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The golem Munch has been making some level of waves in the city. Which seems fairly typical for golems. But few do so with their dietary habits. More leather and rubber then the typical golem, Munch seems to be based off the forces of alchemy rather then Artifice or raw magic, and has a constent appitite for materials.

Dietary Experience:

Bulette - chopped: light and tender, somewhere between fish and pork ***

Devil, Imp - sliced: Bitter and spicy *

Dire Boar- sliced: firm, bacon-flavor ***

Dragon, Green, Young Adult- sliced: Very tart and chewy, liver was succulent ****

Fey, Quickling - sliced: light and nutty flavor, hint of citrus **

Ghoul- sliced: bitter, stringy *

Giant Leech- bluggeoned: Bland, chewy *

Giant Maggot- sliced: Bland, juicy *

Golem, Clay - chopped: Bland, almost bitter exterior, with tiny bursts of a sugary, fruity tang towards the center. ***

Golem, Clockwork - Exploded: Bland, common exterior, spicy power core with citric tones ***

Golem, Flesh- minced: Meaty, rich, complex flavor, once you get past the bitter outer layer ***

Gray Ooze - sliced: Very tart *

Ice Troll- sliced: Tart, minty flavor, hint of citrus ***

Ice Troll- roasted: Strong mint taste, firm texture **

Ogre - sliced: Meaty, complex pork flavor **

Owlbear - sliced: chewy, beefy flavor **

Pie Monster - splattered: Creamy, hint of lemon *

River Drake - raw: Spicy, bit like fish. Could use bit of lemon. ***

Sahuagin - chopped: unsusprisingly fishy, muddy **

Tengu - chopped: bitter, tart aftertaste *

Troll - ground: Meaty, little gamey **

Vrock - sliced: Bitter, slightly gamey, trace hints of burning spice. *

Wererat - sliced: Tastes like neither rat, nor man. Stringy and slightly sour. **

Wraith - sliced: Smokey, bitter, very faint flavor. *

Xorn - Chopped: Chalky, rich earthy flavor with dense, juicy interior ***