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"No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky."


The Tragedy Of Aasir

Race: Human
Age: Wise Beyond His Years
Class: Unchained Dragon
Level: Two

Aasir is a boy who has always been on the run. Once from the chains of slavery and then from the trials of his monk education. Now from himself. He ran so far that the cutthroat deserts of Veyshan became a distant but cruel memory. He has since reached the marble city of Alexandria as a conflicted man. He tries to uphold the teachings he has learned from the wise men at that forgotten temple, but the deep scars of enslavement are still there. So he remains a somber monk. Unchained from the steel collar, but chained by his own lack of forgiveness.

Monk's Physique

Aasir. A chiseled statue of marble and stone turned to blood and flesh, he carries with him the burden of past enslavement and the scars of submission.

He is quite tall settling at around five feet, ten inches. His frame is nicely toned, rippling with lean muscles, capable of great feats of power and strength without giving up an ounce of mobility. This is the build of brawny warrior who has not sacrificed any finesse. Despite his rather remarkable figure, his most impressive feature is his eyes, one being a cloudy blue, innocent and thoughtful, while the other is an equally cloudy hazel, dark and vindictive. Beyond both of them is an unparalleled wisdom.

His skin is an olive tone, harshly tanned under the sun of the greatest desert in the world. His long dusky brown hair is often tied back in a ponytail with a few curly strands draping a fairly handsome face. Piercing eyes, high cheekbones, a full mouth, a hawkish nose, and a narrow jaw all grace his youthful face. He could be considered a stereotypical 'pretty boy' if not for the several fading scars that mar his otherwise attractive features. There's an especially nasty one running straight through his blue eye.

Whether in a tavern or on the battlefield, Aasir dresses in elaborate loose-fitting robes of red and black. Costly, like that of the famous cutthroat Veyshanti merchants but rather subdued in style. The flowing robes drop to a low V revealing a traumatized chest, and the garments are topped off by black trousers and similarly colored boots.

The young man carries no weapons. His BODY is his weapon.

Solemn Truths

  • Monk Of Navos - Aasir is a monk of Navos. This means he's a history buff.
  • Veyshanti - Aasir is from the grand deserts of Veyshan.
  • Slavery - Aasir used to be a slave.
  • Fisticuffs - Aasir is a monk!!!