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Malik Padaryn

(Mah-LEEK Pah-DARE-in)

About My Character

Race: Human (?)
Ancestry: Tsuran
Date of Birth: Bernfleur 1, 998 (Coyote's Laugh)
Apparent Age: Early twenties.
Occupation: Sometimes, archer. Sometimes... something else.
Class: Fighter, Wizard. Maybe some other things.
Level: 14
Aspect: Trickster's Affinity

Malik comes from a Tsuran family, one that was a bit more well-off and respected among the various groups. Not that it ever did him much good. One of the middle children, Malik was certainly not heir to any great fortunes or leadership roles, nor was he doted on like the younger children. But he received some benefits of his station, nonetheless.

Malik's mother was a skilled wizard, eccentric in her own way and aloof in the manner that wizards often are, more concerned with theory than reality most days. When your primary focus is on how time works (or fails to) in The Vast, the passing of the world around you tends to be a relatively unimportant concern. It's not like you're working on a deadline or anything. And Malik was expected to follow in her footsteps, having access to tutors and teachers from all around the area to teach him all the obscure things that wizards are often expected to know.

Coming from such a magically-inclined family, and having all the best teachers, Malik made easy strides in his studies. Malik had a sharp mind, and dedicated himself to understanding the craft. And if he had spent a little more time in his books, he might have even been able to help his mother with her studies of the Sea of Sundered Time, or any of the Wild Magic that seems to run rampant through the Vast.

But, like most boys, Malik was easily distracted with his own affairs. Malik was a natural with a bow -- simple geometry and physics, after all, are foundational for the practice of magic. And his sharp mind and natural charisma won him more friends than enemies -- and the few enemies that he did make, he was either able to con into backing down or pin to the spot with a well-placed shaft. Which he had to use more often that might be appropriate for someone of his station -- if there was a way that he could go digging into something that he probably had no business being in, safe money said that he'd find a way to make it happen.

It's no wonder, then, that most of his friends are from the crowd that his parents might never approve of -- openly, anyway. Thieves, scoundrels, cheats, the reckless and bold who make a living spinning illusions of a non-magical nature to make the world seem a more wondrous place than it might actually be, especially to someone dull-witted enough to buy it? It's still a Tsuran heritage, even if it's a stereotype that his parents would never deign to acknowledge, given their station and public persona.

And so he finds himself in grand Alexandros, making his own sort of magic -- with a skillful bow, a charming smile, and a keen mind. Though every once in awhile, someone might see him praying a bit more fervently to Eluna than to the other gods, even though there's more than a few rumors that he's developing a fondness for the teachings of Tarien, and uses his various skills to find information that turns out isn't as secret as people might hope.

And there are rumors that he's in fairly deep with the people who trade in secrets. He might even know a few things you want to know. Or a few things you don't want him to.

Malik is generally easy enough to get along with. Just offer good conversation, or decent entertainment, and you can have a seat at the table. If you've got interesting magical items (or rumors of them), he's even more likely to pay attention. If you've got an idea for a good practical joke, or an easy mark? You're definitely in the right place.

In recent days, though, Malik has started to sour a bit on Alexandria. The man's easy charm is buried under a layer of bitterness toward the increasingly frustrating people and customs that he's started to encounter, and his lack of experience with such diverse races as the Sith-Makar make him prone to social faux pas. Maybe, given the right circumstances, someone could help him find his stride once again.

Married to Seldan Padaryn, he is as devoted to the man as he is to his craft. Possibly more so. While he gives Seldan the space he needs to work, and events sometimes force them to be physically distant, he always comes back home as happy to see the man as ever. And the gods help anyone who threatens him.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Archer - Malik is incredibly talented with a bow, able to hit targets with a kind of precision that borders on supernatural.
  • Wizard - Malik is one, a Transmuter by trade, once something of a secret but now widely enough known. Strangely, he refuses to associate with the Arcanists, and has something of a disdain for the more traditional practitioners of the Art. The topic might be delicate, but it could lead to awesome RP!
  • The Mouth on this One - Malik isn't afraid to speak his mind. While generally easy to get along with, don't expect that he's going to demonstrate discretion when it's called for. He's got a reputation for cutting wit at all the wrong times.
  • Magical Curiosity - Got something that has magic on it? Are you a spellcaster? Come talk to Malik. The man might not like most traditional wizards, but if there's a sure way to get him talking to you, it's to wave some magic around. He's even pretty good with magic that one wouldn't think a wizard having access to.
  • Raised in a Barn - Ok, not literally. It was more like a tent, and some wagons. But Malik clearly isn't from these parts. He doesn't observe the norms, and it shows. Between the hedonistic streak and the fact that he's incredibly forthright about just about everything, you might have some fun poking at the strange traditions and lack of shame the man has.

Familiar Faces

  • Seldan Padaryn - The most honorable man I know, and probably the only one I would step in front of a sword for. I'll stand by your side to the gates of the Abyss and back. I love you, and gods help anyone that tries to take you from me again.
  • Acedia - Such a large lust for life in such a small, energetic package. A good friend to have by your side, unless a subdued approach is called for. And then possibly a better friend to have in your back pocket. Under a spell of silence.

Days in the Life

Chapters in the Book

Malik's Messes - Malik hit a bit of a rough patch during his time in the city. While normally easy to get along with, something had gotten under the man's skin, and his normal wit had a sharp edge to it. In meeting after meeting, he managed to alienate himself from potential allies, even insulting a friend in the process. After some introspection, and a harsh criticism from an outside observer, he came to realize what the problem was — this city was starting to wear on him. Constant rejection of his theories had set him back significantly, and he had started to distrust nearly everyone in it. Determined to try and set some of these errors right, he set out to try and repair a relationship with a friend, only to find out that the man had been gravely injured in a previous battle. Feeling guilty for not being able to protect the people that he cares about, he goes to make amends, bringing a peace offering and confessing that he's been having issues lately.

Sorcery and Steel - But simply making amends isn't enough. That incident, and several others where people got hurt in the process, convinced him that he needed to take matters one step further. He resolved to learn how to better protect people, in whatever ways he could — and to do that, magic would simply not be enough. He needed to improve upon his mastery of the martial, but more importantly, he needed to change his outlook. Unfortunately for him, this hit home a bit closer than he anticipated. After contracting a plague affecting Alexandria, something created by dark magic, he resolved to push himself as far as his limits would allow him. Even if that means all the way to the grave. Sometimes, there are bigger things than oneself to worry about. Following his friend, he learns what it means to put yourself in harm's way to protect another, and how to mix the martial and the magical to best effect.