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About My Character

Caine was born in the capital of the disparate and vast Dranei culture. Among a culture of mercenaries, expansionist warlords, and 'savage nobility', his parents were simple Laborers. His mother was a cleaning woman, his father a teacher who taught Caine to have a respect for intelligence, knowledge, and learning. But it was a hard life. In a culture where martial prowess and savagery is often praised a life working as subsistence laborers in the poorest section of the largest city made Caine's family among the lowest of the low, always struggling to make ends meet and survive. Especially when Caine's dad became... sick. Mentally ill or spiritually afflicted, whatever the cause his father became slowly less lucide over time, more erratic and more violent. On his lucid days, he was almost pathetically kind to Caine, struggling to educate him, teaching him to read, to write, to do simple math. On his bad days... Caine swiftly decided that he would be safer among the dregs and outlaws of the district than he would be with his father. And he learned to fight back.

         For a strong young man of no means and limited education, the only place he could really go were the streets and alleys of the capital. His intelligence and adaptability let him survive among the thieves, the addicts, the gang members and the ruffians. And he found that fighting was a good way to vent his frustrations with his life and his world. His unhesitating willingness to fight anyone, any time, earned him a reputation for being vicious and crazy, and from time to time that reputation even saved his life. A childhood on the streets pretty well shattered any illusions Caine might have inherited about the sanctity of human life, in a place where bloody combat was a daily occurence and someone killing someone else happened as casually as the exchange of some gold. 
         It was only a few months after his 17th birthday that he caught the eye of a Vardamam monk traveling through the capital on some adventure. The monk admired the ferocity of spirit and body that he saw in the young Dranei, the intelligence and mental fortitude that set the boy apart from merely common thuggery. In Caine, the monk recognized untempered steel that was destined for a life wasted in ale and petty fights, but could be forged into so much more. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and Caine did not hesitate at all to say goodbye to his family, and leave to travel to the far-off monastery and enter training. 
         Over the next decades, Caine trained diligently every day under the brutally demanding conditions of a monastery full of chords. Learning to hone his body and mind into weapons. How to kill, but also how to think and worship and still the demons within. The advanced combat techniques of the brotherhood enabled him to begin undertaking missions for the monastery. Guarding temples, protecting grave sites, working as safety escorts for clerics and pilgrimage caravans. By the age of 30, Caine participated in his first assassination on behalf of Vardama, and it would not be his last. 
         And now, in this time of turmoil and rebuilding, Caine has been reassigned to the temples in Alexandros, to bolster their numbers there after they had been thinned out so badly by the previously corrupted leaders. To fight off the undead, and to serve the temples mission as a full-fledged adventurer of his own.
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Roleplay Hooks

  • Monk of the Temple of Vardama. Wanna talk religion?
  • Occasionally moonlights as an assassin, does someone need killing?
  • Interested in crime, black market, and other illicit activities as long as they aren't too evil
  • Budding adventurer, fully trained but now looking to make a name for himself

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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Dranei
Associated With: Vardama Temple, Criminal Underworld
Faith: Chord of Vardama