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Character Details
Race: War Golem
Class/Level: Wizard (7)
Gender: N/A
Deity: Navos
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Feathers: Black with golden accents. Broken wings.
Eyes: Golden
Companion: Ra

Thoth is a rather unusual War Golem due to its avian visage. It's clearly broken, and the metals it has been made out of are unusual and not easily found in this day and age. The make of it looks unlike things created these days. It seems to have a 'lost' sense to its existence.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Are you a scholar with a care for War Golems?
  • Do you enjoy the arcane?
  • Do you like birds?
  • It seems to be lost. Can you help it find its way?


Name Description
Master I miss you, Master. Yet sometimes it feels like I can still hear your voice.



War Golem PC Badge
Year of Awakening: Kulthian Age
Original Purpose: Master's Servant
First Memory: Flying around in Master's library.


Wizard PC Badge
Scholar of Magic: Thoth is of the Arcane nature because he wished to aid his Master. Now that he is without him, he wishes to use those gifts to follow in his footsteps.
Favored School: Evocation
Opposed Schools: Enchantment & Illusion
Arcane Bond: (Coming Soon)
Shifting Seas: The fall of Animus has left Thoth having a hard time recalling the old ways of casting magic, and has to fall back on earlier teachings.


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Tinker's Touch
Tier: 2
Development: Created with the purpose to assist his Master, Thoth has taken on its Master's purpose.

Metallic Chirping Noises