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Common: Daeusites, Paladins, Clerics, Monks, Inquisitors Locations: Alexandros
A group dedicated to bringing justice to those whom it was taken from, and to cleansing the world of Taara's abberations.
When the King of Myrddion vanished into the Mists, the Templars of the Holy Sword flooded Alexandria in their search. However, no king was found and over time, the Templars disbanded and returned to Myrddion to resume their guarded vigil of that nation's oldest relic.

Yet, their presence served as an inspiration to those who would make a difference in a new and frightening world. Saved as it was from the devastation, some in Alexandria felt they owed it to the world to bring justice to those who had suffered. These Alexandrians found aid in two former Templars, who wished to take a more active role in the world.

Since then, a small but promising order has sprung up. It is dedicated to bringing justice to those whom it was taken from, and to cleansing or redemption of the world of Taara's abberations--that is, the beasts, people, and creatures who were warped by her magic. This is slightly different than the greater Temple's strikes against demons and devils; their focus is more on Ea itself and the lives within. They see abberations as the warping of Ea's life by evil's hand, for example.

Primarily a militant group, the Radiant Sun also has its followers among the monastic and clerical.

The Radiant Sun draw their strength from the original Templars, but are a new, and forward-moving organization. They are small, however and struggling. Their leaders, once united are now at quiet war, ironically, mirroring the cold war even now brewing in Myrddion. What the cause of it isn't certain, but it has had subtle effect on things.

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