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About My Character

Duncan Stonesmasher is a Khazad-Mornir (Storm Dwarf) from the Sky Curtain Mountains. He is a Cavalier and 'sometimes' Berserker and is accompanied by a mighty Khazad Digger.

Duncan was a beardling when Dragonier was conquered by Heth, but his Khazad sense of duty and honor drew him to Feld Mor as soon as he came of age. Over the next few years he became slowly disillusioned by the fight against undead hordes. There seemed to be little glory to be had and even less chance of survival, with other brave freedom fighters falling all around him in every battle. During his last fight Duncan flew into a berserker rage, and later once his fury had cooled he decided to leave the 'cursed' land.

Over the next few years Duncan did mercenary work and other less savory activities. But some part of him nursed a sense of guilt that he had left things unfinished. Rumors of a legendary Dragon Knight returning drew his ear, along with tales of a multi-nation campaign against Heth and the undead of Dragonier. Duncan has come to Alexandria to learn more.

During his travels around the Redridge mountains, he came across a young Digger and later joined the Order of the Purple Rose. Later still after being inspired during the great Peace Summit in Dun Mordren, he changed to the Order of the Blue Rose, an organization of peacekeepers that trace their origins to Dragonier. Both Duncan and Granox the Digger are able to burrow and move underground, traveling slowly but indefinitely, a tactic they use repeatedly to make trips through and around Dragonier bringing relief supplies.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Will only resort to lethal force against intelligent living beings in the most dire of circumstances. Does not apply to monsters and especially the undead.
  • Spent time as an Oruch during a quasi-spirit-quest and later his blood became infused with the Fey energy.
  • Spends most of his time in or travelling to and from the undead-infested lands of Dragonier, but he goes to any place he thinks he can mediate between conflicting factions.
  • Former wielder of the weapon TrolFlay (one 'l'), a flail enchanted to deal both fire and acid damage. Now wields a Dwarfbond hammer.