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Common: Rangers, Cavaliers Locations: Alexandria (A17)
Inspired by the Myrrish tradition, these griffon-riders guard Alexandria and her airship trade.
A pillar of Alexandrian Strength for the last century, the Skyguild owns and operates the majority of artifice-driven Airships that fly the skylanes, bringing trade and passengers to Alexandria from distant lands. The Skyguild is divided into three main branches: The Department of Trade and Mercantile Relations, The Operations and Services Division and the Skyguard.

The Trade and Relations Division manages the Skyguild. It establishes the regulations and levees fees for freight and passengers that travel on their ships. Additionally, the TRD manages overall guild finances and operates offices at any city in which the Skyguild's ships regularly stop.

The Operations and Services Division supports all aerial operations, providing the mechanics and craftsmen responsible for building and maintaining these marvels of the modern day. The OSD also provides engineers and crew for the ships themselves, and manage the vast majority of the Skyguild's employees. Seasoned workers also are selected to train new personnel under the OSD's juristiction.

Finally, there at the Skyguard. The Skyguard take their name from the Myrrish tradition, and trace their origins to the Myrrish occupation of Alexandria. Not all of them are griffon-riders, however, though the image is iconic. The Skyguard operate both Skyship security for trade and passenger ships, as well as operate Alexandria's aerial warships in conjunction with Alexandrian Army personnel. The Skyguard's few ships fly as escorts for convoys of trade ships, or particularly valuable cargo and passenger flights.

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