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Days of the Week
Sunday Eliday
Monday Variday
Tuesday Tariday
Wednesday Gilday
Thursday Korday
Friday Kesenday
Saturday Ceriday
Months of the Year
January Vhast
February Pryntar
March Eatonis
April Bernfleur
May Hattanan
June Firetide
July Aestry
August Callem
September Daeshen
October Rhaltaas
November Quintoos
December Khael


Date Holiday Description
1/1 Year's Birth First Day of the Year
1/31 Feast of Darkness A Day in honor of Maugrim held in shadow societies. Only his followers celebrate this, like most holidays in honor of the Dark Powers.
2/12-2/17 Kegger Fest A dwarven festival in honor of getting smashed. New beer is often introduced.
2/20 Deathwatch A day celebrated by the followers of the undead god, Thul. This holiday is outlawed in many lands.
2/21 Balefire A ritual day of spring summoning usually held after Deathwatch; a Druid Festival.
3/15 High Sun Holy Day of Daeus, representing the first days of spring.
3/20 Feast of Nenyan Elven holiday remembering their return to Gaea.
4/1 Coyote's Laugh A gnomish and halfling holiday in honor of Tarien, the trickster. Others are warned to be wary of practical jokes.
4/7 Star's Shining A holy holiday of Althea, traditionally a special day for loved ones and family, so named for the presence of a star which seems to glow brighter on this particular day.
4/17 The Masquerade A day of costume balls and parties, but also secretly a holy holiday for Taara, the masked one.
5/3 Wonder Lord's Day A gnomish and dwarven holiday in reverence to Reos.
5/15-5/22 Tournament Paramount Week long olympic festival of contests, tournaments and gladiatorial championships in honor of Angoron.
6/20 Shadowfall A day reverenced by followers of Illotha the Vampire Queen. It is illegal in most countries, but observed by superstitious folk who fear being snatched to the abyss by their shadows.
7/22 Sky Dancer's Song A day for Eluna, the Moon Goddess.
8/20-8/27 Rose Treaty Week long freedom festival in celebration of Alexandrian Independence. Each day in the festival is dedicated to a different time Alexandrians fought for their independence. Re-enactments of old battles, taletelling, are common.
9/1-9/5 Reckoner's Day Reckoner's Day is a week-long celebration that focuses on the fall of the High Artificers and the humbling of the ancient Eldanar. Traditionally, it begins with a series of plays that culminate to the official Reckoner's Day, when great towers are knocked over in a dramatic fashion, fireworks are exploded, and modern guilds reveal great inventions that aid people and nations.

The celebration tends towards equal parts celebration and reflection. Local Guilds of Artificers usually sponsor flashy contests at this time, to see who can craft the invention that best benefits the local economy. Awards for these prizes often have bizarre and important-sounding names, with the top prize being given away for free in honor of Reos. Despite the solemnity of the week, these contests attract many visitors and merchant guilds are frequent sponsors.

It's also a traditional time for young mage acolytes to try egging their offices, though this is officially in bad taste, with their elders shaking their heads and demanding cleanup afterwards.

9/30 The Revel This festival commemorates the spirit of Ceinara and is often celebrated with performances, circuses, feats of illusion, and more. It is the last festival before Yule, and is seen as a final chance to relax and unwind following what is typically a hard working summer.
10/31 The High Hunt A great day of hunting, however, also celebrated by druids and followers of Dana the Earth Mother and Gilead the Hunter.
12/17-12/31 Yule Season and The Gathering A traditional day held in honor of the entire pantheon, the Source, and the world's beginning. Accordingly, family plays a strong role as well. Gift giving is often done but the intensity of it varies from culture to culture. Most people gather as families to celebrate the holiday.

Alexandrian-Specific Festivities

General Festivals

The Oruch and Khazad Chili Cookoff: Began sometime during the Sendor War, the cookoff is dangerous to a man, and started as a way to ease tensions between the two races. Now, it stands as a symbol of Alexandrian unity, competition, and multiculturalism. As the saying goes, "If you aren't breathin' fire afterwards, you didn't really eat." Khazadi and oruch are the main participants, and though it doesn't bar other races from participating, goblins are especially frowned upon as past entrants have attempted to apply rocket fuel to the bbqs. Insult slinging is an established part of the cookoff.

Arvek Nar Liberation Day: Celebrated by a number of the arvek, Aestry 6 is a sacred day to them, marking their first forays into independence.

Everyday Entertainment

From gambling at one of the city's numerous gambling halls to playing a strategic game of Thas (a popular chess-like game brought from Myrddion) to performances in The Fernwood or just evenings in the city's Memorial Park, Alexandria has things to do to take the common mans minds off of things. Spending evenings in one of the famous local taverns is probably among the most popular of these things. Of these taverns, Fernwood is most likely the most popular given its focus on music and entertainment and performances. On any given night anyone from a Bard to a strongman taking challenges from the local populace can be seen in Fernwood or just infront of it. On some evenings a contest known as The Long Dance is held in the Pub to naturally see which couple can hold out the longest and keep up with different tunes and songs brought in from all manner of different cultures. Alexandria's popular Red Light Districts hold a number of forms of entertainment and the abundance of engineering and artifice in the city makes many wonders possible.

Tenebrae Holidays

We have holidays for Tenebrae, too!

September 22: Small Story Day! A day and kickoff for everything Small Story! We celebrate with RP, story bonuses, and more! Celebrations run until October 22nd, but special prizes are only available on Sept 22nd!

April: Haiku Plot Day! A tradition begun by Inferno, where an entire plot is done in haiku!

...and other gaming holidays!