Eliot Le Roux

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"Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge."


Brief Biography of Eliot Le Roux

Race: Human
Age: Still Learning
Class: Aloof Scholar
Level: Deox

Born on the Mrryish land of Rosalia, Eliot hails from the upper echelon of society. His mother is an intelligent scholar and polyglot while his father was a famed and adventurous explorer. The latter slowed down as he reached a middling age and settled down to raise a family with his dear wife. Their first and only child is Eliot. As a young boy, he grew up to be introspective and an inquisitive bibliophile. They put upon him a thirst for knowledge and erudition. His mother taught him languages and shaped him into a young intellect. He studied with her on histories and lore. In his adolescence, he found that he was something of a musical prodigy, much to his father's chagrin. He had hoped his son would grow up to be an archaeologist like himself. The profession didn't suit the youth. Eventually, his father learned to accept his son's aspiring musical talent. In an attempt to appease his son and wife, he arranged for Eliot to serve as a scribe under his brother and Elio's uncle, Richard Le Roux, a famed bard and musician. The man resides in the city of Alexandria, so Eliot packed his bags and has been living with his uncle for close to a year now.


Slim and of average height, Eliot is a comely young teenager that walks with a quiet confidence uncommon for one of his age. An artistic mess of dark brown curls frame his face - a delicate countenance is made up of elegant lines and smooth curves writ in olive-hued flesh gently kissed by a significant life spent outdoors. Eyes of milky chocolate are surrounded by deep forest-green and sea blue. Sometimes the three colors seem to swirl together. Long dark lashes frame those hazel eyes lending gentleness to what would otherwise be an ethereal gaze. His face is oval shaped with high cheekbones, a pouty mouth, and a slender nose darkened by a dusting of freckles over the bridge.

When in the field or on some kind of adventure, he dresses in a studded leather jerkin (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/95/6c/de/956cdee8e1af46d7d6c5ff0bceb93fe8.jpg) and padded leather trousers. Outside of combat, he has a tendency for plain clothing. Cotton pants or shorts and loose-fitting shirts. He can often be seen barefoot when society permits.


  • Nerd - Through his studies, Eliot has gathered a wealth of knowledge. He is quite brilliant actually, though he's humble about it.
  • Pianist - Elio's preferred musical outlet. He is always quite impassioned when he plays it.
  • Local - Eliot knows his way in and out of the city and is usually open to showing others the ropes.
  • Writer - Eliot finds that his imagination soars when he's writing and finds peace in it. His style is very eloquent and pleasing to examine. He hopes to one day write a book!