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Order Paramount

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Common: Angorite, Korite, Fighter, Barbarian, Cleric, Cavalier, Swashbuckler Locations: Many cultures
An order to contests of strength, the Mountain, and celebration of heroic acts.
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This order consists of soldiers, barbarians and clerics devoted to the tenants of Angoron. Locally, the Order are Angoron's representatives in the Colosseum District in Alexandria, though they are known in many nations. Their warriors often act as part-time mercenaries who operate in different areas of the world and are renowned for their tenacity and prowess in battle. Aside from their own abilities, however, the order's greatest work revolves around showcasing Aragorn's work. The Order Paramount are renowned organizers of sporting and athletic competitions, which often draw huge crowds. These events are complex tasks, from organizing local medical care of the athletes, to the right kind of promotion--and beer drinking after.
RPP-Related Skills: Intimidate, Craft/Weaponsmithing, Craft/Leatherworking, Knowledge/Military Theory, Acrobatics, Perform/Oratory, Athletics

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