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Lady Arwenieniallwehn Sandiel

About Sandy

Lady Arwenieniallwehn Sandiel is a frolicsome elf with great, swaying hips who hugs trees and who lives in a vampire-ridden manor. She for years has been accused of being somewhat demonic in nature despite her tendency to donate to orphanages. She is married to Myrana. The marriage occurred on Korday, Hattanan 7, 1017! It is uncertain if either were aware of it at the time.

Oh. And the tree-hugging thing.

Controversial Imagry

Sandy by Myrana.jpg Lady Sandiel Lines.JPG
Sandy as Joan Jett, by Myrana!
Sandy revis by mikewinn.jpg
Sandy myrana marriage.jpg
Sandy by Maelstrom! Sandy and Myrana, Married, by Myrana!
Sandy dragon.gif
Sandy as a dragon! (She is normally a silver dragon!)
Sandy dragon01.png
Sandy dragon02.png
Submitted account of the Rainbow Dragon transformation. Submitted account of the Rainbow Dragon transformation.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Hatred
  • Hugging orphans


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Faith PC Badge
Faith: Althean
Temple: Althean Temple of Alexandria
Role: A HIPster
Landmarks: Her hips rival anyone's.

From Alexandrian Bards

"Ode to Sandy"

by Alteri (with Quint to the side, looking on with stars in his eyes and an expression of solemn awe)

She wheels her wheelbarrow, through streets that are narrow.
Her barrow is narrow, her HIPS are too wide.
And where ever she wheels it.
The neighbourhood feels it.
Her girdle keeps scraping the homes on each side.
I don't mind her fat butt,
It's not only that, but...
She's cockeyed and musclebound Sandy Stallone~

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