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About Blood Pact Spends
Rpp exclusive.gif The Blood Pact RPP spend involves an agreement with any outsider, such as one from a djinn - to other minor planar beings - including a previous ancestor. This page refers to this personage as the Entity. Some pacts are not made willingly. Pacts may not be made with deities, but are in some cases instead made with their servants. Player characters arrange the price for their abilities in some IC way as part of their own story. Divine characters may select a servant of their deity for this spend.

Characters who choose this spend typically bear a mark of some sort. The nature, look, and other aspects of this mark is up to them to determine, though it should reflect the nature of the being they made the pact with in some way. The skill check to identify a blood pact mark is a DC 20 Spellcraft or an Entity-appropriate Knowledge check.

Rpp exclusive.gif Rpp tiered.gif Blood Pact
Tier Benefit Cost


Entity Revealed: Fill out the Blood Pact Entity Template and send it with your +request/spend to staff.

Pact-Bound Affinity: The sign of your blood pact upon your skin is enough for creatures of your Entity’s ilk to recognize you. You receive a +2 insight bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with creatures that are your Entity's creature type.

10 RPP


Blood Sacrifice Pool: Drawing powers from your pact requires sacrifice. You learn from your Entity the ritual words and gestures you need to sacrifice some of your own energy in order to draw on the power of your pact.

You gain the ability to sacrifice hit points (HP), in the form of nonlethal damage to yourself, to activate Blood Sacrifice powers. (Blood Sacrifice powers are indicated by (Blood Sacrifice) after the power's name.) However, your ability to sacrifice is limited by the depth of your pact; you may only sacrifice an amount of HP that is equal to your Tier in this spend per day. For example, a character with a T7 Blood Pact Spend is only able to sacrifice up to 7 HP total (7 nonlethal damage) per day. The action time to commit a Blood Sacrifice depends on the Blood Sacrifice power that you use.

The sacrifice is mostly symbolic. A Blood Sacrifice is typically only a drop or two of blood, and a wound created for a Blood Sacrifice heals just as any other wound would in normal gameplay, with the exception that healing leaves an invisible scar that lingers for 24 hours. This scar is visible to any detect magic spell or similar effect, such as true seeing.

Energy Surge (Blood Sacrifice) (Su): The bond between yourself and your Entity thrums with life, though also with a sort of raw freshness. As part of a move action, you can commit a Blood Sacrifice and draw energy from your Entity to temporarily increase your base speed by 10 feet. This effect lasts for X rounds, where X is the number of HP you sacrifice (which may be up to your Tier in this spend per day).

10 RPP


Pact-Bound Affinity II: You take on more influence from your Entity, and creatures of your Entity’s creature type acknowledge this strengthened commitment to your Entity. Your bonus from Pact-Bound Affinity to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Perform checks to interact with creatures of the Entity's creature type increases to a +3. In addition, due to the nature and increased depth of the pact, your alignment may, if you choose, shift 1 step towards the Entity's along an axis. Finally, you learn the language associated with your Entity’s creature type, if any.

Otherworldly Knowledge: Your pact with your Entity increases your knowledge of other realms. You receive a +2 insight bonus to Knowledge/The Planes skill checks.

10 RPP


Pact-Bound Defenses (Blood Sacrifice) (Sp): By drawing upon your blood pact, you ask your Entity to protect you from those who work in direct opposition to your Entity by granting you a protective aura as a swift action and by spending 1 HP as a Blood Sacrifice. For example, if your Entity is Chaotic Good, then you may summon an aura that works as the protection against evil spell or the protection against law spell. You may choose what the aura defends against each time that you activate this Blood Sacrifice ability. If your entity is True Neutral, then you may select if this ability works as the protection against law or protection against chaos spell. This aura lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Tier in this spend.

10 RPP


Ethereal Tongues (Blood Sacrifice) (Sp): As a swift action, you call upon your Entity's knowledge with a Blood Sacrifice of 1 HP or more and gain a limited understanding of other realms. Ethereal Tongues works as per the tongues spell but is limited to 1 minute per HP that you sacrifice.

Knowledge Surge (Blood Sacrifice) (Su): You draw on the magic that connects you to your Entity, gaining knowledge you did not possess. As a free action, you sacrifice 3 HP to temporarily gain the use of a combat or metamagic feat which you did not possess, but still meet the prerequisites for. Alternately, you may select combat casting, or a spell focus or greater spell focus feat. You retain the use of this feat until the start of your next turn. Using this Blood Sacrifice power is strenuous on the mind, so you may only activate Knowledge Surge once per day.

10 RPP


Outsider's Resistance: You gain an understanding of your Entity's true form, and learn to guard yourself against this energy. This grants you a permanent Resistance/10 against your Entity's energy type. If your Entity does not have a specific energy type associated with its creature type, select a type which would be appropriate for the story. Once selected, you cannot change the Resistance/10.

Shared Bond: So you have learned, so you teach the ways of the blood pact. Anyone you mentor comes to their bond more easily and may receive T1 in this spend for free. In addition, you receive 5 RPPs. If the trainee is at least a level tier lower than you, you also both receive the value of a PRP that is awarded at character level.

Resist Mental Control (Blood Sacrifice): The closeness of your bond allows your Entity to lend their aid to you when you resist mental persuasion. By offering a Blood Sacrifice of 1 HP or more, you can, as a standard action, attempt an additional save against an ongoing compulsion or charm effect, even if the effect does not normally allow one. You may do this once per day. You pay the Blood Sacrifice cost whether you succeed or fail.

10 RPP


Walk With Me (Blood Sacrifice) (Sp): Thanks to your Entity, you now understand the bounds of reality are no longer enough to fully contain you–provided you pay the price. By making a Blood Sacrifice of 1 HP or more, you may use ethereal jaunt as per the spell (on yourself only) for up to 1 minute per hit point that you sacrifice.

10 RPP

Pact-Bond Tokens

Pact-Bond tokens are optional abilities and opportunities available to you as part of your Blood Pact RPP spend. You must fully qualify for any token you select.

Rpp token.gif Pact-Bond Tokens
Benefit Description Cost
Blood Lore (Sp) Select a 0-level spell from the wizard, druid, witch, or cleric list. You may now use that spell as a spell-like ability up to 3 times per day. You must possess at least a 10 in the requisite spellcasting ability score, depending on the spell list of the cantrip that you select (for example, an Intelligence score of 10 if you select a wizard cantrip). This is a permanent ability that you can only purchase and earn once. T2+, 10 RPP
Bound Soul Your Entity guards your soul with jealousy. Once per day, when you are reduced to 0 hit points or below, you may convert a number of hit points equal to your Tiers in this spend to nonlethal damage as an immediate action. If you are at negative hit points due to lethal damage, you immediately stabilize. This is a permanent ability that you can only purchase and earn once.

However, using this ability is draining. Your Entity will expect repayment at the next opportunity. The next Blood Sacrifice power you use will cost 1 more HP than normal, which counts against your total Blood Sacrifice pool for the day. This does not stack with abilities like Guarded Life.

T4+, 15 RPP
Invoked Tattoos Your bond with your Entity has given you the ability to (temporarily) store limited energies within your skin in the form of magic tattoos. Each tattoo stores any spell that you know, of up to 3rd level. The number of tattoos that you may possess at one time is equal to your Blood Pact RPP Tiers. Magic tattoos may be placed on any part of your body, but you must be able to see and touch the tattoo in order to be able to activate it (this means that few magic tattoos are scribed on the back).

Crafting a tattoo takes one day and costs an amount equal to 1/4 the market price of a scroll of the spell you want to inscribe, plus any additional material costs, which must be provided in the form of unusual inks and more. When you create the tattoo, you set the caster level and any additional metamagic or effects, and then you pay the appropriate costs.

Activating the tattoo is a standard action (or the spell's casting time, whichever is longer) although it does not provoke an attack of opportunity as casting a spell or casting from a scroll would. Activating the tattoo otherwise functions as casting from a scroll. After the tattoo activates, the tattoo becomes instantly useless and visibly fades from the skin after 1 round. You may later scribe a new tattoo in its place.

Magical tattoos count as magic items for the purposes of dispel magic and can be identified with an appropriate Spellcraft check. The spell erase can permanently destroy a magical tattoo, but the tattoo bearer can resist the spell with a Will save, in addition to the spellcaster's successful spell caster level check to erase the tattoo. Physically removing a magical tattoo with a sharp instrument or defacing it with fire or acid can destroy it as well. Doing so is a full-round action that not only requires the target to be willing or helpless but also provokes attacks of opportunity. At least 2 points of damage per caster level of the tattoo must be dealt to destroy a magical tattoo in this manner.

This is a permanent ability once you purchase it.

T3+, 15 RPP
Lingering Auras Your pact heightens your awareness of the other world. You receive a +2 insight bonus to Perception checks to locate ethereal or invisible creatures. This is a permanent ability once you purchase it. T2+, 10 RPP
Mindscar When a humanoid attempts to read your mind via a magical effect, the reader must attempt a Will save opposed by a DC that is equal to 10 + your character level, divided by 2 + your Wisdom OR Charisma ability score modifier. Round down if your character level does not divide evenly. (For example, a level 20 character with a Charisma ability score modifier of +8 would have a Mindscar DC of 28.) If they fail this check, they are shaken for 1 round. If the reader fails by 10 or more, they are instead frightened for 1 round, then shaken for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting fear effect. This is a permanent ability that you can only purchase and earn once. T4+, 10 RPP
Outsider's Blood Outsiders do not need to eat, perhaps sustained by some otherworldly force. Now, neither do you. This is a permanent ability that you can only purchase and earn once. T4+, 10 RPP
Pact Shift Not all pacts are taken willingly. In addition, over time, a pact may shift. This spend represents making a new pact and effectively, overriding the old one. Whether this is a peaceful process is up to you. This is a permanent ability that you can only purchase and earn once. Entities likely would not trust you enough to offer a third bond. 5 RPP
Seance You gain the ability to conduct a seance. A seance is a ritual that allows you to communicate with your Entity. A seance can also possibly allow you to contact other spirits by using your Entity as a mediator or means of introduction. Performing the ritual takes 10 minutes and requires some offering to your Entity and any spirits you wish for them to contact, because the seance can be tiring for all parties involved. The seance's effects are otherwise similar to the augury spell. This is a permanent ability once you purchase it. T2+, 10 RPP

Developing Your Entity

Developing your entity is an important aspect of a Blood Pact. Like any really good NPC, they need to have their own personality, goals, aspirations, and flaws. While your entity does need not be fully developed at the time of your T1 purchase in this spend, it does help to have most of their defining qualities decided.

While most pacts are a back-of-the-mind in the day-to-day of a character’s life, there is a lot of opportunity to allow a DM to develop a story involving the entity - or even for you to decide that you wish to do something similar with them. An entity should have motivations - a reason for having given a pact. One might even find it useful to develop something of a backstory for this entity, so as to give them a more depthful feel.

The following template states the minimum requirements for an entity to be approved as a Blood Pact Entity. However, don’t be afraid to expand past the minimum requirements to create something that is unique to your character! Of course, Blood Pact Entities may hold more than one pact at a time, and thus one might find that their entity is spreading their influence around!

At this time, we do allow for Blood Pact Entities to be of any alignment. Furthermore, we allow Unique Blood Pact Entities, who may be a single alignment step outside their normal area. So a LG Blood Pact Entity may be LN or NG instead. This is to allow for more variation and customization in Blood Pact Entities. It is, however, important to note that such Unique Blood Pact Entities MUST be controlled by a staff member, although their personalities and other vital data is still up to the player who is tied to them. As such, we encourage collaboration with staff in creating such entities.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your Blood Pact Entity, or if you are having trouble developing one - please see a staffer!

Blood Pact Entity Template

Name: <Name of the Entity>
Alignment: <Alignment of the Entity>
Bonded: <Names, if any, of those bonded to the Entity>
Description: <Physical attributes of the Entity>
Personality: <Psychological attributes of the Entity>
Motives: <What are the motivations of the Entity?>
The Contract: <Your agreement with the Entity>
History: <How did you meet the Entity?>

Character Page Badges

Want to show off your Blood Pact on your Character Page? Use the following wikicode! (More badges here!)

Blood pact.png

(RPP) Blood Pact PC Badge
Entity: With whom?
The Contract: What about it?
History: Your history together. How did the contract occur?
Other Landmarks: What landmarks have you accomplished? Tokens grained or unique training achieved?

{{Badge-Title|(RPP) Blood Pact PC Badge}}
{{Badge-Entry|Entity}}With whom?
{{Badge-Entry|The Contract}}What about it?
{{Badge-Entry|History}}Your history together. How did the contract occur?
{{Badge-Entry|Other Landmarks}}What landmarks have you accomplished? Tokens grained or unique training achieved?