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Common: Cavaliers, fighters, swashbucklers, inquisitors, paladins Locations: Alexandria
An order dedicated to adventure, and the preservation of noble ideals.
The SGA is a formal organization that was formed by a group of individuals of modest influence, who are concerned with the current and future members of the Guild of Adventurers and other Alexandrian-based groups. The society's purpose, its clean uniform at social events and its leadership's pride in "noble acts," has led some to believe its members are all stuffy and uptight, far too concerned with appearance over actual substance. They often talk the talk but don't always walk the walk, it is said. Others however, appreciate what the organization is striving towards.

Members are also expected to model citizens and be paragons of virtue. Adventurers that appear to conduct themselves to a more noble standard are often approached to be members, as they feel they would make good members of the Society. While an impossible goal to achieve its pursuit is considered of paramount importance.


The Society is led by the Council of Five, mostly seasoned, former adventurers, knights and minor nobles--usually the sons and daughters of sons and daughters, who had possessed both drive and reason to be either ambitious, or remember the old days fondly. Their primary concern is the social impact, virtue and bearing of the Adventurers that represent Alexandria and those who have influence on the culture and youth of the city. At the head of the Five is an older gentleman known for his gruffness and rude temper--a temper bound (though barely) by the behavior the society expects.

Leadership and Areas of Influence

Society activities often include debates on the important social issues, workshops on self improvement and debates often on topics related to morality and other complicated issues such as these. Though there is far less consensus than one might expect. A reoccurring subject is debate on practical action versus virtuous action. What is more important? The singular or greater good? Debates are lively to say the least, though it is easy to get them to 'organize' behind a Goodly Cause, and though this unity may not last for long, it can be striking, and cement lasting friendships, besides.

Of course membership also has its perks, since most of its leaders had 'lived the life' at one point or other, among the adventuring community--or had come from a more noble though modest background, being the son of a third son, and so on. (This difference in backgrounds is the source of some strife within the organization, though as more of an undercurrent than something that divides it in two.) Its members are expected to conduct themselves accordingly, regardless of income. As such private ballrooms, catering and other such services are often made available to its members to ensure any events thrown are of an appropriate caliber. In addition members have access to a number of expert stylist and tailors to ensure their outward appearance is appropriate for a person of noble bearing. This includes access to the latest fashion and technology for the dashing knight on the go.

One of its strengths is the reach of its social network, among houses willing to listen. Though most of its council are not high up in rank, they can put an ear out, to those still willing to bend an ear to Justice. It does not guarantee a response--and association with the Society may be considered at times, an anacronism or even embarrassment, but such words stand a chance of being heard.

RPP-Related Skills: Knowledge/Nobility, Knowledge/Military Theory, Knowledge/Religion, Perform/Oratory, Perform/Dance, Diplomacy, Knowledge/Local

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