity to strike, slaying many, including Iadoth's parents. Her father, forever the paragon of a faithful parent, lay his body over hers, protecting her from the marauders. Her mother's lyre escaped the sacking of the camp, and Iadoth took this for her own. At that time she swore to wreak revenge against the Oruch, vowing to destroy their kind wherever she found them.

Iadoth's parents had taught her well, and she was more than capable of taking care of herself in the Vast. For decades she wandered, destroying Oruchs wherever she found them as a kind of faith mission, as if she had been sent by the White Stag to rid the world of their kind. She avoided the company of others wherever possible, becoming more and more insular - until she met Iwan the Strange.

Iwan, a social pariah and vagrant ranger, taught her that she was not the last of her kind - her parents had lied to her. There were many Sylvanori, in the Mythwood to the west of Alexandros. But he would not - could not - take her there. There were too many painful memories for him in the Heartlands. Iadoth felt a yearning to be with those of her own kind, stronger than any desire she had ever felt, and so pressured by this she used her youthful beauty to seduce him, persuading him to take her to Alexandros, and then to Mythwood, if he could. She felt no remorse at this deceit - in fact, she enjoyed the thrill of it.

In the hubbub of Alexandria City she lost sight of her goals, and quickly tired of Iwan's company, and instead saught other companions, romantic and otherwise. But she could not hold down these relationships, as some internal desire for safety and security drives her away from such casual liaisons. Still she feels a yearning to return to the land of her parents' birth - but she knows that she cannot do this until she has proven herself a worthy prodigal daughter.


Sylvanori PC Badge
Family Name: Unknown
Role: None
Faith: Mahal the White Stag (Gilead)
Relation to the Fae: She feels only a weak connection to the fae, as her parents did not verse her well in these things - instead, her belief is a kind of reverence one might feel for something on the border between myth and reality.

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Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: The Vast
Family History: Her parents were exiled from Mythwood, and they were attracted to the expanses of the Vast. There they travelled as minstrels and storytellers.
Politics: It's difficult to form a unified opinion of the disparate politics of the Vast. Suffice to say that Iadoth either doesn't understand it, or ignores it entirely. There's nothing she can do to influence it anyway.


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Uneducated
Development: Aside from her early training in the musical arts, Iadoth has never received an education. As such she is illiterate, and lacks much of the knowledge that civilized folk take for granted. She finds it tougher than most to learn, and gets fidgety if having to sit through lessons.