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Abrahil Fizzletorque Brindlegear

About Abrahil

Abrahil Fizzletorque Brindlegear is a beachball, an older gnome with distinguished, balding Santa-like countenance who is involved as an ambassador of the gnomish community of Happy Valley, and sponsor to the local theatre. He's known for being quirky, harmless, and bouncing more often than he walks.

He considers himself an Alexandrian citizen.

RP Hooks

  • Gnomish gnoodwill
  • Theatre
  • Alexandria's: Social sphere, food habits
  • Theatrical craftsmanship
  • The gnomish community of Happy Valley



Gnomish PC Badge
Obsession: Theatre!
Arcane or Artifice: Artifice is dangerous, so dangerous!
Remake the World: Why, everyone would realize the wonder of magic, and the wonder it has to offer! Why use fireballs when you could create wonders?


(RPP) Influence PC Badge
Major Spheres: Alexandria's Theatre District (T3)
Minor Spheres: This will be Happy Valley's Diplomatic Envoys, so he can fulfill his role as a Gnomish Gnoodwill Ambassador!
Rival: They are very gothy and depressing!
Apprentice: Looking for Apprentice! He is hoping for someone with calligraphic skills, or skills hawking playbills and newsletters!
Other Landmarks:

Fantastical Accouterments

Fantastical Accouterments is a small side business that Abrahil uses to fund his theatrical hobbies, and to prove that magic can be both helpful and fun! Fantastical items are known for their style, flair, and pizazz. Abrahil may be contacted through various local Alexandrian theatres, usually among their props and 'special effects' departments, or at the candy shop he somehow funded...which really is just a front to show off how much fun magic can be.

Offers: Arcane scrolls, metamagic rods, and wondrous items. Example scrolls: Invisibility, Darkvision, Displacement, Invisibility Sphere, Fly, Wind Wall, or Heroism, and Stoneskin, etc...
Specials: Headbands of positive channeling are always at-cost. They're 5500g for a stand-alone headband, or 8250 to add to an existing headband.

Special Notes

The elderly Abrahil is a tribute to John Inman, who played Mr. Humphries on the comedy, Are You Being Served. He was an admirable man, and Mr. Humphries was a beloved character who always approached the day with a sense of humor.

He also has an amazingly high Charisma. Please RP accordingly. :(

Also inspired by More.

Images from Men of Tenebrae (a very charity calendar)

Abrahil Final.jpg
Abrahil poses for the Men of Tenebrae (very) Charity Calendar *
Commission by Myrana

Images from the Men of Tenebrate (Very) Charity Calendar *
Calendar 01 Jan-Apr.png Calendar 02 May-Aug.png Calendar 03 Sep-Dec.png Calendar bonus.png
Additional Images
Abrahil DontYouPeopleEverSleep.png Abrahil Late Night Research.jpg Abrahil A Slight Misunderstanding.png Abrahil Ice Cream to Fairies v2.png
Digital Art By Lolth

* It does not really exist, but so long as this makes Whirlpool's eyes bleed, it stays.