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About Character Spends
Rpp unlimited.gif Character spends relate to quirks, options, and roleplay advantages for your character. They're as varied as a gnome's underpants collection.

Character Spends

Rpp unlimited.gif Character Spends
Reward Benefit Cost
Gain a Level By spending RPPs, you may gain a level, with associated wealth. At least 85 percent of wealth must be spent, and items must be purchased at market price. You may purchase one advancement per level group. This also means that you may earn this purchase up to four times per PC. We've kept the price of this spend low by intent, compared to other spends and that is likely to remain the case.
First Group: 10 RPP to advance from level 2 to 3
Second Group: 20 RPP to advance to level 6 to 7 or 7 to 8
Third Group: 20 RPP to advance to level 11 to 12 or 12 to 13
Fourth Group: 30 RPP to advance to level 16 to 17 or 17 to 18

Special: Cleric PCs may receive their first, group one RPP Level, for free. This means they may purchase L4 with 10 RPPs. They are the only class that may do this.

RPP level boosts tend not to stack with any other bonus, unless otherwise specified. See our Bonuses page for what's currently offered!

Multiclass or PrC This minor spend reflects some of the RP you've done towards your multiclass or PrC. This does not apply to multiclassing done during chargen. For coding purposes, be sure and let staff know 2 levels ahead of time about the intent to purchase a PrC. This is just so we can get our ducks in order. 3 RPP
Reroll Fate Ask Navos to shift the sands of time in your favor, just a little. This allows an immediate reroll of any d20 that you had made. This must be done before the results are known. May be purchased during a scene. 3 RPP
Reroll a HD Reroll a hit die roll that came out low! By spending the RPP, you reroll the hit die twice, and take the better of the two results. If one or both rerolls is within range of the below numbers, you may roll a third time for free. That is, if you are a fighter and rolled a 1, 2, or 3 on your reroll results, we'd let you roll another d10.
d6: reroll a 1-2
d8 or d10: reroll a 1-3
d12: reroll a 1-4.
10 RPP
Skill Boon Earn 1 skill point in a Craft, Performance, or Profession skill. This is earnable as many times as you like, of up to 3 skills per category. 3 RPP per rank
Special Materials Discount Through roleplay, you've secured access to unique materials, enough for a single item (for ammunination, it is enough for 50 arrows, 10 bolts, etc. as normal). How you did so is part of your own story. Regardless, your efforts allow you to purchase these materials at 75% of the normal cost. The cost is as below:
Market is 0-5000g: 3 RPP
Market is 5001g+: 4 RPP

Note: The discount only applies to the cost of the materials themselves (not to enchantments or so on). This cannot be used to reduce the cost of spell components. It only applies to "special materials" as per the equipments page.

See Text
Favorable Merchant Through roleplay, you've found a favorable merchant. Perhaps it's a caravan making its way through, or a merchant needing a favor. Regardless, you're able to arrange a deal. With a little neighborly handshaking, and by spending some RPP, you may purchase a number of magic items at 65 percent market value. This does not include basic material costs; that is, you'll need to provide the item for them to enchant, or the component for the spell. Magic rods may be purchased at 75 percent. These items appear at the time of purchase; there is no wait. The price is as follows, based on the total market value:
Market is 0-10,000: 3 RPP
Market is 10,001-35,000: 4 RPP
Market is 35,001+: 5 RPP
See Text
Battle Healing By burning a number of RPPs, you may heal yourself as a standard action, once per scene. This is considered divine-based healing, a grant from your deity. More than 1 RPP may be burnt at once, according to the formula below. You must be conscious and otherwise capable of using supernatural abilities in order to employ this spend. You may use this ability on your companion or familiar separately, but not one granted through use of a spell. This is an experimental spend, so expect updates as we look for feedback.
1 RPP: 25% of total hp
3 RPP: 50% of total hp
Varies (see text)
Intuitive Skills By burning a number of RPPs, you may cause your character to become inspired, granting a +5 to any one skill check. The points must be spent before the check is made. This is an experimental spend, so expect updates as we look for feedback. 2 RPP