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There are many known breeds of horse across Ea. For many cultures, the horse is the transport of choice and there are any number of "common" horses bred to general purposes such as hauling, riding, or draft work. Particular breeds however, are known and deserving of note.

For most horses, including the ones below, assume the basic template, though apply young, advanced, and so on as appropriate. Suggested feats are ones which might be swapped out for typical Bestiary entries. Of course, Companion horses use the companion rules, though they may be of any appropriate IC bloodline (and bloodlines are not limited to those here).


Known horsefolk, this Phurai Dae breed is well-suited to the Vast. Though not as large as other breeds, the aduuli possess a small to small-medium stocky build. Its legs are relatively short compared to its body, though built for fast, ground-eating movement. Generally, the breed possess a sturdy bone structure and a coat that under different lights, may change color subtly, perhaps due to a sort of sideways influence from the Vast. Perhaps due to the Vast's unpredictable landscape, the Dae have bred them for, among other traits, their sure-footedness as well as intelligence. Aduuli are often called upon to make decisions while their rider is otherwise occupied. In terms of personality, they're known as calm-tempered and reliable.

In practice, an aduuli's life closely entwined with its owner. The mare's milk is a favorite tribal drink and their manes are often braided to make rope or musical instruments. Aside from riding, herding, and skirmish warfare, an aduuli may be used or trained for many functions.

Suggested Feats: Endurance, Dodge

Arvek Horse

Traditionally, the "Arvek Horse" was a misnomer, as there has never been a particular breed--only horses thieved from raids and so on. However, with the Coming of the Dawn, the Arvek stablehands and handlers are gaining some notice. They're acquiring sires and dams from across Ea in order to craft the "perfect warhorse." So far their efforts have focused on creatures with a medium build and capable hardiness.


Myrridon is known for several varieties of horseflesh. Its more common working-horse is the one more usually seen. However, it is its war horse (the corleonis) is famously depicted in art and tapestry across Ea as bearing knights and warriors into battle. Therefore, it is this breed most closely associated with Myrddion's people.

Widely known for its sturdy good looks and hearty disposition, the famous Myrrish war horse possesses a powerful overall conformation. It typically possesses a long, arched neck and short, chiseled ears. In contrast to the Veyshanti, the Myrrish possesses a medium to heavy build and a low-set tail, as well as a heavy bone structure. Some versions possess feathering along the lower legs, which typically is left untrimmed.

It is known for its brisk, ground-eating trot. Typically, they are considered energetic yet willing, docile, and intelligent. They are bred most typically for battle and have been brought to different nations to strengthen local lines, though bargaining is fierce.

Suggested Feats: Endurance, Light Armor Prof


The Dranei horse is bred for its rugged strength, endurance, and massive size. Though not particularly bright, it is known for its sure-footedness in rugged terrain, as well as its ability to withstand cold, unwelcoming weather. Dranei horses tend towards the heavy and well-muscled, with a capable yet gentle demeanor. The breed is also known for its unusual fourth gait which is a sort of ambling walk that covers mountains and difficult terrain more quickly.

Suggested Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude


Hailing mainly from the "Land of Princes" in Myrddion, the Isobaran is a beautiful horse. It originated from introducing Veyshanti and sildanyari-bred stock into Myrrish bloodlines, resulting in a tall horse with a high tail carriage. Among other characteristics, it possesses a light yet sturdy frame, a well-shaped head with a straight profile, a long, slim yet arched neck, well-defined withers and sloping shoulders. It is widely considered one of the most beautiful of horse breeds.

What is notable about the Isobaran is its five gaits. These horses are prized by nobility and army officers alike, as the gait often serves a practical purpose--a comfortable, yet steady pace which may be kept over long stretches of terrain.

The Isobaran is known for its sense of presence, its noble bearing, and its spirited yet gentle demeanor.

Suggested Feats: Run


Named for the breed's tendency towards an almost silvery color along their upper bodies, the Silfrtopp hail largely from Stormgarde though it traces its lineage to breeds from Myrddion, Dran, and Dragonier. Originally blended with such lines as the Dranei and Corleonis, it developed into its own among the mountains of Stormgarde and has since made its way back to strengthen other bloodlines.

Silfrtopp come in one size: heavy, and are known for their broad faces and slightly convex profile, their broad and muscular conformation contained with a compact form. They tend to possess a slightly shorter leg than most breeds, though make up for it with a sturdy gait and strong joints. Their legs are often feathered.

Despite the violence of Stormgarde, the Silfrtopp are said to be easy keepers and economical to feed despite their size. They are a free-moving, long-striding breed, despite their compact structure. They are often used as draft horses, and possess only three gaits.

Suggested Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude


This Charneth breed is extinct, though tales of it live on. Its extinction is due to Charn's scourged landscape as much as it is its constant, internal warring. If anything, portions of the breed live on as horrific experiments--horses crossed with the blood of devils, though these would only survive in Hell, itself. It was reputed to have a bony though sturdy structure, and that among some of its fur was a mixture of scales.


A versatile, light horse bred in the Veyshan deserts, the Veyshanti possesses a distinctive head and a high tail carriage. An old breed, it has served the region for known history and is a contributor to other bloodlines, particularly those of lighter, quicker bearing. Among Veyshan nomads, the Veyshanti is a prized possession and is often brought inside the family tent for shelter and protection against theft.

The breed emphasizes an ability to form a cooperative bond with its rider, general alertness, and willingness to learn. Physically, their build is light and quick, their reflexes fast. The head is considered "noble" and possesses a taper characteristic of the breed.

Suggested Feats: Lightning Reflexes, Run


The above are by no means the limit of horse breeds found among Ea. You're encouraged to develop and explore. For example, in the now-fallen Dragonier, there were lines bred specifically to hunt rogue, dangerous dragons or fight alongside them. It is rumored some Arvek are working to resurrect Dragonier's noted bloodline, though they've had to bargain Myrrish and Stormgardian stock, and given lack of support from Dragonier's native magics, the road ahead may be difficult, if not impossible.


Starting Statistics: Size Large; Speed 50 ft.; AC +4 natural armor; Attack bite (1d4), 2 hooves* (1d6); Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. *This is a secondary natural attack, see Combat for more information on how secondary attacks work. At its 4th-level advancement, the companion will gain combat trained, and the hoof attacks will become primary.

4th-Level Advancement: Ability Scores Str +2, Con +2; Special Qualities combat trained (see the Handle Animal skill).